Anthem of the Syrian Revolution 1

Find information about the song here.

It includes this:

The story of the song’s author – Ibrahim Kashoush –  took a sad turn with news that he may have been killed in a protest last Friday in Hama. Reporting out of Syria is hard to verify these days, but one Lebanese news site said his body was reportedly dumped in a nearby river Wednesday morning.

“The song has rallied people,” said U.S.-based Syrian activist Ammar Abdulhamid. “It hit a nerve because it’s clearly and simply designed to tell Assad to leave. It’s very straightforward. And it uses some profane language.”

Note the anti-Americanism in it.



  • George

    I must salute the staff at   The Atheist Conservative .  I  have  received more information , uncensored news , and needed current events presentations from  The Atheist Conservative  website than  I would  have ever received from any other news source.  I only hope that fellow atheists share this information with other secular groups , and give credit where it’s due.  We must let the general populace know what is going on to get world society as a whole involved in speaking out about these attrocities in order to outlaw  these hideous and barbaric acts.