The religious observance of stoning 16

July 11 was International Day Against Stoning.

Will it persuade Iran to give up the practise?

Skeptics that we are, we doubt it.

Iran follows sharia law which prescribes that persons found guilty of committing adultery must be stoned to death.

Executioners carry it out religiously.

Instructions for how it must be done are precise.

Notice that a man is planted in the earth up to his hips, a woman up to her chest.

From Creeping Sharia:


  • Franklin Schmidt

    Is this site conservative?  If yes, then I don’t understand the outrage about this.  Stoning was the old form of the death penalty.  America uses electrocution instead.  Is that so much more humane?  If you are going to be outraged about Iran, then be outraged about America too.  I personally oppose the death penalty, so I am equally opposed to stoning and other forms of death penalty.

    The crime in question here is adultery (sex with a married woman).  A true conservative would recognize that this crime should carry the harshest punishment allowable by law.  America is a pathetic liberal/feminist society that condones adultery.  So on this, I agree with Iran and disagree with the liberal West.

    • Jillian Becker

      Not so much a reply to Franklin Schmidt. More a comment on his comment.  

      So we hear from a would-be torturer!  

      Notice that he doesn’t think clearly. In his first paragraph he’s against  stoning. In the second he’s for it (“I agree with Iran”). 

      He thinks adultery deserves the harshest punishment allowable by law. In the US adultery is not a crime and no punishment for it is allowable by law. Electrocuting was, and in some states still can be, used as a method of executing convicted murderers, and it  is indeed a more humane form of execution than stoning to death. 

      Iranian law prescribes stoning to death for adultery, and he admires that. 

      Yet he’s against the death penalty and against stoning. 

      As American law does not allow adulterers to be stoned to death, it is a liberal/feminist society in his opinion. In order not to be liberal and feminist it should stone them. Oh, but wait, he is against the death penalty. Wouldn’t that imply that he’s liberal and feminist in his own view, if he could manage to be consistent?   

      He has his own definition of conservatism. Apparently it involves using ancient methods of execution. Oh, but then again, he’s against the death penalty. So he’s not conservative by his own definition. 

      What is he then? Plainly a sadistic muddle-head, or a muddle-headed sadist. 

      We are hospitable to opinions, even those of sadists. What can we make of Franklin Schmidt’s? Well, he has given us a glimpse into the mind of a would-be torturer. We see  confusion with the cruelty. And we wonder: If he could think clearly, would he be a sadist? Are all sadists poor thinkers? Is a poor thinker more likely than a clear thinker to be a sadist?  There can be no certain answers to these questions, but they ‘re not uninteresting.

      • George

        Hey Jillian , your question is—  ” What is he then ? ”  The answer :     TROLL   !!!!

      • Franklin Schmidt

        Jillian, I realize that logic is difficult for liberals, but…  I agree with Iran that the harshest punishment allowable by law should apply to adultery.

        • George

          Franklin , if you actually believe that a person should be stoned to death because they had an extra-marital affair , then you  are IMHO one sick minded indidual and I really don’t care to correspond in any way to such a warped way of thinking.  I do not agree with cheating , but I have the intelligent sense to know that stoning a person to death and engaging in the most brutal ruthless barbaric murderous behavior immaginable is not fitting  for someone who had an extra-marital affair.  If you’re done trolling , we would appreciate it if you go bug others who want to put up with your pathetic drivel.  You’re not the first troll to come onto this blog and I’m sure you won’t be the last.

    • George

      Hey Franklin Schmidt  , if you hate America so much, then why don’t you take the next flight to Iran and get the %$#@ out of our country ?  We  won’t miss you.  In fact I would be very happy to drive you to the nearest airport and carry your freakin’ luggage to the plane , and then I ‘ll slam the door behind you.  How dare you compare the brutal execution of a woman just because she supposedly cheated on her husband with that of a brutal murderer.  Are you on drugs or something ?   If she  cheated on him , he can get a friggin  divorce and go find someone else ( the same applies vice versa ).   Putting a hideous serial killer murderer to death via execution is a just and fitting punishment that fits the crime and is certainly in no way comparable to someone having an extra-marital affair. Get real !  If you say you agree with Iran , then why aren’t you over there  ?   If you think that killing a woman for spousal cheating is ok , then you are in my opinion definately a candidate for a psychiatrist couch.   We all would appreciate it if you would take your trolling arrogance somewhere else as we  certainly can do without it. Either you are IMHO a liberal troll trying to sabotage our civil discussion forum or you are a stealth jihadist posing as an American citizen ( one or the other ).  Just my opinion of course , but you certainly fit the description.
               First you say tha you are personally opposed to the death penalty and then you say that you agree with Iran——————-  Say what ?  That’s blatantly contradictory and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. This makes you IMHO both a liar and a hypocrite.  Since you detest America  so much then get the f### out . Plain and simple .

      • Franklin Schmidt

        George, since I do hate modern American culture, I live in a part of America where modern American culture is a clear minority, so I can tolerate it here.  The Islamic world has its own problems and is far from ideal.  By the way George, do you consider yourself a conservative?

        • George

          Here’s my answer to you Franklin Schmidt , since you admit to hating modern American culture.    No chains are keeping you bound to live here , so instead of bitching & moaning how bad American culture is , then you are certainly free to leave at any time and the sooner the better and good riddance.  As far as logic is concerned , you wouldn’t know what logic is if you tripped over it.   Furthermore I have many conservative values and beliefs  ( minus the religious element ) . You come onto this discussion forum challenging if we are conservatiives and if this is a conservative site. I believe in the traditional family and the true family values , less government, less taxes, and I can go on and on and many of my Christian friends ( yes I have quite a few ) acknowledge that my beliefs are indeed conservative ( minus the religious element ).  I also believe in the same or similar thing as Christian conservatives minus the theological aspect.  I am also far from liberal and want nothing to do with liberalism .  Instead of you coming onto this thread and stating why you disagree with anything stated or presented and acting with a civil dialogue , you immediately come on here badmouthing America and badmouthing the blog.
                          You deserve the reciprocal response.  No one is asking you to agree with anything here but your obnoxious attitude right fron the start really pisses me off and I’m sure others feel the same way.
                                 As far as you stating the Islamic world is far from ideal is a joke . If you love the  Islamic culture so much then feel free to move to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc.  In fact we would love to give you a going away party. It’s not a matter of having any disagreement of anything presented or posted on this site but your arrogant demeanor right from the start. You brought this all on yourself. 

        • Franklin Schmidt

          George, why do you have such a hard time tolerating views that differ from your own?  This is, in fact, one of the things I hate about modern American culture, the intolerance to other views.  I have noticed that when I post to international forums or Islamic forums, I find much more tolerance.  I have been entirely civil here, doing nothing more than stating my views.  But since you are too intolerant for this, I will move on.

      • Keith

        What in Mr. Schmidt’s world doesn’t require the harshest of punishment? Since when are conservatives supposed to be blood thirsty? Is it because we are atheist conservatives that he thinks we hand out death sentences willy nilly?

        I am all about justice but there are certain “crimes” that affect society – armed robbery, rape, murder, ect.

        Cheating doesn’t affect society, it affects the offended spouse and their kids. Does it cause a breakdown of society or is a symptom of a broken society? Either way throwing rocks at someones head until you kill them is about as barbaric as burning someone at the stake.

        Just like the other post “torturing for god” this one really makes you wonder which of our groups, atheists or theists, really appreciates life. I for one know that this is all I get, no romping around on clouds or shoveling brimstone for eternity for me. Life is precious and the only way I could take another is if my family or myself were threatened.

        If my wife cheated then bad on her and I move on. I can’t see myself throwing rocks at her.

    • George

      Franklin , you have NOT  been civil here whatsoever. You have no tolerrance whatsoever. You ask   “Is this site conservative ” knowing very well by the title itself that it is.  You are the one showing intollerance . Then you go on and on bashing America and then ranting about how you hate America and American culture and then accusing us of not being tollerant to you—————-you have some nerve.
                    You start off right from the start insulting and attacking and then you play your cildish mind games pretending that you are tollerant one.  We’re not falling for it.  YOU are the one who can’t handle views different from your own —not us.    There have been quite a number of people who have posted here and had difference of views, opinions, viewpoints, beliefs , etc.,   but they didn’t come upon here right from the start like YOU badmouthing the site and our country. Who do you think you’re fooling.   I have had several text conversations with people who have had views different from my own ( atheists and the religious ) and we engaged in dialogue civily, yet you come upon here right from the start denigrating the website, and America.  Since you say you’re moving on ,  THANK YOU SIR . Anyone is welcome to present their differences of views and we can discuss it , but your original post was an attack right from the beginning , so don’t pretend that you’re simply presenting a difference of viewpoint.  That’s not true and you know it. Nice try , but no cigar.  Have a nice day sir ! 

  • George

    We have the world’s greatest and strongest military and the most advanced society but yet we are allowing a bunch of third world  ancient culture 7th century throwbacks kick our butts and take over our great society and civilization . Why ?    I’ll be very blunt about it and I don’t care if anyone gets offended by me saying this .      We have no real ledership , no strong leadership , no patriotic dedication to saving  America and the civilized world.  The typical modern day man today has become so feminized, wimpyfied, sissyfied, dumbed-down and effeminate that he has lost all sense of brawn and fighting  “spirit” .   We have that good for nothing worthless poor excuse piece of crap of a leader — Obummer   that is pushing his socialist anti-American agenda on us and is destroying our great country incrementally .
                    Cowardice has replaced valor.  Political correctness ( aka- political corruptness ) has replaced patriotism.  The women of today have more guts than the pathetic good for nothing men. It’s sickening and mind boggling. It’s going to be the conservative outspoken American women who will save America if at all.  The men have caved in and put their “tails” between their legs. Look what these scumbags have done to my country. Look what these worthless cowardly bastards have done in selling us out. I am so angry. I am so furious . I am so frustrated .  I am so  appalled  that we  are allowing a bunch of third world barbarians take over and we sit around like a knot on the wall and do nothing about it. I have spent most of my life in uniform and I love my country and I would die for my country without hesitation .   We are going backwards. When are people going to wake the $#@% up and fight back and stand up.  When ?  Will the last true patriotic American who cares for America please turn out the light. 

  • George

    A woman cheats on her husband and she is stoned to death.   A man decides he wants to join another religion other than Islam and he is stoned to death.     I have a few questions that need serious answers.   As far as the women being stoned to death , my question is ——— Where are the loud and angry voices of the radical feminists here in America  to speak  out against these  barbaric murderous  acts upon women in Islam ?    Where are they ?     Oh , I know where they are —————–they’re marching up & down the streets in America  screaming their heads off for lesbian rights and the rights for abortions and the so-called  “glass ceiling” crap.      Where are  the womens rights organizations in America such as —National Organization for Women (NOW) and also Concerned Women of  America (CWA)  to march and demonstrate in the streets to speak out against these attrocities upon women ?  Where are they ?   Show me  !       Where are the so-called  Civil Rights groups who proclaim to speak out against injustices and violations of human rights ?   Where are they ?  Show me !
                                   Could it be because the women are in foreign lands as if that makes a difference ?  What about the so-called “honor killings”  occurring right here in the USA ?  Where are the radical feminists who proclaim that they care so much about the welfare , safety and conditions of women ?  Where are they ?     I’m a black man here in America , and anytime a white person uses a racial slur or makes a racial comment or joke about blacks in the media , here come these  black self-righteous, self-appointed, phony , race-baiting, demagogue  hypocritical poverty pimps shouting their  f***ing  heads off ,  yet  blacks in Sudan are being murdered en masse  and burned to death in massive numbers  and we have  human  mass slaughter which is a common occurrance and these good for nothing  bastards are totally silent .  Oh sure , they’re activists when it suits their corrupt pesonal deviant and dubious agendas .  What’s  wrong with these pictures ?  Tell me !
                                 The feminists in America and the so-called black civil rights activists don’t give a   %$#@   about members of their respective groups , but rather they IMHO use and exploit members of their respective groups to promote their sinister political and social agendas. They always point fingers of blame at  the opposite group while they IMHO exploit and use their own people for their power , prestige and acquisition  of large sums of money.  It’s a power play , con game, sham and a  fraud.   
                                How can they get away with it ?  Because so-called  “caring good people”  are silent and let them—–that’s why !     When people ask me who are the silent so-caleld caring good people that I’m talking about  whon refuse to publicly speak out I tell them to  GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR  .    That’s who I’m talking about !  Is the picture getting clear now ?  I often  wonder if I’m just wasting my time and effort that is going nowhere.   What good is it going to do ?   What is it going to lead to ?  What is going to be the end result for pointing this out ?  Is it really going to make a difference ?  Are people really going to change for the effort made  and take a stand ?   I already know the answer , I just wanted to bring the matter to the forefront and point out the obvious.   The entire world is a ticking time bomb and yet people sit around idle whining to themselves and their inner circle of friends  , sitting on their hands , sucking their thumbs like helpless crybabies while we’re being anihilated one degree at a time .  Oh, but I sound TOO agressive !  Oh , but I sound  TOO  angry !  Oh , but I sound TOO politically incorrect !
                       We’re being run over , exterminated ,  and gradually taken over by the  PC  radicals and wacko extremists but I’m expected to “walk on egg shells ” so that  I don’t offend the PC crowd.    Is this it ?  Is this what the world is going to do ( or rather NOT do ) to stand up and fight back ? Is this our wimpy response ( or rather no response ) in standing up to the problem ?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again , if we lose this fight and get taken over and sent back to the barbaric stone age , we will have no one to blame but  OURSELVES   !!!!!!!!!  Many great countries and societies before us fell and we’re headed in that direction.  Many advanced and prosperous civilizations have been destroyed before us and now we’re following in the same footsteps.  It looks like history is indeed repeating itself  and the sand is running out of the hour glass. I use to be optimistic, but not anymore.  I see no light at the end of the tunnel and the tunnel is caving in and it’s no longer a matter of  IF  it will happen but  WHEN.   Liberals and conservatives everywhere  seem to me to be nothing but two sides of the same coin———   all talk and NO action ( just different political agendas ).   I guess a couple thousand years from now , people will be reading in their history books about the once great USA that went the way of the Roaman Empire and other great empires before it .  What is so sad and pathetic is this can be avoided if people  throughout America and the world would be vigilant and DO what is neceasary to fight back and to encourage and motivate others to do the same and come to their senses.    Decent people need to come together in spite of their personal differences and let our common interests unite us for our survival and future  and  be the guiding light  that motivates us . Our very survival depends on it.

  • George

    Where is the world public outrage ?   Where is that worthless UN ( Useless Neanderthals ) ? Where is the mainstream media to expose  and let the world see and know what is going on in such a barbaric culture ?  Where are all the liberal atheists groups to talk about these attrocious acts ?    Oh , I forgot  ,—- they’re too busy discussing same-sex marriage, feminism, the homosexual   agenda, Democrat Party political proselytizing,  abortion issues,  and liberal politics in general to be concerned about people being stoned to death, persecuted , oppressed ,  tortured and massively murdered because of a 7th century barbaric culture.

    • Liz

      Right, and I guess the Christians are too busy hiding from the fact that this law is found right in their own holy, inerrant, infallible Word of God, who never changes and never makes mistakes!

      • George

        You’re absolutely right Liz. The Christians are so bent on hating atheists even though no atheist is engaging in  any act of terrorism or hate teachings whatsoever. The  Christians hate us because we don’t believe in their make-believe invisible  Daddy In The Sky .  This barbarism  is going on in their so-called HOLY LAND and the Christians themselves are letting it happen and are also silent. You “stole my thunder” and  I agree totally.  The Christians are judging ALL atheists because of some wacko nut case former tyrant in the former USSR . It’s their excuse to push their theocratic agenda upon everyone while the real enemy of everyone is religious fanaticism ( right now –it’s radical Islam ).