What Americans should be taught about America 12

American children must be taught the values America traditionally stands for, and why they are the highest and the best.

They must be taught that the United States of America was founded as a realization of the idea of liberty.

They must be taught that only in freedom are individuals able to achieve the best they are capable of.

They must be taught that the conditions necessary for a good life  – prosperity, physical and mental well-being, the pursuit of individual aims  – exist reliably only in a free society.

They must be taught that only the rule of law, not rule by a person or group of potentates, assures liberty.

Generations of American children have not been taught any of this. It is no exaggeration to say that for decades now the schools and academies have been teaching Americans to be ashamed of themselves. So millions of Americans believe that they are justly hated by other nations, and their country should change to become more like other countries. (See our post Zinn writes histories, December 11, 2009.)

William Damon, professor of education at Stanford University and a senior fellow of the admirable Hoover Institution, writes in a recent essay:

In our leading intellectual and educational circles, the entire notion of national devotion is now in dispute. For example, in a book about the future of citizenship, a law professor recently wrote: “Longstanding notions of democratic citizenship are becoming obsolete … American identity is unsustainable in the face of globalization.” As a replacement for commitment to a nation-state, the author wrote, “loyalties…are moving to transnational communities defined by many different ways: by race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, and sexual orientation.” In similar fashion, many influential educators are turning to “cosmopolitanism” and “global citizenship” as the proper aim of civics instruction, de-emphasizing the attachment to any particular country such as the United States. As global citizens, it is argued, our primary identification should be with the humanity of the world, and our primary obligation should be to the universal ideals of human rights and justice. Devotion to one’s own nation state, commonly referred to as patriotism, is suspect because it may turn into a militant chauvinism or a dangerous “my country right or wrong” perspective. …

By “justice” the unnamed law professor probably means “social justice’ – the idea that wealth should be taken away from those who have earned it and given to others who have not. “Social justice” is Orwellian Newspeak for injustice.

William Damon points out:

Discouraging young Americans from identifying with their country — and, indeed, from celebrating the traditional American quest for liberty and equal rights — is a sure way to remove their most powerful source of motivation to learn about U. S. citizenship. Why would a student exert any effort to master the rules of a system that the student has no respect for and no interest in being part of? To acquire civic knowledge as well as civic virtue, students need to care about their country.

It is especially odd to see schools with large immigrant populations neglect teaching students about American identity and the American tradition. Educational critic Diane Ravitch observed this phenomenon when visiting a New York City school whose principal proudly spoke of the school’s efforts to celebrate the cultures of all the immigrant students. Ravitch writes, “I asked him whether the school did anything to encourage students to appreciate American culture, and he admitted with embarrassment that it did not.”

At least he was embarrassed.

These and other American students are being urged to identify with, on the one hand, customs from the native lands they have departed and, on the other hand, with the abstract ideals of an amorphous global culture. Lost in between these romantic affiliations is an identification with the nation where these students actually will practice citizenship. Adding to the dysfunction of this educational choice, as Ravitch writes, is the absurdity of teaching “a student whose family fled to this country from a tyrannical regime or from dire poverty to identify with that nation rather than with the one that gave the family refuge.”

We are not “citizens of the world.” We do not pay taxes to the world; we do not vote for a world president or senator.

Professor Damon wants civics taught in the schools, and taught well.

How can we do better? Of course we need to teach students the Constitution, along with its essential underlying principles such as separation of powers, representative government, and Federalism. Excellent programs for such teaching now exist. But these programs are not widely used amidst today’s single-minded focus on basic skills. Compounding this neglect, the school assessments that drive the priorities of teachers infrequently test for civic knowledge. To preserve the American heritage of liberty and democracy for future generations, citizenship instruction must be placed front and center in U. S. classrooms rather than relegated to the margins. …

And he issues a warning:

There is a looming crisis … the very real possibility that our democracy will be left in the hands of a citizenry unprepared to govern it and unwilling the make the sacrifices needed to preserve it. A free society requires an informed and virtuous citizenry. Failing this, as Ben Franklin long ago warned, despotism lies just around the corner.

The citizenry should also be informed what life is like in other countries. Most people in the world are ruled over by despots or despotic regimes. Most democracies, like the European nations, are welfare states rapidly becoming poorer as a result of their socialist economic systems. A proper understanding of capitalist economics  – “the natural order of liberty” as Adam Smith called it –  should be taught in America as well as civics and truthful history.

Walter Williams writes at Front Page:

A recent Superman comic book has the hero saying, “I am renouncing my U.S. citizenship” because “truth, justice, and the American way — it’s not enough anymore.” …

The ignorance about our country is staggering. According to one survey, only 28 percent of students could identify the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Only 26 percent of students knew that the first 10 amendments to the Constitution are called the Bill of Rights. Fewer than one-quarter of students knew that George Washington was the first president of the United States. …

Ignorance and possibly contempt for American values, civics and history might help explain how someone like Barack Obama could become president of the United States. At no other time in our history could a person with longtime associations with people who hate our country become president. Obama spent 20 years attending the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s hate-filled sermons, which preached that “white folks’ greed runs a world in need,” called our country the “US of KKK-A” and asked God to “damn America.” Obama’s other America-hating associates include Weather Underground Pentagon bomber William Ayers and Ayers’ wife, Bernardine Dohrn.

The fact that Obama became president and brought openly Marxist people into his administration doesn’t say so much about him as it says about the effects of decades of brainwashing of the American people by the education establishment, media and the intellectual elite.

Actually, though we don’t disagree with the point Walter Williams is making, we think it does say quite as much about  Obama. He epitomizes the sort of America-hating ideologue that the decades of debauched education have bred.

  • Liz

    YES! – This education about our Constitution and freedoms is what is so desperately needed, and the lack of it is exactly what produced our current socialist situation.  If only we weren’t in a constant tug of war in this country between the socialist left and the religious right about how to educate our children, we might actually get a rational word in edgewise.
    As for the founding fathers, I have to disagree with you this time, George.  Of course slavery was wrong, but it had been the accepted practice of the entire world up until that time.  Just the fact that the founding fathers agreed with the abolishing of it in theory, even if not in practice, was a HUGE advancement in the developement of  civilization, and without their putting that theory in writing in our founding documents, we would not be where we are today.  Of course they weren’t perfect, but I think they are still worthy of our respect for the incalculable contributions they made to the world in founding the free-est country in history.

  • George

    In response to Andrew M , I was unable to post under your posted message because the site wouldn’t allow it, so I’m posting here.  While it is true that when people become intermixed via socialization , intermarrriage and mixing of various cultures over time, that they ( or rather we )   hopefully will see that  “melting pot ”  finally melt.  But the main point as I have previously stated on several  occassions is that NOTHING is going to change ( not anytime soon of course ) until people get up off their collective butts and go public and speak out and stand up ( even on a small scale occassional basis ).   I truly admire this website that gives us information that we do not generally receive via the mainstream media and I enjoy open civil discussion  with like minded conservative thinking secular individuals like myself , however the fact still remains that NOTHING is going to change until we take it a step further and stand up publicly and publicly speak up and speak out and demand from our political leaders directly  that we are fed up and we’re not going to take the corruption  anymore. Then and only then will things truly change and NOT before.  Sure, it’s nice to discuss this and discuss that and discuss the other among one another , but real change ONLY comes when someone DOES something and not just pay lip-service to one another within a particular group.
                     I am NOT trying to promote any MOVEMENT or promote any group ACTIVISM but I’m trying to motivate secular freethinkers as a whole to do more than just talk to one another but take the message public  and grow a set of gonads ( pardon the expression ) to get our message and views to the mainstream populace—-that’s all.  Until we grasp this fundamental concept , we are going NOWHERE fast !  This has nothing to do with personal opinion or personal perception but cold harsh  REALITY and is unarguably factual. The people at large are NOT going to get a message that we do not deliver. The people at large are not going to know where we stand until we inform them. The people in our general population are never going to understand what we stand for or what we believe until we go public and speak out in the public “arena” of public discourse. I am not asking for any militancy , radicalism or any form of “in your face activism ” but simply to go beyond just making  comments to each other but to reach out to the general populace so that we can attain the recognition and respect and understanding that we so rightfully deserve. Plain and simple !
                         It only takes a few minutes literally  to write a letter to the editor ( even once a month or once every few months ) to your local newspaper. It only takes a few minutes  to call your local radio talk show and voice your views , It only takes a moment of your or our time to attend a city council meeting which is rare or attend a county commisioner meeting which is also rare, or send an e-mail to any of the various law-makers or legislators to let them know that we are out here and we count in this society —- that’s all. No more and no less. Wishing and hoping and waiting for change to drop out of the sky will NEVER happen. Nothing happens until we DO something. Change never occurs until we get busy and effect such change by little and even subtle “inputs” into our society.  One letter , one phone call , one  e-mail,  one fax,  one voice at a public meeting , one comment in the mainstream media is a start and if we do these things just on a tiny basis once in a great while we can make a big difference .  Sitting around whining and making comments about this and that to each other about how bad things are and doing absolutely NOTHING else is going to get us NOWHERE  . Yes , we must indeed keep this open discussion going to share ideas and viewpoints but we must take it one step further ( if only on an occassional basis and let our voices be heard publicly ) if we expect any real change to occur.   If all we are going to do is sit around and whine and just  be sociable , then that’s all well and good on a social aspect and I am not “knocking” that  , but don’t expect anything to change in our society as a result.  There is no disputing this.   An occassional input in the ear of the public forum from a large segment of  freethinkers will take us a long way to making progress in our society . If we fail or refuswe to do this , then we have no one to blame if we get taken over by the zealots and we will therefore be complacent  contributors to our own demise and our future generations. 

    • Andrew M

      I have an idea: let’s start today. Right here, at TAC, and right now.

      My means are not great, but I will donate at least $15 to a cause the population here deems worthy of our munificence – if it is so advertised by the wonderful host of this blog in a prominent location. I can say right now that my most preferred cause would be towards some reliable charity which alleviates the misery of Islam’s fairer half.

      If we can raise at least $100 more towards the cause, which according to the reader bar would only require 73¢ a user, I will write an open letter addressed to every Christian conservative Representative signifying not only that we exist, but that our hearts are aligned in the same direction as theirs: we support lower taxes, greater economic and social freedoms, a strong military and defense department (that is not wasteful of my tax dollars!!), secure borders, and most importantly subservience of the government to We The People. I will detail how as both conservatives and atheists we recognize the blatantly obvious threat of international jihad terrorism, the direct function of an evil Allah who commands his followers to rape, pillage, and murder the Unbelievers – of which we are the prime example.

      However, I plan to continue, just because we are conservatives does not make us evangelicals: there is no chance in Hell, Heaven, or best of all right here on Earth that you can convince us that an omnipotent sky wizard on Yahweh is the guarantor of human freedom throughout all times and lands. It is the rule of law, respect for the Constitution and the values enshrined therein, and a justice system which presumes innocence until proven guilty that guarantee our freedoms. Saying that God is the defender of human freedom is tantamount to saying that an anarchy is the freest form of society, in which case I invite you to check out a wonderful little country called Somalia.

      I will touch on other subjects as well, but these are the most important ones upon which I feel we can all agree, mostly as conservatives but also partially as positive freethinkers. I do not yet know where I would publish this letter, but I will both research and ask the collected wisdom of TAC as to where such a letter would gain the maximum exposure to the public as possible.

  • Andrew M

    This is a fantastic article whose deleterious effects I witness first-hand among (most of) my 20-something crowd, and it needs to be fixed before there isn’t anything left to fix.

    America’s public education system is setting like a sordid sun. Not that it teaches anything more of value, unless you’re one of the lucky kids who wound up going to a coveted magnet school, but I feel that could easily be fixed by a single act of Congress that may never come: government-mandated civics classes, no matter if the kid is publicly or privately educated.

    Yes, I’m a small-government libertarian who should normally be inimical to any sort of encroachment onto the lives of private citizens – but the government has a duty to the people to maintain their status as the most well-informed citizenry of all nations. As an amendment to the finest constitution ever written by the hands of humans, it would help ensure that Americans will retain their taste buds for freedom for generations to come. But it would not guarantee it – that’s the job of each generation to pass on its values, wisdom, and science to the successive generation; it’s the job of each generation to convince their children that freedom and life are worth more than anything else in this cruel, unforgiving world of physical laws.

  • George

    I love America  and  what America has evolved to , but I am compelled to disagree with two statements in the article and I must part ways from what is presented . 
    They are the first and second sentences in this article. Let’s talk about tradition and conservatism.

    Tradition :  That which is commonly accepted or regarded as  customary unwritten rules.

    Conservative : To preserve long held customs, beliefs, and practices  and to resist change. 

                 I have studied history extensively and I must also state that what I have experienced and what my ancestors (ethnically ) endured is not the same as what others on this thread can truly identify with and I am NOT a liberal.  
          Lets begin with the  ” Founding Fathers” as they are referred to.  Many people in the USA have been subjected to much disinformation. So let me set start in regards to the  so-called “great men ” of old.
             Thomas Jefferson said himself that Negroes don’t have the faculty to comprehend a Euclid form. From the documented and factual history archives of America , it is recorded that —in his book –” Notes on Virginia”  , Thomas Jefferson ( the author of ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL  ) unequivocally stated it didn’t include non-whites , non -religious ( theists or deists ) or females.  Sadly , the sleeping masses of America actually believe they are so educated on history. 

                 In a speech in Cincinnati , Ohio sept. 17 , 1859   Thomas  Jefferson  stated —    ” There is a physical difference between the white and black races which , I believe , will forever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality !   
           And , in as much as they cannot so live while they do remain together  ,  there must be the position of superior and inferior , and I am in favor of having  the superior position  ,  the negroes should be denied everything ! “.
                On the Fourth Douglas debate   Sept. 18, 1858 Abraham Lincoln stated — ”  If there was a necessary conflict between the white man and the negro , I should be for the white man ! “.
           In a speech in Cincinnati, Sept. 17, 1859 Abraham Lincoln stated- ” Negroes and whites are different races . We have between us a broader difference than exists between any other two races”.
            In a speech , Aug. 14, 1862 , Lincoln stated–  ” There is no difference between hogs and negroes ! “.
             In a speech in Peoria , Ill.  , Oct. 16, 1854 Lincoln stated– ” All men are created equal, except negroes , foreigners and catholics !”.
           In a letter to J. Speed , Aug 24, 1855 Lincoln stated- ” It is true that the negroe is inferior to the white in the gifts of nature ! “.
              Abraham Lincoln was a pure racist bigot who owned many black slaves as did most of the  Founding Fathers .  Both liberals and conservatives have made racist excuses as racial apologists for these attrocities. 
               While trading one of his black slaves for merchandise Lincoln wrote —  ” With this letter comes a nigger (Tom) which I beg the favor of you to selling  in any of the islands you may go to , for whatever he will fetch , and bring me in return   :  One cask of molassess , one cask of rum , one barrel of lymes, etc……    Tom is both a rogue and a runaway “.
             Jefferson himself  knew what  he was doing regarding slavery of black people and that it was morally wrong and yet  he continued to do so anyway. Jefferson said that blacks stunk  and he preached publicly that all men are created equal and were entitled to life and liberty regardless of their abilities , yet he tracked down those black slaves he owned that had the courage to take their rights  by running away. Whether  any of the so-called  founding Fathers later freed their slaves or not , the fact that they enslaved blacks in the first place was the most attrocious of behaviors and is inexcusabe.  I regard ANY person making excuses of these men as my enemy. I will never revere men who held my people in servitude bondage and I take strong offense to those who do.  To say that this was just a product of the times is a blatant  slap in the face  ( or rather spit in the face ) and ultimate insult to  blacks then and now.
             George  Washington , Thomas Jefferson , James Madison  and Benjamin Franklin fought against the abolition of slavery in 1763.  Jefferson did not free his black slaves near the end of his live , but rather he sold them for a profit.
             Women and children were also considered the property of men . The KKK was ideologically descended from Thomas Jefferson.  One black historian stated –” I hope liberal Jeffersonians are outraged and I propose to go on outraging them ” regarding his exposing the truth about these “Founding  Fathers ” . I DO NOT revere these men and it is an insult to suggest that I should. I personally would like to add right wing conservatives to that list of those who should be enlightened .  I should also mention  Jefferson’s  forcible rape  of his black slave woman  Sally Hemmings whereby he had an illegitimate child by and he originally denied that the child  was his and later finally confessed .  
              These FACTS are documented  in the archives of  American history. While America did evolve into a land of freedom ,justice and equality for the most part , it was NOT founded on such.   Even after slavery ended , Jim Crow segregation prevailed for generations in the south and there was there also massive discrimination and hatred widespread in the north. 
                “All men are created equal” came literally to mean “all white men” .    We have progressed overwhelmingly to move beyond racism and sexism and othe overt bigoted mindsets as a whole ( yes some cases still exist ) but the truth cannot be hideen or denied. And even today I have  personally  experienced racial bigotry on both sides of the fence ( considereing  that my former long term girlfriend was a white woman ). I do not revere these so-called Founding fathers and I never will and I am indeed an American proud patriot.
          Atheists can also be horrible and ignorant just as much as theists and we do indeed have a long way to go as a human species.  This is also more proof that the only thing that all atheists generally have in common is is a lack of belief in a god or gods. It is no wonder that I often feel as an outcast considering that issues that are indigenous to me ethnically continue to be ignored, downplayed or denied and many secular freethinkers and theists of my ethnic group  will agree. The truth be told !


    • Jillian

      I understand what you’re saying, George. 

      The Founders had a great idea, but they themselves did not practice what they idealized. 

      Let’s revere the idea and not the men. We should judge the men according to their deserts.

      • George

                    Thank you for responding Jillian and I agree that we must judge men ( or women ) for their deserts .  I for one become nauseated when I  hear people exalt these so-called ” Founding Fathers ” .  As a black man , they weren’t MY so-called   ” American Fathers”  , that’s for sure.   I loathe them and detest them and I will never revere such individuals.  These are men who held my people in servitude bondage as slaves (often in chains like animals ).   Would anyone on this thread expect a Jewish person to revere a  German nazi  just because he was a famous statesman or wrote a bunch of famous documents when such a person held Jewish people in concentration camps or worst engaged in the slaughter of innocent Jewish people ?  They preached one thing and practiced the very opposite.   Let’s see, there is a word that comes to my mind , oh yeah , it’s ———— [  hypocrites !  ].   As I stated before, I love America for what we have evolved into but the facts of history still prevail. 
                         At the  ” founding”   of America , white women were treated as chattel, and regarded as the property of white men.  Women could not vote, or  hold any public office, or speak at public events. Women were not allowed to work outside of the home and were considered good for nothing but being barefeet  and pregnant in the kitchen.  Women were afforded no respect or rights. There were laws on the books that said that husbands  could beat their wives as long as they used a stick or branch no bigger than his thumb and did not leave any permanent injury. I personally find this horrifying and despicable.   In marriage , the vows insisted that a woman recite that she   will always “OBEY” her husband .   Are these the TRADITIONS we want to CONSERVE  ?
                         The so-called “Founders” and so-called  ” explorers  ” did not travel to the New World to explore or trade , but rather they came here for conquest.  So much for so-called — ” Western Civilization ‘.   Just as I destest the left wing zealots , I also am disgusted with the right-wing ignorant zealots as well.  These  “Founders”  didn’t come here to assimilate into the already established Indian societies and territorial land , but rather, they stole it —literally ( after a massive massacre ).    
            Yes , we must tell the truth about  American history.  I remember back in the 1950’s  and 1960’s when I had to sit on the back of the bus, drink at separate water fountains,  eat at separate lunch counters, go to poor condition segregated schools, and watch parades of the KKK march down the streets and terrorize blacks with glee.  Today , we have black militant racist organizations that are just as hateful , ignorant and bigoted. These so-called explorers were actually invaders who didn’t purchase land from the Native  American Indians , but rather they STOLE  it and claimed the land for themselves after slaughtering the indigenous people  en masse almost to the point of total genocide and then stuck the few who were left on patches of land scattered around the nation called “reservations”.  To add insult to injury, these invaders  had the unmitigated gall to refer to the Indians that fought back to preseve their land and culture as savages.
                       When I hear right wing conservatives say we need to return back to the ways of our founders , it infuriates me. I guess with this type of thinking , I may as well go back to college and learn how to wear chains on my hands  and feet. I guess I may as well go get fitted for a noose around my neck and learn how to be beaten with a whip and work sun up to sun down with no wages.  I guess all women should give up their careers and learn how to stand at a stove and change diapers all day which is what women were looked upon for being only good for by these sexist and racist bigots.
                        I love America and I have served in uniform for a large part of my life and I will fight til death to preserve our freedoms but I will not be on any “bandwagon”  that denies the real truth of what occurred during the formation of this country and during the centuries thereafter just to promote some political agenda on either side.
                   It’s also true that the states of Mexico and California were literally stolen from Mexico after the US Cavalry went in and massacred the Mexicans and then incorportated their land ( now stolen ) into that of the USA.  It makes you wonder who the real “illegals ” are.  Yes we must close our borders, preserve our soverignty, put America first , build our economy and elect politicians who care for America , but we cannot deny the attrocities that led up to where we are today .
                                I recalled when the  wacko communists in China who shot protesting students to death in the streets in Tiennamen Square by sicking their mlitary goons upon protesting students.  Well, the same thing  also occurred here in the USA at Kent State University. I recall the event clearly when the US sent National Guard troops who shot to death four protesting students on the campus ( one of the students was found to be 250 feet away when he was shot and none of the troops were indicted ).  I’ll never forget the famous photo of the female student on her knee crying out loud with her out reached arms wondering how could this happen in America.  That photo will be  imprinted on my brain forever. I remember the Mi Lai massacre in Viet Nam.   Yes ,  Americans should be taught the entire truth.  I recall the Tuskeegee Experiment , and aslo  how  Native  Americans were intentionally infected with contagious diseases  using infected blankets given to them by calvary soldiers.  I learned in the US military that it was the US calvary that first started scalping the Indians and regarded their long locks of hair as trophys. The Indians merely reciprocated in kind later , yet the Indians always were always depicted in movies as the lone perpetrators.
                       America is indeed the greatest country on earth and I am truly proud to be an American and  I am truly a proud patriot for what we are NOW,  but we cannot hide the real truth and the total truth for the sake of “saving face”.  Today we have black gang-bangers in ghettos engaging in horrific drive-by shootings.   Several decades ago , it was the white mafia and organized crime syndicates  that drove by using 45 caliber “Tommy guns”  slaughtering large numbers of people in rival businesses. Today it is black on black crime  and yet back then it was white on white crime.  I can go on and on , and if we are going to tell the truth , we must tell    — [ the  whole truth and NOTHING but the truth , so help me LOGIC ].    Sorry for my lengthy post , but just my 2 cents !! 

        • George

          Correction on previous post———– I meant to write : ”  The states of Texas and California were stolen”  , not the state of Mexico.  Also , the location in  China is —-Tiananmen Square .      Typos   !!

        • George

          My corrections on previous post are below.   The European settlers who came to America were actually fleeing religious tyranny in Europe  and yet many fundies want to reinstate the very form of theological tyranny that prompted their ancestors to flee in the first place.  Amazing !

        • Andrew M

          My prediction is that we’ll all start caring about this history once the races have bred too much to be distinguishable – then men and women have nothing to judge them but their own deeds. And no other nation is equipped genetically and politically to do this besides America the free, America the brave.

          The races have struggled to get along since the very inception of this nation and before, but everyone seems to get their time. First it was the Italians, then the Irish (can you believe they were not considered “Whites” before? Neither can I), then the Chinese and Japanese, and extending into today blacks and Jews. Tomorrow it will be the Middle Easterners who have renounced the oppressive ideology but not the innocuous cultural motifs of Islam who will next become a part of the totemic – and literal – American family.

          Which also touches on the vast theological differences of America, which will come more starkly into the fray once more closet atheists throw off their cross necklaces, and sincere Muslims and Christians of good conscience begin honestly applying some much-needed self-criticism of their beliefs. Islam may still be a fringe belief in greater American society, but it is growing quickly and creepily.

          Every citizen of every walk of life faces ahead of him a test of his patriotism – is he, before all other identities, a citizen of this nation and a representative of the culture which has accelerated the human condition beyond its wildest dreams? Or does he want to… return to the good ol’ days, to put it lightly? Let us hope more and more citizens choose the former path without any doublethink influencing their behavior.

        • Keith

          I can’t defend the founders but to say in their day what they did was normal. What wasn’t normal was the type of government they created. That creation has evolved, for better or worse, to what we have today. America has also evolved, what was once considered normal is now considered abhorrent.

          I agree that we must all know the whole truth, as ugly as it is.

  • I really appreciate this article.  The following quote is very insightful:
    “At no other time in our history could a person with longtime associations with people who hate our country become president.”  …and then it goes on to list those associations with Wright, Ayers, Dohrn, etc.

    This has always confounded me.  How come the majority of America’s voting public were so easy to discard this information?  How can any American who takes pride in this country think these associations were not important?  Maybe this new educational stance that we have in embracing other cultures and instilling Amrican guilt is a possible cause.  When I was a kid (not that long ago – graduated high school in 1991), other cultures were taught, but American history was still the major block of social studies.

    I think the other parts to this equation are the left-biased media, and the ignorance of the general population.  It’s sad really, that a person who started his state senatorial campaign at Ayers’ house could later become president.  If the majority of the population could so convincingly vote him in, I think there is very little “hope” for the country long term.  I HATE to say that, but, unfortunately, that is what I believe.