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Just how phony the claim is (put out by Obama and his henchwomen*) that the Libyan engagement is all about the “responsibility to protect” civilians, is demonstrated by this report published two days ago on July 18, 2011, by Asia News – and nowhere in the West:

Benghazi-based rebels took Brega over night. The town, which is 740 km east of Tripoli, is the country’s main oil hub. The National Transitional Council (NTC) called the fall of the city its greatest victory since the war against Gaddafi began. However, doubts remain about rebel intentions. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused them of retaliatory violence against pro-Gaddafi regime civilians. … HRW said rebels looted and torched homes in towns that had fallen under NTC control. In villages south of Tripoli, Gaddafi loyalists were beaten, their houses set on fire.

We have little respect for Human Rights Watch having observed their frequent incapacity or reluctance to tell the truth, but in this case their accusation is backed up by another source:

Tiziana Gamannossi, an Italian businesswoman in Tripoli, told AsiaNews that the rebels’ push is causing fear in the civilian population. …

In her view, NATO is funding and arming violent groups that lack any training or code of honour. …

For Gamannossi, a war that was launched to defend civilians is absurd. The latter watch powerless as their cities and country are torn down amid the silence of western media.

“These days, hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated against NATO in Tripoli, Zliten, Ajaylat and Sabha, demanding an end to the air strikes. No newspaper has given such news much importance, calling the protests ‘ demonstrations funded by the regime’.”

Last week the 30-member contact group on Libya, including the United States, China and Russia, “formally recognised the NTC as the sole representative of the Libyan people. This will give the council access to about US$200 billion in Libyan government assets held in foreign banks to fund the rebel advance.”

What makes this contact group expect that the people leading the National Transitional Council will be any better for Libyans, or for other states to deal with, than Gaddafi has been?

The answer is, absolutely nothing. They may even be worse.


* Samantha Power, Senior Director of Multilateral Affairs, National Security Council;  Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN;  Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State.  See our post A siren song from hell, April 1, 2011.


  • George

    We have terrorism and radical sick minded chaos all over the world. Why does this continue when we have advanced nations with the military might to stop it ? How can this go on in this modern Space Age world society ?  It goes on because good people simply ignore it and do not PUBLICLY speak out and do not PUBLICLY  protest  and do not PUBLICLY denounce these attrocities ——that’s why !  Terrorism , mass slaughter , hatred , violence and mahem are now the world order of the day.  Here we are as advanced world civilizations and yet we allow third  world 7th century throwbacks to overthrow us . This is insane and totally assinine.  This is what continues to happen when good people DO nothing. This is what continues when people just sit around and whine to one another . This is what we get when we capitulate to massive organized murderous bullies . This is what we get when we just sit around TALKING , TEXTING and mertely shrugging our shoulders to each other.   This is what happens when we fail to take our voices in the streets , in the political  “arena” , and in  the mainstream media  . Our literal silence will destroy us . Our continued silence to not  speak up and speak out in the mainstream media outlets is why no one is getting the message. Our politicians, media sources and citizenry at large cannot here what we do not PUBLICLY say.  So just go on and be silent in the public “sphere”  Americans , and we will eventually evolve into them. Our future for our children , grand-children and future generations will be that of ancient third world ( or rather fourth world ) cultures.  There is an old saying —– ” People who refuse to fight for their rights do not deserve to have any  ! ” .  Changes to this world problem will NEVER materialize unless people as a whole stop paying “lip service ” to the problem to one another and get off their butts and stand up , speak up and fight back in the public “sphere” .  Demand that our politicians listen to the people .  Demand that the security, safety, soverignty , defense, and welfare of  America  and our allies come first.  Our politicians are suppose to represent THE PEOPLE   ( NOT themselves or their party , or their special interest ). Unfortunately THEY will NEVER get the message unless YOU and I tell them . In this case silence is NOT golden ; silence is self-defeating and self-destructive.  Look around you. Look what’s happening globally.  Look what’s happening here and abroad and the direction we are going.   Without a doubt , we are approaching the climax of the unofficially undeclared  World War III .