Tolerating intolerance – the weakness of the West 6

Islam to the West: “You are willing to tolerate the intolerant and the intolerable. That will be your epitaph. We are intolerant of the tolerant. That will be the message of our victory.”

We quote from an article by Edward Cline at Family Security Matters.

He writes as a secularist, and praises individual freedom. A thinker after our own heart.

Twenty years before 9/11, when Saudi nationals hijacked American passenger planes and used them as suicide bombs, the West was warned by one of our main enemies of things to come. The warning was announced in an unsigned Reuters article which appeared in April, 1981, in The New York Times: “Saudis Shield Islam From ‘Alien Values.’”

The headline sums up one half of the truth. A subheading may as well have read: “Values Alien to Islam to be Liquidated.”

A page-two heading could also have paraphrased Vladimir Lenin: “Westerners will sell us the rope with which we will subjugate them.”

The physical rope is the oil-production capacity which the barbarians nationalized (pioneered by Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, which then helped to form OPEC in 1960), which the West refrained from reclaiming. The ideological rope is multiculturalism and cultural relativism. Their ultimatum was and remains: If you Westerners insist there is no difference between our cultural and politics and yours, then it can make no difference to you if we take over and set the terms of your existence.You are willing to tolerate the intolerant and the intolerable. That will be your epitaph. We are intolerant of the tolerant. That will be the message of our victory.

The Times article is a fawning puff piece about our less than benevolent extortionist, the royal kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and about its pseudo-angst over how Western values are no match for a medieval, totalitarian ideology that is insulated from any and all threats from Western civilization.

Saudi Arabia’s economic planners believe they can successfully link the West’s technology and the Islamic faith without rending society, but acknowledge they face a challenge.

The text of the country’s economic plan recognizes that there is concern in the Government and among the populace that ”alien values and the spirit of materialism” may threaten religion, adding that this is a difficult problem. …

But as Cline points out,  “Islam is safe. It faces no peril from the West.” It is the West that is threatened by Islam. And if the West is overcome by Islam, scientific and technological development will cease.

Islam is by nature a parasitical ideology which cannot allow its adherents to create, innovate, or think outside the suffocating box of blind faith. Islam cannot allow its elect or anyone else freedom of thought without sabotaging itself. It will not abide criticism ranging from cartoons of its prophet to examination of its central tenets. So, it must feed off the West, which does allow freedom of thought, and freedom of action.

It is not … Islamic society that is being rent by the conflict between Islam and the West. It is the West’s societies, in virtually every Western nation, that are being torn asunder thanks to their pragmatic, tolerant, non-judgmental, and politically correct perception of Islam as just another religion. Europe is experiencing this dissolution first hand.

What are the “alien values” that the Saudis wish to keep – and have successfully kept for decades at box-cutter’s length? The supreme value of the individual. The idea that it is the individual who is the prime mover of his own life, responsible for his own values and actions. The value of that individual to be free to act in his own self-interest. The value of the idea that his rights to exist and to act do not emanate from society, or the state, or any monarchy, but from his nature as a being of volitional consciousness beholden to no dogma or faith.

We interrupt him to applaud.

And we nod in agreement as he goes on:

The “spirit of materialism”? What is meant by that? Ostensively, an overriding concern for one’s material comfort and happiness at the expense of intangible “spiritual” or moral values

We like those quotation marks round “spiritual” – whatever does the word mean?

… which, in the case of Islam, is unquestioned submission to the theology and pseudo-ethics of Islam. However, blind, unquestioning acceptance of any morality is not a moral action. And one does not witness the sacrifice of “material values” in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, or any other oil-windfall Arab regime. Like the ancient Egyptians, the Saudis have embarked on an “economic plan” which consists of building monumental skyscrapers, housing developments, and other neo-pyramids, all of which, funded by petrodollars, are white elephants that can never earn back their enormous investment. They represent the siphoning off of genuine, productive wealth from the West into unimaginable money pits. …

Willful blindness keeps most Western politicians from seeing and acknowledging the truth that Islam is waging a war of conquest. President Obama, we observe, acts consistently to ease Islam’s path to victory (see our post Too dreadful to contemplate, July 9, 2011).

The West is on the defensive, Islam on the offensive. As communists in the past have done in pursuit of global socialist state, Islamists [we just call them Muslims – JB] are plotting the overthrow of the West and its replacement with a global caliphate …  They are quite frank about their ends and means. …

While one totalitarian system has collapsed of its own ineptness, another has sprung up to take its place. …

Journalistic and politically correct diffidence continues to this day …  [towards] death fatwas on critics and cartoonists, rising sexual assaults on non-Muslim women in Western countries, honor killings of disobedient girls and women, riots and mass car burnings in “no-go” ghettoes in major cities, a resurgence of anti-Semitism spread by Muslim clerics, brazen calls for sedition and the overthrow of Western governments in mosques, the de facto establishment of Sharia courts in contravention of civil law, the meek accommodation of Muslim “needs” such as foot baths, prayer rooms, and halal food, often paid for by non-Muslim taxpayers (yes, it is jizya, or the Islamic tax on conquered infidels), the Ground Zero mosque … and so much more, all abetted, condoned, or ignored by a liberal news media, our leftist/liberal intelligentsia, and often by our judiciary.

And by most teachers in our schools and academies, and most of our military and political leaders.

Even our technology won’t save us if we lack the will to win this war.

  • Anonymous

    Until western leaders step up and recognize that isslamm is at war with the west, the west will remain doomed by the nonsense of multicultural hogwash.

  • Hi you guys! I haven’t talked to you guys in a LONG TIME. I completely agree – be tolerant, but not so tolerant where you tolerate intolerance. In essence – you become sadomasochistic and start doing the bidding and propaganda work for the terrorists and Islamists themselves (those on the left tend to do that way too often) . Richard Dawkins said a quote that applies here vaguely – “be open minded but not so open minded where your brain falls out” – Europe has learned from the failed policies of multiculturalism in it that it actually increased segregation of Muslims in Europe and only gave excuses to their far too often barbaric behavior (hitting their wives, genitally mutilating their daughters).

    There is a universal doctrine of human rights and women’s rights – and those must apply to EVERYONE – no exceptions allowed.

  • Ben

    Of course Chalifat had been not durable even in the past,though the danger today is great.
    But Islam is nothing without its allys. It`s main ally are leftists and collectivists of all kind.Churches today are their allies too.These pro-Islam forces are united in their hate of the capitalism-the mighty force of the freedom driving the world to the future.
    The main enemies of the allys are: America,Israel,freedom.

  • Anonymous

    “And if the West is overcome by Islam, scientific and technological development will cease.” First to be felt, however, will be compassion. Again a disaster is hitting East Africa with 11 million under threat of starvation and the usual suspects are slowly organizing aid programs. Not among that group is anything from the Islam community. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruption, droughts, floods, starvation, any disaster or accident is an the will of allah and no one can question the will of allah by exttending a helping hand. It is much better to have one’s name carved into the desert than help those in need.

  • Frank

    Here are some relevant comments by Pat Condell.

    Islamic cultural terrorism

    Name the poison –  (addendum to above)

  • Andrew M

    Our technology won’t just fail to save us – it will kill us.

    I always find it elucidating how societies construct their idealized vision of the future. Sixty years ago it was thought we could dispatch food through tubes and drive our hover-vehicles. Now the future looks even tastier: wireless internet in every corner of the globe imaginable, instantly discoverable cures for diseases both known and yet to be discovered,

    Not if Islam takes over. Five hundred years into the caliphate, I would be highly surprised if its citizens drove anything more than inefficient, unattractive automobiles (they’ll make the horse look like a luxury sedan), use buggy computers with poor internal wiring that will only get worse as enraged users slam their machines for their molasses-slow Internet connections, televisions which make finer paperweights or lifting weights than distributors of content (and that’s becoming truer and truer today), and medicine will return to those glorious days when the default generic treatments are either bloodletting, maggots, or worse yet aspirin. A decidedly anti-Enlightment culture can easily take superior technologies from other lands, but it will never – and I mean never – improve its existing form by even half a scintilla.

    But then again, we have one of those we must combat here. We easily risk going down this same path if Jerry Falwell’s vampiric Christian zombie-ghost gets his way with the Republican party – it will afflict the whole nation with same sort of preachy dogmatic psychobabble we’re so accustomed to hearing from the sandy caliphates, but a detour to Hell is no better than taking the main road.

    It sometimes make me wonder if these sadistic bastards who wrote those God-damned texts were actually literally legitimately conspiring to make the world a worse place merely by sowing the seeds of dogma. All signs point to Of Course, You Stupid Kaffir! Now give me ten on the prayer mat while I give you an eternity from behind…