Shadow-boxing in the dimness of a new inchoate world? 8

“We’re living through a revolutionary moment, all over the world. The world we knew and believed we understood is gone, and we don’t know where we’re headed.”

So writes Michael Ledeen at PajamasMedia. His column gives rise to question after question in our minds:

The more I look at the Oslo massacre, the more I am struck by how archaic it all is. The killer fancies himself a noble defender of a Western world that no longer exists, and has not existed, really, since the First World War destroyed it. He is the sort of fascist who believes in the myth of a Golden Age that must be restored, and vaingloriously sees himself a member of the elite chosen by history to defend the mythical West.

So what is the nature of the West that exists now? Whatever it is, is it not under attack? And if it’s under attack, how should it be defended?

He [Breivik] fancies himself a warrior fighting against two mortal enemies: “Marxism” and “Islam.” He needn’t have bothered; they both died a long time ago.

Is there not a Marxist in the White House right now, and has not his ideology brought America to economic crisis and contributed to chaos in the world?

The first was effectively demolished in the Cold War with the defeat of the Soviet Empire. Yes, there are certainly Marxists around, and even communists, but there is no longer a worldwide mass movement challenging the West in the name of dialectical materialism. Their contemporary warriors are intellectuals, not workers, and they are more often masked as liberals or moderates than openly leftist revolutionaries. That’s because there is no market for revolutionary Marxism, as Van Jones can explain to you.

No link is given to any statement by Van Jones, the Maoist who was exposed as such and (therefore?) left his White House job as Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. Perhaps Ledeen means that his discharge demonstrates that Marxism “has no market”.

It’s true that most Reds are Green these days, but is it not still the same old egalitarian collectivist ideology that moves their emotional bowels?

The second, “Islam,” has been moribund for centuries. Virtually all the countries calling themselves “Islamic” are failed states whose citizens are starving, whose industries are generations behind those of the contemporary West, and whose most talented young people are mostly eager, even desperate, to live and work in infidel countries. Yes, there are certainly plenty of murderous jihadis around, but although they work very hard at killing us (typically often blowing themselves up instead, or setting their own underwear on fire), they are most effective against other Muslims. Even outside the “Muslim world” — as President Obama called it during his unfortunate address in Cairo in 2009 — the hard-core pro-jihad, let’s-create-a-new-caliphate crowd visits misery on correligionaries packed into ghettos and force fed a particularly nasty version of shariah.

What of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt whose declared and practiced policy is to spread Islam world-wide, and the legitimization of that jihadist organization by Obama’s State Department now pursuing diplomatic relations with it?

And what of the growing power of Islam in Europe, with sharia recognized as a parallel legal system and the unchallenged acceptance of virtual Islamic states within the states?

Anders Breivik’s demons did not drive him to attack Muslims, although there may have been some among his victims; his targets were his own people, those he called “traitors” for betraying the mythical West to the mythical global forces of Islam and Marxism. Quite a bizarre tapestry: A fight to the death among and within three spent forces which had already died.

So there is no Islamic threat to the West? There is no Red-Green movement trying to establish world government? And no West to be threatened?

He goes on to acknowledge that all three “spent forces” still exist, still think of themselves as they once were, and fail to see the new realities in which they are struggling with ghosts.

This archaic mythology is not only Breivik’s; the Marxists and the radical Islamists embrace it just as avidly. The Marxists embrace the myth of class struggle in a Western world that is no longer capitalist and where there is no working class. The jihadis embrace the cause of holy war (no accident, the Marxists might say, that jihadis raced to take “credit” for the mayhem in the first hours) against a Western world described as Christian and Islamophobic. That, too, is an archaic remnant from a past long dead and buried, especially in Europe. The Old World is secular, and, certainly among its elites, more anti-Semitic and anti-Christian than anti-Muslim. Just look at the thoroughly disgusting remarks by the Norwegian ambassador to Israel AFTER the massacre, in which he showed greater “understanding” of Palestinians killing Jews than of a Norwegian massacring fellow countrymen.

The West no longer capitalist? In every Western country capitalism is grossly interfered with by socialist governments, but capitalism is still the only bread machine.

True the European West is no longer Christian, but it is increasingly Islamophobic, as it must be if Islamic terrorism and the jihad are working as intended. One should not judge the degree of Islamophobia by how many attacks are made on Muslims. Even mockery and criticism of Islam are restrained, because Islam’s campaign of intimidation has worked. Europe has been largely dhimmified, and that in itself is proof that Islam is feared.

Sure the Marxists long since abandoned the proletariat as their sentimental pretext for revolution, but they substituted the Third World, those more distant “victims” of capitalism, and of “colonialism” and “imperialism”. They still aim to impose their egalitarian and collectivist tyranny on the rest of us, and with the trumped-up panic of the environmental movement have come far too close to achieving their goal. The threat still hangs over us.

The new Norwegian ambassador to Israel did indeed imply that terrorism is not bad when used by Hamas against Israelis, only when it is used by Breivik against Norwegian leftists. He must be a rather stupid man.

It is thoroughly understandable, then, that some have responded to the Norwegian mass murder with myths of their own, beginning with the fable that Breivik is the tip of a very large iceberg, that includes not only deranged would-be killers but also writers and politicians. Thus they conjure up yet another phantasmagorical mass movement — a vast conspiracy with countless followers, some hidden, others public. There is no such movement. Yes, there are crazy people who think they are fighters in the great cataclysmic struggle of the days of the Last Judgment … But I doubt there are enough of them to feed more than a handful of Knights Templar, let alone a full-fledged political movement.

No argument there.

He concludes:

We’re living through a revolutionary moment, all over the world. The world we knew and believed we understood is gone, and we don’t know where we’re headed. No wonder chaos disrupts orderly thought, and mythology replaces common sense.

Are our thoughts so chaotic that we deceive ourselves when we think of Marxism (in its new green clothes) and Islam as real enemies?

Is it a myth that capitalism works, or that the individual freedom on which it depends is worth fighting for?

Are we so bewildered that we cannot apply common-sense lessons from the past to our present predicaments?

Even if Michael Ledeen is right and we are shadow-boxing in the dimness of a new inchoate world, what choice do we have but to battle the enemies we perceive, and cling to the certainties we imagine we possess?

  • George

    I heard on the news last night of another Muslim soldier who attempted to engage in a terrorist attack upon Ft. Hood.  The nut-case guy was reported to have been a consciencious objector.  The US Military is taking serious risks having these Muslims in their ranks but because of PC policies , they will not be profiled or scrutinized or monitored because of fear of charges of religious discrimination.
                     The US Military should do far more extensive background checks on anyone who embraces Muslim beliefs to assure their loyalty to the USA.   All Muslims should be interviewed and monitored by their superiors to affirm their loyalty , but it wouldn’t do any good anyway because of what is known in Islam as taqiiya .   The world is in grave peril and we must do what  is necessary to assure national security and safety. Our soverignty , culture and security are at stake and we can’t afford to merely appease individuals for the sake of     ” all getting along”    using PC policies.  
                      The radical Muslims are taking advantage of our weak and spineless leadership ( or rather , the lack of leadership ). They are incrementally playing a global “chess game” and positioning their “key players” in key positions in government and the media worldwide to promote their global jihadist movement and yet gullible, stupid, foolish, brainwashed baffoons fall for it and allow them to get away with it. It’s mind boggling how supposedly intelligent people can be such overwhelming ‘suckers”  and let themselves be deceived . In spite of all the murder, violence and mayhem by the radical Muslims,  the fundamentalist Christians in America still consider  atheists in America as their most hated and despised group of people. What acts of terrorism are atheists engaging in ?  NONE !  What acts of violence or human rights violations are atheists engaging in ?  NONE !   What atheist group is going around plotting any takeover, or “in your face” proselytizing ?  NONE !
                        As usual, atheists become the perpetual societal scapegoat to blame for any and all the ills of society , even though the typical atheist overwhelmingly is a decent, law abiding, patriotic , hghly educated, and productive individual in our society. Atheists are hated simply because we do no embrace a belief in the imaginary, invisible, formless, superstitious , mythical, fairy tale   [ Daddy In The Sky ].
                         I often read major news publications and I NEVER see any atheist letters, articles, or news contributions whatsoever. I was writing letters to various news sources regularly but I have since  stopped , considering that I refuse to be the only one speaking out when I know of hundreds of secular freethinkers in my regional geographical area who refuse to even bother or make an effort.  I wrote a letter recently and then I told the editor to cancel my letter (which in fact was ) and I am NOT going to be the “lone wolf” speaking up while able bodied others of secular beliefs hide in the closet while I’m sticking my neck out for their sake. It’s not going to happen . I’ve heard it all before.  Excuses and more excuses.  Atheists will boldly engage in chit-chat correspondence with one another but continue to adamantly NOT  let their voices be heard in the public at large.  Atheist organizations and media sources are also NOT motivating others to speak out and/or get involved as well. This is our biggest problem and also the reason why the public at large doesn’t truly understand what we believe and who we are  and also the reason why we are not making any widescale progress in our society as we should.  If atheists won’t even bother to speak out in the public media and the open public when we have freedom of speech ,  are we suppose to believe that atheists will actually fight when the purveyors of terror beging to take over even more so ?  Who is going to stand up and fight ? Who is going to be the soldier to prevent a global sharia takeover ?   A handfull of freedom loving people  can’t fight wide-scale massive numbers of religious zealot kooks who live to kill, terrorize, enslave and oppress others.  There is also “political correctness” among atheists.    If someone says what atheists LIKE  to hear and beat  the same old tired drum , then fellow atheists will cheer him/her on , but when an atheist states that which we NEED to hear to bring forth real change and public acceptance then the silence is deafening.

    • Keith

      Don’t go John Galt on us. Just because they don’t print our letters or pretend what we have to say isn’t valid doesn’t mean we aren’t getting through to some.

      I am a little bummed that Herman Cain hasn’t responded to my letter but I will keep trying but I am more bummed that he apologized to the Muslims. Have they ever apologized to us for not coming out against Al Qaeda?

      • George

        Actually that’s not the case at all Keith.   I went to this last local secular meeting and there must have been probably 100 people at the turn out of a group consisting of those who declared themselves to be atheists , agnostics, secular freethinkers, secular humanists, rationalists and skeptics. I sat in a chair on the back row close to the door in case I  got bored to death [ I could do like  Snagglepuss and exit-stage right  ].  Anyway I had  defended the president of the group in a letter to  the editor and no rebuttal feed-back ever came  [ I kept it professional and to the point and factual ].  I’m not even a member and I’ve been the ONLY one writing letters in the entire wide geographical area for quite some time.  While you’re “bummed out”   , I’m  “burned out” .  This week a couple of people finally jumped on the bandwagon.   Apparently , I must have started a trend to let them know it’s safe to ‘come out” as a freethinker.  There are many elderly   and self employed who have time on their hands but are afraid of public exposure. I can understand considering what I have endured being an outspoken freethinker.  
                         As far as Herman Cain is concerned , he is a smart business man , intellectual, patriot and well educated history buff  and a true conservative. Don’t hold your breath on a reply.  However he is in my opinion still deeply “in bed”  with the religious Christian right fundamentalists. I have listened to him often on conservative talk radio. A group of atheists in New York went “ballistic” over a street sign that mentioned the name “Heaven” and wanted to file a lawsuit, but were totally silent about a Muslim Mosque being built at Ground  Zero ( the site of the 9/11 terrorist  attacks ). What’s wrong with this picture ? I like the idea  of posting  “sharia free zone”  decals.    Actually the European governments need to step up to the plate and forbid these zealots from  establishing such sharia zones in their soverign nation and enforce any violations with their military and police if necessary.  They should close their borders and end immigration of these people.  Then they should go into these so-called “sharia free zones with their military and police and let these zealots know thay are not going to have a sub-culture or sub-government within the established European government.  Then the government can tell these zealots to either accept it or get out. If they start rioting then use whatever force as necessary to enforce their national laws——–plain and simple !  
                            I know of hate-crime vandalism acts committed by Christians upon secular signs, banners , and more and the media is silent on such ( I can give you specific instances ). I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of specific acts.  If  I had to chose , I would prefer putting up with the pesky annoyance of the Christian Bible-humpers  than the   violent and murderous terrorism of the Muslim fanatics.

  • Ben

    Ain Rend`s clear mind as the projector through the “dimness of anew inchoate world”.
    There are the two great values created by the West: science that teach and capitalism that food. Both where and are hated,but are the inevitable basement of contemporary life.
    Collectivists of all kindes-leftists,nationalists,churches parasitize on capitalism that food them. And they all parasitize on Science.Traditional religions with their tales of  World creations modernize the tales according the  current scientiffic discoveries.
     As the wellfare state parasitize on capitalism so Muslims from their decaying states dream of the parasitizing on the Western wellfare states. Discussion of the poverty of collectivistic ideologies is senceless: primitive nazi ideology have cost 50 mil. lifes.

    • George

      I believe you meant Ayan Rand.   Also , science and capitalism did not originate in the West but has indeed advanced tremendously like wildfire following the industrial revolution. Most assurdedly , collectiveness and the welfare state has been a parasite upon capitalism.    In addition , I must note that 115,000,000 died in-transit and arrival during the centuries of the trans-Alantic slave trade .  Looking at past and present cultures , perhaps a proper motto for world society should be —-[ The human mind is a gullible thing to waste ].  

      • Keith

        John Stossel wrote an interesting article about what really brought down the Berlin Wall. It wasn’t Russia’s fear of Regan or anything to do with our military at all. It was our freedom and culture. Russian soldiers brought back jazz records they got from US soldiers after WW II. The politburo hated anything west but they could stop their people from loving our culture. From Jazz to rock-an-roll to Levis, anything to do with the decadent lifestyle of the west was more popular than anything they had at home.
        There are millions of Chinese who emulate the west. The silent masses in Iran are the same.
        They want what they perceive we have and our leaders here keep trying to make us like them.

        • George

          What John Stossel wrote was most assuredly true  and I had heard some time ago about this from a historian / researcher and lecturer and he debunked the massive myth which continues to permeate our society today.  There are many other myths that continue to spread throughout our American  culture  as well. For example—–
                      Pol Pot was NOT an atheist. Pol Pot ( whose real name was  Salaath Sar ) was the leader of a ruthless regieme in Cambodia  known as the Khmer Rouge .  Pol Pot was actually a Buddhist and he later joind the priesthood and became a Buddhist priest. Even thought  Buddhists don’t embrace a belief in a supernatural being , Buddhism is actually considered to be a major religion , yet many consider the belief system to be secular .  Pol Pot hated  Western society  and capitalism and Western religions ( specifically Christianity ) . Pol Pot traveled to Paris France where he studied  the  teachings of Karl Marx and fervently began to embrace socialism.  Pol Pot returned to Cambodia and made it his mission to transform the entire country of Cambodia into a socialist state .  Pol Pot  and his henchmen outright slaughtered anyone and everyone who he considered to be educated , or wore glasses, or considered to be intellectuals or anyone who may possibly pose as a threat or resistance to his socialist agenda and mission. Pol Pot and his attrocious regieme confiscated all the farm lands in Cambodia  which became  government property and most of the people who died at his hands died via starvation, while others were outright slaughtered by being shot to death in the rice paddies of  Cambodia aptly nicknamed — ” The Killing Fields ”  of which a Hollywood movie  was later made as a commemoration to that horrible attrocity.
                                 Mao Tse Tung ( or Zedong ) also was NOT an atheist. Chairman Mao of China actually “flip-flopped” from one Asian religion to another.  Chairman Mao was at one time a Buddhist , also a follower of Taoism   and also a follower of  Shintosim  . Others who knew him asserted he embraced a couple minorother  religious beliefs as well. As such, he too , like Pol Pot was considered to be heretical in his beliefs and many today continue to falsely label him as an atheist.
                                  Joseph  Stalin was an atheist during most of the middle years of his life and even that has been questionable.  Stalin was reported to have made a comment about the falacy of religion and God belief as allegedy quoted in a book by a comrade.  Stalin twice attended a religious seminar ( once at the age of 15 ) .  Stalin was a failure at such and in his later life declared it was his intent to  start  his own religion.  The name Joseph Stalin ( Iron Fist )  matched  his ruthless manor of tyranny. During the later years of his life  Stalin made a major conversion to religious belief and it was after his religious conversion that he was deemed to have been the most ruthless.  None of the actions that  Stalin commited under his rule had anything to do with atheism but were purely political.
                         Even during the era of  Stalin , it was actually the  Russian Orthodox  Church that wielded an overwhelming amount of the true power , control and influence in that communist nation. By definition COMMUNISM  itself is defined as an all incompassing  religion. As such , the term “communist atheism ”  is therefore a misnomer.  Stalin also attended the seminary in  Gadansk. The minarets of Russia ( formerly  USSR ) are of Muslim architecture and Islam and mosques were a significant  part of Russia at the time.
                     The biggest lie ever told is that of Adolph Hitler. Adolf Hitler was NOT an atheist or a pagan.   Adolph Hitler was born of Catholic parents who raised him as a catholic. Hitler  openly gave speeches boasting of how he was doing the lords work and open denigrated atheists and atheism and he never denounced his Catholicism.  Hitler wrote throughout  his book Mein Kampf  that he was not only doing the Lords work but promoted his religious belief staunchly. The nazis wore on their belt buckles the  words [ Gott Mitt  Uns —meaning God with Us   ] . Hitler appointed chaplins on the battlefields and even the Pope at the time supported and befriended Hitler.  Many of the  Jews who were in concentration camps actually asked themself how could a loving, merciful , and beneficent GOD who proclaims to be a savior allow such an attrocity to happen ( especially in a nation that was ostensibly Christian ) , and as such they ( Jews ) had a “mock trial” for GOD and decided to put GOD on trial in which they did and they found GOD guilty as charged for allowing the Hollocaust to occur with no divine intervention. These are actual documented facts. I have a multiude  of quotes by Hitler boasting of his religiosity. 
                           Many have referred to  Sadaam Hussein as a [secular Muslim ] . There is no such thing as the term is contradictory. If you are a Muslim , then you cannot by definition be secular.  Some called  the Cult Leader Jim Jones of Guyana as an atheist.  Nothing could be further from the truth . Jones was the head of a religious cult in Guyana known by their having drank poisoned punch and committing mass suicide.  Of course, the theologians had a field day making atheists the scapegoat of this horror.  I have reams of files in file drawers of verifiable, documented and factual  information that debunks the common myths which so many people still to this day embrace. I can go on and on for many pages but more later.

  • Ralph

    As long as there is ignorance there will be religion. As long as there is greed and a will to steal there will be Marxist, Socialist or Greens. As long as there are those willing to support themselves there will be a chance for a better world.

    Perhaps I have missed something, but I don’t see anything new in this so called new world. I do see people who have failed to study history and therefore can’t possibly comprehend the world they live in.