Pining for poverty 8

Some theorize that  Islam is strengthening in Europe because Europe is abandoning Christianity. The reasoning goes like this: a religion-vacuum is created, so another religion is “sucked in” to fill the empty space.

Another theory is that the Left actually wants to discard the civilized achievements of the West and return to a primitive way of life, the life of the savage.

Thomas Hobbes described such a life – accurately, we think – as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.”

Daniel Greenfield argues that the Left is pining for a return to the primitive; and he sees that the longing of the Left to be disburdened of Western civilization makes it all too easy for Islam to destroy it.

We don’t agree with everything he says in his essay, but we think he’s right about the Left’s perverse wish, and that it coincides with Islam’s ardor to restore the age of its prophet. There does seem to be a suicidal self-hatred among the most privileged class that exists in the world and that ever has existed in all history, which harmonizes with Islam’s hatred of human achievement; an insane nostalgia for the simplicity of poverty which sympathizes with a terrible nostalgia for the dust of the desert soaked with the blood of infidels.

He writes at Sultan Knish:

The clash of civilizations is also a clash of histories. The Western view of history is progressive. A march upward from barbarism to greater phases of enlightenment. … In progressive history, human techniques from the technological to the social can be used to improve life and make the world a better place.

The Islamic view of history is regressive. A lost golden age followed by unbelief and heresy, culminating in a struggle by the believers to restore Islamic dominance. Everything that humans do independently of Islam makes the world a worse place. The perfect touchstone of history was Mohammed. And the only way that history can be set right is by restoring the lost and corrupted caliphates. …

The intellectual elites of the West have begun to make the switch to a regressive model of history. The environmental movement and the postmodern left have become the champions of a regressive history which demands that we turn back the clock and learn to imitate the slums of the Third World in order to become a better society.

That the people doing this are some of the best and the brightest [we’d take issue with that – JB], the graduates of elite institutions and the thinkers and philosophers of the West, who have followed the dark road of social revolution into oblivion and have come away with no reason for their cultures and nations to go on living— testifies to the peril that the West finds itself in.

The progressive model of history is on life support. In its pure form, it hardly exists outside of scientific circles, rationalist atheists and patriotic Americans. And the former two often incorporate it into a global admixture that depends on a … world-state through the United Nations. …

Not real scientists, as opposed to global warmists. And not us rational atheists.

Imagine what Europe would be like if some 90 percent of the population wanted to restore feudalism, theocracy … There’s no need to imagine it. It’s called the Muslim world. And a rising percentage of the European population consists of Muslims who are implementing Sharia, Burqas and Jihad in its major cities.

But the Muslim Jihad is not irrational, it’s arational. Muslims don’t believe in reason as a solution to human problems. They believe in no human solution at all, only the abnegation of humanity to Allah through a clerical guardianship. This is their means of creating a perfect society.

Progressive history accepts human imperfection and builds on it. Regressive history rejects it as a force of evil. Instead it holds up a beacon of a golden past… The daily submission of Muslims arises out of a contempt for the individual as a moral actor, and replaces him with the collective Ummah, the receptacle for their transcendence under the guidance of the clerics. The Jihad abandons individual morality for collective bloodshed in the name of creating a perfect society through world domination. …

Islam may use modern tools, but it never values them, let alone the gifts and sciences that brought them into being. Its gaze is hopelessly dingy, rimmed with disgust for anything that is less than [their idea of] perfect. The tools are inferior copies of what the Koran makes possible. The societies are corrupted and decadent. …

Everyone is practiced at manipulating everyone else and accordingly there is no real trust outside the family. And little trust even inside it. And all of this only goes to reinforce the essential Islamic message of human worthlessness. …

European expectations of Muslim integration were flawed from the start… Their pessimistic worldview was never compatible with Western democracy. …

Rather than identifying with their new countries, Muslim immigrants instead decided to replace them. To remake them into the same Caliphate mirage under the guardianship of quarreling clerics and greedy uniformed thugs. And no amount of visits to mosques and Ramadan dinners thrown by Western leaders will change that. It only accelerates the process. …

Islam’s aim is unity. The absolute collectivism of the Ummah standing over the diminishing number of Dhimmis who have not yet been convinced to take the plunge into the Sharia pool. It views a society that is based on division as corrupt and confused. Multiculturalism is alien to its ideological DNA. It cannot accept the equality of those who are different. The very idea of it is blasphemous. …

If the West still believed in progress as a moral imperative, it would have no trouble holding the gates. And understanding why the gates need to be held. But the worldview that made that possible is in decline.

The left rejected commercial progress as capitalist, but continued to embrace technological progress and cultural development. Then it rejected technological progress as destructive, culture as perspective and stated that the highest moral principle was for the West to save the world by destroying itself. And under their leadership that is the way it has been ever since…

The left’s regressive history is not national, cultural, religion or even specific. Instead it is primitivism itself that it seeks out. The backward and the barbaric, the poor and the lacking, that is their new compass.

The sizable number of Muslim immigrants and the Islamic world is more than happy to step into this vacuum created by the willing abandonment of Western civilization. To take another shot at restoring their glory days in gory ways.

Barbarism … undoes civilization, but only once the civilization has undone itself.

We are not so pessimistic. Our civilization is under threat, but it can survive if America comes to its senses and rids itself of its disastrous Left leadership.


Post Script: Of course the lefty academics, politicians, writers, trade-union leaders, community organizers, and others of that kidney do not want poverty for themselves. They want the rest of us to live in dim cold rooms, grow our own food, give up our cars, never fly, and gratefully accept whatever cheap medical treatment some bureaucrat allows us to have if any at all. But for themselves they want tenure, guaranteed high pensions, lavish research grants, fast cars, frequent free flights with all possible perks, unstinted health care, and restaurants that never skimp on the salt, all at our expense, because they believe that is their due. (Don’t Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore spring immediately to mind?)

  • Ben

    Economical inequality becomes more and mor frightening as the new rich people loose the authority and unity of the traditional ruling classes of the West.The welfare state have created the solidarity of masses of dependants.tThe lack of ideology and common fate of immigrants-dependants  is the nutrient medium for the multiculturalism. Western leftist gay`s supporter welfare state  dependant needs some Islam or other anti-intellectual yoke.

    • George

      I get your drift Ben .   The problem with left wing liberals is that they do not grasp  the underatsnding that if the jihadists win and introduce sharia law as the norm in society , then all their (liberals)  perverted , immoral , wierdo, decadent , sicko behaviors and lifestyles will be gone and done away with.   Hence, the very cry and hue that they boast about regarding civil rights will be history——– ( their doing  , not ours ).    There will be no more civil rights. There will be no  more freedom of choice.  There will be no more freedom, justice and equality as we know it.   In addition, the technology and high standard of living and also fun & entertainment as we know it will also be history.   The notion of any form of freedom of expression will be forbidden and punishable by either torture,  jail or death or a combination of all three.  Capitalism , free enterprise industry and civil society will be over and done away with.  Like the old saying—————————–  Stupid is what stupid does !!!!!!!

  • Sonoffar

    By playing on irrational fears or religion, whatever flavor it may be, we as human beings are being manipulated back into a condition of serfdom with a basic Feudal System of government. 

  • Ralph

         “Essential Islamic message of human worthlessness”  I would add that Christianity has the same essential message. When I was a boy the church told me I was born in original sin and had to have my sins washed away. I was born as an inferior creature.

         We humans have raised ourselves out of the dark ages of religious ignorance. We discovered electricity and turned night into day. We have learned to use the resources
    of a planet to feed, clothe and house ourselves better than any time in our history. We are far superior to any god.

  • George

    That last sentence in the article says it all.  The problem is getting people to come to their senses .   How do we get massive numbers of people who are so indoctrinated with leftist bullcrap to make a turn-around ?   How do you get people who are so convinced in their own minds that they are so right while engaging in defeatist behavior and beliefs ?   How do you un-indoctrinate the ultra-brainwashed ?   How do you get the “mentally blind” masses to come to thinking with logic, reason , common sense, rational thinking and a survival instinct ?   If there is a textbook out there that teaches such , let me know and I will purchase it immediately.
                        We have now entered the Space Age with modern advanced technology, a judicial system ( which is not perfect ) but  is second to none, a society of freedom , justice and equality and human rights ———————-all to go down the drain by a hoard of 7th century ancient throwbacks living and functioning  in our modern era.  What we should be concentrating on is getting the word out to as many people as possible and institute a grass roots movement to awaken the people to the dangers of the jihadist movement .    I continue to see the sand running out of the hour glass and it’s getting low.   So many people worldwide don’t take this situation serious enough. So many people continue to remain complacent like   “‘sheeple”.   So many people take a “shrug the shoulders ”  approach on this hideous situation and world threat.   Ask  yourself this question and be honest—–     Where do you see the world 10 years from now ?     How about 20 years or 50 years from now ?   What vision do you have of world society a century from now ?      At the rate we’re going down the toilet , I shudder to think ahead 5 years from now.   It doesn’t look pretty does it ?  

    • Keith

      George, eloquent as always.
      I want to ask your permission to copy this and send it to Glenn Beck. I will include an invitation to view this website and will ask him who is the enemy, conservatives who don’t believe in god or muslim extremists? I will describe to him my views as a conservative and challenge him to find any differences in what we believe and waht christian conservatives believe.

      • George

        Absolutely go ahead.   And you may also tell Glenn Beck and especially that atheist-basher Michael  Savage that not all atheists are left wing liberals. I use to listen to Michael Savage  until he started going on his racist and  anti-atheist  rants.   Perhaps  Glenn Beck, Michael Savage,  Ann Culter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Rusty Humphies , Dennis Prager, Neal Boortz  and the rest could view this website regularly and see that we share the pro-American, pro-capitalism and pro-conservative views as they do , minus-the religious element . But the problem is that they have so immersed their Christian ideology intertwined with conservatism that they cannot separate the two psychologically.     It’s all part of the traditional , societal ,systemic,  institutional and cultural indoctrination.

        • Keith

          I’ll be honest and say that I am a fan of Limbaugh, Levin and Boortz.

           Ann Coulter is a hair dependent stick figure who thinks she is more attractive than she is.

          Hannity bores the crap out of me and Michael Savage is about Michael Savage.

          I’m going to write to Beck because I think he is reachable and although zealous a decent guy. I, like you, am trying to get us (conservatives who happen to be atheists) known. I want people to see that morality isn’t just for believers and that just because we won’t pray with them doesn’t mean we won’t stand with them when it comes to standing up for the principles this nation was founded on.  

          I’ll let you know if I get a response.