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This is not the most persuasive speech with the best possible examples of what’s wrong with Islam that the courageous Wafa Sultan has ever made, but we value it because she makes the case that Islam itself is evil, and is not some innocuous ideology to be distinguished from a bad one that the West calls “Islamism”. She wants to change Islam. It needs to be changed – totally.

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  • Anonymous

    She says musslimms have only two choice: change or be crushed.  They will not change, never ever ever, never!
    So, crushed works for me.

    • George

      The more I see what is going on around the world cheongyei , the more I have to agree.  I have had a major struggle with my own thoughts about this matter.   While in one sense I do not want to judge all Muslims and stereotype the entire group , on the other side of the argument , I have to recognize that the tennants of  Islam itself is NOT compatible with modern civilization .   I must confess that I have even struggled with this delemma  constantly.  It appears to me from my own personal observations that Muslims as a whole do not want to reform up to modern day ideology and philosophy and life. Again , I do not want to stereotype as I have stated in a previous post , but what we are observing by the terrorist actions worldwide  and the sharia law movement , we are indeed in peril by the way things are going so far.  What upsets me even more, is the silence by the  so-called  “moderate” Muslims who proclaim not to be in agreement or association with the jihadists.  Where are their voices to speak out massively and publicly on these issues and attrocities
                          As I commented on the post—- [ The Syrian Slaughterhouse ] , I do not want to stereotype  ALL  Muslims, but I also have observed that there  is no massive public outcry by the so-called moderate Muslims  to denounce these terrorist acts, and sharia law abuses.  I find myself involved in a mental “tug of war ”  concept on the issue.  The more and more I think  about it , the more I have to agree with Brigiite  Gabriel –regarding her books   [ They Must Be Stopped ]  and   [ Because They Hate ].

  • Anonymous

    Islam cannot change.  It must simply end.

    • George

      Cheongyei, I believe the Muslims around the world are going to push civilized world society into a corner and people are going to get to the boiling point like a steam kettle without  a relief valve and that is when the s*** is going to hit the fan. I may be wrong, but I also predict that this may be the very catalyst that will bring all other non-Muslim groups together for world survival and peace. If the Muslims refuse to reform as it appears that they do not , then the civilized modern world  has every justification to fight back  BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.  People will only take so much , and the situation is getting worse daily. If the Muslims continue on their sharia law agenda and their jihadist movement worldwide , then it is evident that they will eventually awaken a “sleeping giant”  that will retaliate even more ruthless than  the jihadist global perperpetrators themselves.  

  • Andrew M

    I have lots of respect for Wafa Sultan, and then some. Besides being a brilliant woman with a treasure trove of life experience to back up her opposing Islam, she also has not capitulated to the rabid Christian fantasies so endemic of mainstream criticism against Islam. In that way, she occupies a curious middle ground which should be celebrated by all: culturally Muslim, politically Western, religiously unaffiliated. And female. Very few people publicly tread these common identities.

    It is only through the continued insistence of folks like her that something resembling a “Reform Islam” can emerge. None of the other kooky solutions I’ve heard (nuking the Middle East wholesale, a 21st century Inquisition, interning and/or deporting all people of Islamic heritage) come close to solving the problem. Muhammad himself must be de-legitimized. We must revise or rip out the reams of violent passages embedded in the Quran and counter their twisted indoctrination of children with a valid and scientific education program should we have a hope of slaying this multi-headed hydra.

    Also, I have a gift to the whole of TAC courtesy of my handiwork that I urge you all to use as much as possible. Check the attachment on this post. (If you need it resized, no problem – just give me a call and I will render it for you.)

    • Liz

      Great poster!  Wafa Sultan is awesome.  I wish there were millions more like her.  Yes, they need to be reformed and educated but you can’t force them to do it.  That’s change they don’t want, so “crushed” seems to be the only alternative. Thats the only “choice” they are willing to give US, so it’s the only choice we can offer them in return. Force is the only thing that works when you cannot reason with people.

      • George

        Liz,  they are impossible to reason with and the only thing they respect and recognize is brute military force. It’s the only thing that has worked and the only thing that can .  This woman is extremely brave . Where are all the wimpy men  to speak out as she did ? Oh , I forgot , they are too busy practicing their sharia law male supremacy over women. Where is  NOW  ( which in my opinion stands for the  National Organization for Wierdos )  to boldly speak out about what is happening to Muslim women ?  These  women have more guts than the pathetic men ! 

      • Andrew M

        Thanks for the poster appreciation!

        The saddest thing is that Muslims could easily – EASILY – capitalize on the morally neutral aspects of their cultural image here in America, still miraculously the best place to do business in the world. And they’d make a killing (heh): imagine fast-food chains selling delicious doner kebabs and shwarmas piled high with lamb meat, fantastic rug and jewelry stores stocked to the ceiling with ornate and exotic materials, spice bazaars selling incenses for personal consumption, Arabic language courses springing up across universities filled with eager Jewish students thirsting for peace through dialogue, and coffee-shops not named Starbucks…

        Wasted opportunity. Muhammad jihad! Sharia for America! Marhaban to Dearbornistan!

        This is something that, sadly, might be fixable only with nukes, another position taken by Wafa Sultan. Myself, I tend to hope that somewhere tucked deep inside the hearts of every Muslima lie the seeds of a rebel waiting to grow rampant and blossom over the ecologically and intellectually parched Middle East, but that hope dies a bit every day.

        • George

          I was watching a TV news report regarding a certain geographical area in the Middle East which is regarded as a a Muslim “utopia”.     It was reported that 93%  of the Muslim population there were illiterate and the people ONLY knew the Koran and how to recite the Koran ( and absolutely NOTHING else ).   These people eat , sleep,  pray all day , recite the Koran daily and are taught to hate non-Muslims. 
                              These people have NO knowledge of the outside world whatsoever. I have seen these Muslims come to America and when exposed to the good life and freedom of our great nation , they ‘spit” on our nation and our culture. I have witnessed this from personal encounters myself and I have heard many others experience similar situations.  I personally know Muslims who have no jihadist intentions or hatred for others and are decent people.
                         I will not say that ALL Muslims are this way ( as I stated before , I am not going to stereotype ) but the fact still remains that the jihadist movement is expanding at an alarming rate globally and this does indeed pose as a clear and present danger to world peace and world civilization.  

  • George

    I have heard that there are the radical Muslims and there are the moderate Muslims.    On Sept. 11, 2001 , when the Islamic  murder-suicide Muslim terrorists hijacked four  jetliners causing the deaths of around 3,000 innocent people , where were the so-called moderate Muslims in America to march and demonstrate in the streets to  SAY NO TO TERRORISM  ?  Where was the massive public outcry by the majority Muslims who proclaim to be against terrorism to denounce this attrocity  on a wide scale form of publicly ? Can someone please point it out to me ?  There was no Million Muslim March on Washington, DC   demonstrating against terrorism .  I didn’t see a flood of Muslim letters to the editor in newspapers in America denouncing terrorism. After Sept. 11, 2001  ,  I watched  news clips on TV  of Muslims overseas in the Middle East cheering and dancing around in the streets with glee and joy regarding the 9/11  terrorist attack upon America.  Yet here we are in America trying to be so capitulating, accomodating and concerned about the welfare of Muslims in the Middle East. What’s wrong with this picture ? Here we are in America so concerned about collateral damage or innocent casualties in warfare of Middle East Muslim citizens , who if given a chance would  cut our throats with jubilance .  Where are the Muslim voices worldwide speaking out against terrorism around the world  and the Muslim violence & mayhem going on in so many civilized and peaceful countries  ?   We have sacrificed many thousands of American lives and spent many tens if not hundreds of billions of American dollars to liberate Muslim societies , only for them to put in a new government still run under sharia law. Why did we even bother in the first place ?  What did our troops give their lives and limbs for anyway ?  To accomplish what ?  Oh , I forgot—–war is profitable for the companies that produce the war materials  !!!!   Darn, how could I forget ?  I am a capitalist but I also recognize that the  super greedy put money over human life.
                                  Here we are spending ( or rather throwing away ) hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars  for people who hate us and want to kill us . This is the mark of political insanity, foolishness and stupidity.  Here we are funding  wars  for people to build up their empires to turn  against us . How utterly assinine.   Here we are in America reducing our nuclear and military arsenal and personal while China , Russia, Pakistan and others are steadily increasing their military  and arsenal.  We are on a global suicide mission with these inept politicians in office putting our great nation in such jeopardy.  We keep throwing away billions upon billions of American dollars on these third world barbaric nations so that they can build themselves up to take us back to the 7th century and yet people are losing their jobs in massive numbers here in America and we’re entering another Great Depression.  I haven’t seen any effort by Muslims worldwide to write a modern New Testament version of the Quran putting aside sharia law,  “honor killings” , the subjugation of women, and violence  and to also modernize Islam up to modern society and freedoms.
                        The problem we have in our country today is we have complete misfits in power who have no idea of how to properly run a country and are putting us all in jeopardy. Then again I also understand why and how they  get away with it ———————-  because the masses of the people are silent and allow it to go on without massive protest .   The Muslims come over here to America and make demands that they be accepted and that their religion be accepted and demand that we allow them to build Mosques in our country , but they do not allow churches, synagogues, temples or secular structures to be allowed to be built in their Islamic theocracies .    How do they get away with it.   The jihadists  are literally laughing at our stupidity.     The reason that they continue to get away with it  is because we foolishly let them and support them.   That’s  why.  Go freakin’ figure ! Duhhh !

  • Frank

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  • Nasiruddin

    this article is very fine about islamic knowledge