Nashi – doing it for Russia 12

Nashi (“Ours”) is a government-funded youth movement in Russia. It is to Putin what the Hitler Youth was to Hitler and the Young Pioneers to Stalin. It claims to have 10,000 active members and 200,000 participants in its events.

It adulates Anders Breivik, the mass murderer. See the video in the post immediately below, Putin Youth.

In summer Nashi members go to procreation camps where they procreate for Russia, in a desperate effort to preserve their nation, which is halving with each new generation.

Edward Lucas writes:

Couples move to a special section of dormitory tents arranged in a heart-shape and called the Love Oasis, where they can start procreating for the motherland.  …

This organisation – known as “Nashi”, meaning “Ours” – is a youth movement run by Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin that has become a central part of Russian political life.

Nashi’s annual camp, 200 miles outside Moscow, is attended by 10,000 uniformed youngsters and involves two weeks of lectures and physical fitness.

Attendance is monitored via compulsory electronic badges and anyone who misses three events is expelled. So are drinkers; alcohol is banned. But sex is encouraged, and condoms are nowhere on sale.

Bizarrely, young women are encouraged to hand in thongs and other skimpy underwear – supposedly a cause of sterility – and given more wholesome and substantial undergarments.

Twenty-five couples marry at the start of the camp’s first week and ten more at the start of the second. These mass weddings, the ultimate expression of devotion to the motherland, are legal and conducted by a civil official.

Attempting to raise Russia’s dismally low birthrate even by eccentric-seeming means might be understandable. Certainly, the country’s demographic outlook is dire. The hard-drinking, hardsmoking and disease-ridden population is set to plunge by a million a year in the next decade.

Summer sex might be the best part of belonging to Nashi, but the organization’s chief purpose has less to do with embracing in dutiful pleasure  and more to do with tightening the grip of the state.

But the real aim of the youth camp – and the 100,000-strong movement behind it – is not to improve Russia’s demographic profile, but to attack democracy.

Under Mr Putin, Russia is sliding into fascism, with state control of the economy, media, politics and society becoming increasingly heavy-handed. And Nashi, along with other similar youth movements, such as ‘Young Guard’, and ‘Young Russia’, is in the forefront of the charge. …

Like the Hitler Youth and the Soviet Union’s Young Pioneers, Nashi and its allied movements offer not just excitement, friendship and a sense of purpose – but a leg up in life, too.

Nashi’s senior officials – known, in an eerie echo of the Soviet era, as “Commissars” – get free places at top universities. Thereafter, they can expect good jobs in politics or business …

Nashi and similar outfits are the Kremlin’s first line of defence against its greatest fear: real democracy. … Nashi supporters drown out protests by Russia’s feeble and divided democratic opposition and use violence to drive them off the streets.

In July 2006, the British ambassador, Sir Anthony Brenton, infuriated the Kremlin by attending an opposition meeting. For months afterwards, he was noisily harassed by groups of Nashi supporters demanding that he “apologise”. With uncanny accuracy, the hooligans knew his movements in advance – a sign of official tip-offs.

Even when Nashi flagrantly breaks the law, the authorities do not intervene. After Estonia enraged Russia by moving a Soviet-era war memorial in April, Nashi led the blockade of Estonia’s Moscow embassy. It daubed the building with graffiti, blasted it with Stalin-era military music, ripped down the Estonian flag and attacked a visiting ambassador’s car. The Moscow police, who normally stamp ruthlessly on public protest, stood by.

Nashi fits perfectly into the Kremlin’s newly-minted ideology of “Sovereign democracy”. This is not the mind-numbing jargon of Marxism-Leninism, but a lightweight collection of cliches and slogans promoting Russia’s supposed unique political and spiritual culture. …

The Kremlin sees no role for a democratic opposition, denouncing its leaders as stooges and traitors. Sadly, most Russians agree: a recent poll showed that a majority believed that opposition parties should not be allowed to take power.

Just as the Nazis in 1930s rewrote Germany’s history, the Putin Kremlin is rewriting Russia’s. It has rehabilitated Stalin …  And it is demonising Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first democratically-elected president. That he destroyed totalitarianism is ignored. Instead, he is denounced for his “weak” pro-Western policies.

Edward Lucas speaks of “a new cold war”.

It does seem that Russian leaders are waging a new cold war, but American leaders are – or choose to behave as if they are – blissfully unaware of it.

As the new cold war deepens, Mr Putin echoes, consciously or unconsciously, the favourite weapon of Soviet propagandists in the last one. …

For the east European countries with first-hand experience of Stalinist terror, the Kremlin’s rewriting of history could hardly be more scary. Not only does Russia see no reason to apologise for their suffering under Kremlin rule, it now sees the collapse of communism not as a time of liberation, but as an era of pitiable weakness.

Russia barely commemorates even the damage it did to itself, let alone the appalling suffering inflicted on other people. Nashi is both a symptom of the way Russia is going – and a means of entrenching the drift to fascism.

If tens of thousands of uniformed German youngsters were marching across Germany in support of an authoritarian Führer, baiting foreigners and praising Hitler, alarm bells would be jangling all across Europe. So why aren’t they ringing about Nashi?

  • Alexandre Latsa

    Where have you seen that NASHi “adulates Anders Breivik, the mass murderer” ??

    • Jillian Becker

      The video we refer to, immediately below the post, indicates this. We do, however, warn that the video is the work of Al-Jazeera so should not be wholly trusted. 

      If you have evidence to the contrary on the point you raise, please give it to us.
      We would be grateful, and happy to post a correction.      

  • George

    Putin wants to revert back to the old style government of communism  and Russia is now training many of their people to reform their nation back to the old communist system.    China is expanding at a rapid rate and is becoming more and more technologically advanced.    The Chinese have been sending young Chinese college students over here to the USA posing as simply exchange college students when in fact quite a number of them  ( not  all ) are actually SPIES for the Chinese government.  This is NOT conspiracy theory.  This has been confirmed. The problem is it is backfiring on China because many of these  young Chinese college students who came over to learn American technology and engineering for the communist dictators got a taste of the good life of freedom , entertainment  and lavish lifestyle and they are NOT going to go back to the old Chinese communist oppressive ways as before. When the “old guard” old farts die off and the young democratic minded youth come into power China may change ( the key word here is ” MAY”  ) .  The elder Chinese communist regieme is keeping close watch on the returning Chinese students and they are being closely debriefed and monitored .   The biggest threat to China today is their own youth that are fed up with the old communist style of government and they have travelled and have experienced what true freedom is all about and this scares the eebie geebies out of the rank & file old school communist dictators who want to continue the communist regieme perpetually in that nation.  They got a slight taste during the Teannemen Square incident . They are going to have one serious internal conflict and it may very well be the Chinese youth that will be the ones who will actually ” slay the mighty dragon ” from within. 

  • Ralph

    Watching Yeltsin stand on that tank and demand democracy was inspiring, but not convincing. Russia has been a nation of Tsarist and Stalinist serfs. Expecting them to understand and embrace a republic may be asking too much.

    • George

      Pardon my use of a religious term Ralph , but Putin  may very well be  Stalin reincarnated .    Mr. KGB has big plans for Russia.   This guy is dangerous and many people are underestimating  or rather “falling for ” his deceitful tactics. This guy is no dummy . He didn’t come up through the ranks as a top KGB guy being a dummy.    In his mind,  Yeltsin was a softie that misled Russia and in my opinion , he’s out to put Russia back on the “old school” track of communism. A dangerous guy indeed.

  • Mark

    …and here I was thinking U.S. and Russia were gonna be pals. Cold wars are so cliche…. where do we sign on for that camp err… I mean…. bleugh. Deplorable. Disgusting. Ahem…
    Really, though, I was under the impression that Russia had all but stamped out their hate for what we stand for or, rather, try to stand for. I took a trip to Russia a few years back and, apart from the rampant child impoverishment in Moscow, it was a pretty welcoming place. 
    People never change. Honestly, I think we owe this, and the vast majority of renewed disdain between countries to an international stigma of penis envy. Everyone’s gotta feel like they are fighting for something. Fighting to progress into the future without decimating the planet isn’t noble enough, I guess.

    • Mark

      Moreover, in this age of instant transfer of information to the point where a flea can’t fart without it being on WikiLeaks, said complex of wiener comparison (made that up outta context :D) is only exacerbated.

    • George

      The way the wimpy men are acting today Mark , I would say it’s vagina envy.     

      • Mark

        I’d say you’re right, in that picking up a gun and killing someone over ideology, harsh words, or anything less than direct threat or act of wanton violence is a pansy thing to do. A 7 year old girl can pull a trigger to shut someone up. A contemporary societal hero with a sense of personal pride and civic responsibility can soak up slander like a sponge on the beach. Sean Connery meets Fallout Boy. My, what a twisted web.
        Oops. Off topic.
        Back on – can we not liken the bickering over invisible stuff between countries/provinces/continents to the same he-said/she-said garbage we all saw in grade school? <-Tired point, but bears repeating. *le sigh*

        • George

          The religionists control the mainstream media and also control  the  political “arena”  here in the USA and abroad.  Now compound that with all the houses of worship that engage in recharge-indoctrination and you have mass brainwashing. Here we are trying to compete in a society saturated with theological superstition as if it’s something to revere  and respect and yet we rational thinking secularists are mocked and denigrated for being sensible and rational and logical.  This is what indoctrination does .  Religion does NOT teach a person to THINK  ( only to obey and believe and also follow ).  It’s the ultimate mind and behavior control. It’s the ultimate  mental manipulation devise .  Religion is psychological control of the masses to force conformity to established societal customs and practices.  Religion becomes social hypnosis. The people who are hooked don’t even realize they are hoodwinked . They actually think we’re crazy because we don’t embrace that mythical bullcrap.   It’s  so amazing  !!! 

  • George

    Now I’ve heard it all. Russia wants to increase it’s population and so it’s sponsoring a state controlled and state sponsored national mass orgy to increase their numbers. I’ll bet the liberal perverts over here will probably be converting to Russian citizenship just to get in on the action.  I’m glad I DON’T do drugs , because I would be getting stoned right about now after reading how the whole world is going down the toilet.  

  • Joszaruba

    thank you for a great article. Russia is rather left aside by nowadays western mediea altough many thigs happen. In Ukraine is a political process held under control of Kremlin,  with the face of Ukrainian national revolution Julia Tymoshenko.
    Nowadays president Janukovyc does not speek Ukrainian and he slowly works on total reunion with Rusia. The politics of Obama, that stopped the misile defence programm for Central and Eastern Europe has lost an ally of the US. politics in Europe. Eastern countries will have to stick stronger with the EU, not because of economy, but because of politics. They have cannot rely on American help.