Putin Youth 1

As this is an Al Jazeera video, the reporter stresses the “nationalist” – ie anti-Muslim – aspect of Nashi, and suggests that it is “extreme Right”, by which he means to imply Nazi-like. In fact, of course, Nazism and Communism are alike in all important respects. Both are collectivist ideologies – as is Islam.

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  • George

    They are reviving the sleeping Russian panda bear into a new Russian grizzly bear. Putin was a former KGB agent , and he has as his agenda to take Russia back to the communist state of the old USSR.  Breivik will be considered a  young martyr for the cause.   Putin is “old school” and is a hard line communist and he’s staunchly loyal to the communist party and the system of communism itself.  Many in the West underestimated this guy  and were hoodwinked by this guy  as he put his key figures in place to revert back to the old communist USSR .  I  won’t be surprised if the name —  [ Commonwealth of States ] will be changed back to the USSR  and then the modern day Stalin will be revived all over again.    Here in our country  the stupid fool politicians weaken our national defenses ( including ICBM’s ) while Russia increases theirs under disguise.  Here we end our Space Shuttle program and now we’re dependent upon “piggybacking” on Russia’s spacecraft.   Putin ( the neo-Stalin )  had this planned all along .  I told friends of mine quite some time ago this would happen and they argued with me and laughed after I warned that this would happen ——now look what’s being enacted.  Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse ——here we go.   The entire world will be in chaos before we know it—–don’t get too comfortable.  We have that nut-case in North Korea , then that wacko in Iran,  the sicko in Venezuela ,  and now China is growing technologically like wildfire  , and to put the icing on the cake we have the Muslim jihadists  on the march.      I would feel safer if an alien race from outer space visited us  than these  hideous tyrants we have now around the globe.