Zan, Zar, Zamin 8

Last weekend, on August 6 – as reported  here –

U.S. Special Operations troops were closing in on a secret Taliban summit thought to include a high-value commander in Afghanistan’s rugged Tangi Valley when they ran into an insurgent patrol that pinned them down.

They asked for reinforcements, so-

Before dawn …  members of the elite U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six packed into a twin-rotor Chinook transport helicopter and rushed to the rescue …

As their Chinook was about to land … an insurgent shot it out of the sky with a rocket-propelled grenade, or RPG, in the deadliest attack endured by the American military in a decade of war in Afghanistan. Thirty U.S. special forces members were killed including members of SEAL Team 6 [the team that killed Osama bin Laden].

Immediate questions arise:

How did the Taliban pull it off? Why were the SEALs packed into an aging, slow-moving Chinook helicopter flying at low altitude? Were they on a mission only they could pull off or were they being overused to save a failed Afghan strategy? …

A strategy to achieve what? To change Afghanistan?

The impossibility of changing Afghanistan in the least degree, let alone turning it into a modern democratic state, could not be more clearly understood and vividly explained than it is by Daniel Greenfield in an article at Front Page:

Pedophilia, forced marriages, blasphemy trials and drug dealing. That is the real Afghanistan. The one that lingers on even when the Taliban are chased into the hills. That cannot be changed by American intervention because this is who its people are.

We might have been able to save Afghanistan from the Taliban, but we can’t save it from the Afghans. From the quarreling clans and warlords, the age old customs and the Islamic mores. Beyond a sliver of Western educated men and women in Kabul lies a land of a thousand cruelties and a million knives. With a vendetta around every corner and murder in every heart.

There is no Afghanistan, only a thousand divisions. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that replaced the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, is an internationally funded mirage. A multi-billion dollar fund with its own flag and its own mercenaries. And because these mercenaries won’t fight, our soldiers go out to fight and die in their place.

Beneath that flag there is no unity. There are only divisions. Sunnis and Shiites. Pashtuns, Tajiks and Hazaras. Men and women. Groups with nothing in common except the Koran and the knife. …

Afghan jails are filled with women fleeing abusive marriages. Fleeing home carries with it a ten year jail sentence. The analogy to escaped slaves is as obvious and inescapable as a Muslim marriage. Adultery is the catch-all charge that can be leveled at a woman at any time, married or unmarried, a young girl or an elderly woman.

The Afghan man has three tools of power. Zan, Zar and Zamin. Women, gold and land. A man with many women will be able to breed many sons and expand his own clan. A man with a great deal of gold will be able to buy weapons and take his share of the drug and human trafficking networks. And a man with much land will have his own kingdom.

This elemental tribal power defines Afghanistan. Women are at the bottom of this pyramid. But so are minority ethnic groups. …

And on top of the bubbling kettle is Islam. No religion would be quite as fit for this backward tribalism as a religion that began as a warlord’s cult. Islam does not unify Afghanistan. For all that the Islamists imagine a Caliphate, Islam adds only another layer of division. Ethnic divisions in Afghanistan are also religious divisions. And Islam adds religious sanction to the oppression of women and the massacres of rivals.  …

Islam’s influence has only embedded the savagery deeper beneath its dusty skin. Everything that is bad in Afghanistan has its supporting verse in the Koran. The culture of the tribal raid, its emphasis on victory as proof of divine sanction and its contempt for women– finds its echo in the Koran. …

The tribal raider is unable to imagine any higher idea than the honor of his family. But Islam adds the idea of the meta-tribal identity. The Islamic Ummah as the ultimate tribe. It is an idea that allowed Mohammed and his successors to loot and pillage their way across much of the world. And the world is bleeding from a million wounds, stabbed, cut and pierced by the followers of that idea.

20th century Islamists took the ugly tribal feud and globalized it. They took backward places like Afghanistan and turned them into platforms for a global war. We may be able to save ourselves from the puppet masters behind this shadow war, but we cannot save the Afghans from themselves.

  • khan

    You guys are stupid. Typical western bigotry. Islam is NOT the problems. It is the SOLUTION! Have any of you here actually even read the Quran? The Quran respects women. Islam is not flawed, the human nature is. Their nafs (innate evil like greed, lust, wrath….etc) is the real test. EVERYONE has to conquer these aspects of themselves. The muslims who treat women bad, and do other evils in the name of Islam TWIST the words of God, for POWER! Their hearts are corrupt so they are using the Quran for justification.

    • Jillian Becker

      Yes, we stupid guys have read the Quran, and we find it savage, cruel, horrifying.

      Have you read it?

    • liz

      Yes, in our typical western bigotry, we tend to have a problem with barbaric superstition, which is what Islam and its book represent.
      Tell us how the command of the Koran to kill infidels is a “solution” to the problem of Islamic terrorism?

  • George

    You’re so right Liz , but here’s the problem . Just as I have mentioned a zillion times before, the men today because of “political correctness” have caved in and given up their valor, brawn, bravery, gallantry, guts and fighting “spirit” for the sake of  [ going along in order to get along ] and are so busy getting in touch with their feminine side that they have traded their masculinity in for a wimpy pacifist attitude.  The feminization of today’s male has destroyed the “fire in the belly” of today’s man.  Manhood has been demonized , denigrated , villified and maligned.
                              When a man does indeed speak out and speak up , he is subjected to vicious ad hominem personal attacks and character assasination.   When a man takes action upon himself to get involved , stand up and do the right thing , then various elements of society seek to destroy him .  When others see what happens to the brave man for standing up, then THEY become fearful of  doing the same and thus cowardly remain silent and inactive as a result.
                                What  are we in the  Middle East ?   There are attrocities all over the  earth —–why the Middle East. We get rid of one terrorist regieme only for it to be replaced with another more  hideous terrorist regieme that becomes primarily the state government controlling body itself.  How utterly assisine, stupid, foolish, and suicidally self destructive. Amazing how we send our troops in the smaller countries that are rich in the natural resource  of OIL .  That’s right——OIL.  We make  Saudi Arabia our allies—-why ? OIL !    We send troops to defend militant Muslim nations in the Middle East and our men are being slaughtered massively —-for what ?  They will never change over there.  They will still maintain their sharia law society regardless. Why do we continue ?    They have OIL.         If it were for humanitarian reasons to defend the helpless people , then where were the massive US troops in Rhwanda when a rival  slaughter took place between the Hutus and Tutsis that resulted in the  deaths of 800,000 people who were hacked to death with machetes ?   Answer — NO OIL . No special interest for the USA. The wars are also money making big business for major corporations in the USA and the greedy scum in many of these big business /big government positions would rather turn their heads and allow our guys to die as long as they can count their fortunes in their vast offshore bank accounts. Remember the saying—– Beware the Media Governmenmt Complex !!!!!
                         Here we are in the USA sending many billions of our tax money dollars to support these regiemes and the people themselves who would gladly kill us in a heartbeat if they had a chance.  This is the epitome of stupidity. We have so many corrupt individuals in our leadership positions who are totally corrupt and traitorous.  There is also a modern day FIFTH COLUMN in the USA which is downright horrifying.  We have that nut case in North Korea, but no invasion there——why ? No oil.     We have that oppressive regieme in Cuba but no troops there——-why ?  No oil.  Here  Obama is letting Brazil drill in our national waters but won’t allow USA oil companies to drill in our own national waters — why ?   Political corruption ?  We have our own borders wide open and not only illegal aliens are crossing the border in droves but also terrorist minded wackos as well. Why won’t they close our borders ?     Because the Democrats want the illegal alien votes to keep them in  power and the Republicans want the cheap labor of the illegal aliens to make more profit ——simply put  [  GREED & POWER  ].
                     We cannot afford to sustain three wars overseas or anywhere else for that matter.  America is being financially bled to death , and our brave men are being killed unnecessarily  to support people who have vowed themselves as being our open enemies.  Political corruption is running amuk.  Just as people post messages on this blog, we must send e-mails , faxes, phone calls , letters to political leaders, letters to the news editors, call in to radio talk shows , peacfully march and demonstrate and let our voices be heard loudly. We need to get out of the Middle East and let these  modern day ancient throwbacks destroy each other and we simply protect ourselves and we should not let them get away with obtaining WMD’s or building nuclear facilities that are capable of producing  nuclear weapons—plain and simple.  The virus of terrorism is spreading like wildfire.    We are  becoming more and more defenseless and vulnerable , our economy is in shambles and we are only a thin hair away from total world chaos.   Either the world is going to wake up , get involved, speak up , and stand up and get things back in civil and responsible order or we are on a countdown to our doom.  
                         The world is getting to be more and more dangerous and life threatening.    We are right smack in the middle of  Barackolypse  and Obamageddon.  

  • Liz

    How sad that we are losing our soldiers for the sake of these hopelessly backward, sorry excuses for humanity, while at the same time others just like them are in the process of destroying the civilization that it took us centuries to create in Europe and America. All while our leaders and the media sit passively by and allow them to do it!!  This is completey backward – we should leave them to fight among themselves in their own countries, and use our troops to defend ourselves from them in our own. If we don’t they will destroy us, and thank us for our efforts to help them by making us their slaves. 

    • Ralph


      We don’t have leaders. Just followers.