Restraint 4

Iran urged the British government to show restraint in dealing with the rioters in English cities this week. At the time the English police were so restrained that they were not even permitted to use water-cannon to disperse the rioters.

Here’s a video showing how Iranian law deals with some offenders. This method of hanging is slow and agonizing. Notice the woman struggling, her death probably prolonged by her burqa.


Also note this, from an article by Michael Ledeen:

Thousands of [Iranian] Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah killers and commanders have virtually taken charge of the Assad regime’s slaughter of Syrian protesters.

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  • Frank

    Muslims Do Not Have a Clue About What Constitutes a Civil Society

    • Jillian

      Thanks for this, Frank. I’ll post it. 

  • Mark

    I have no calm, helpful words to throw at this right now. I’ve seen this and worse again and again but the depravity of it never gets dull to me.
    What a feckless, disgusting afterbirth of humanity these creatures are. They place, in the stead of decency and compassion, zealotry, ignorance and blood lust.
    F*ck, I hate that part of the world. I’ll wear a skimp and work at Hooters before I go anywhere near it again. 
    Besides, it’s coming to us as we speak. Anyone know good munitions wholesale dealers?

    • George

      Mark , I just posted two comments (on  two different comment pages ) w/comments regarding posts with photos of despicable murderous acts.  Both show barbaric acts that are truly sickening.