The Muslim bloodbath – updated 2

From the Religion of Peace:

Ramadan Bombathon
2011 Scorecard 


In the name of
The Religion
of Peace

In the name of
All other

Terror Attacks



Dead Bodies




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  • Frank

    I hope all the world’s news organization are prepared to cover the massive demonstrations by all the “moderate” Muslims who really oppose these barbaric actions………when pigs fly!

    • George

      Moderate my a**  !        There was no Million Muslim March on Washington D.C. after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The Muslims in America and around the world were silent , and  most in the Middle East  were dancing in the streets cheering and partying.  You can count the numbers on one hand who spoke out against it and according to taqiiya tennants of Islam I don’t even trust those individuals. 
                           There wasn’t and still isn’t any massive public denunciation from the Muslim society worldwide against terrorism and yet we are lead to believe that most Muslims are against terrorism . where is the widespread public denunciation ? where ? Show me !   You see Frank, they are using stealth “Trojan Horse ”  political and social tactics to deceive the world populace.  This ultra-tollerance bullcrap could very well  destroy us .  It won’t be when pigs fly Frank, it will be when elephants can pole vault.