The black slaves of Arabs and Durban III 4

While leftists and other “humanitarians” in the United States and Europe are in a perpetual state of moral outrage concerning Israel’s alleged mistreatment of Palestinians, the savagery of modern-day Arab enslavement of black Africans elicits almost no reaction.

So writes Stephen Brown at Front Page in an article on the Arabs’ African slaves, particularly in Mauritania:

The most recent case highlighting this leftist hypocrisy concerns four anti-slavery activists in Mauritania, who were sentenced last week to six months in jail for protesting the enslavement of a ten-year-old girl earlier in August in Nouakchott, the country’s capital. …  The convicted men belong to the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement in Mauritania (IRA), an anti-slavery NGO. …

Yet under Mauritanian law the criminal was the slave-owner:

The IRA discovered the child slave in Nouakchott, and reported the matter to police. Owning a slave was made a crime in Mauritania in 2007. It calls for a penalty of up to ten years in prison and fines ranging from US $2,000 to $4,000. A prison term of up to two years is also mandated for anyone who “facilitates” slavery. …

The law was nodded at:

The ten-year-old slave girl’s mistress… was arrested and charged but only has to report to the police once a week.

The slave child is nowhere to be found:

The child, for whom the demonstrators braved the government’s “draconian response,” is reported as still missing.

Why are the authorities allowing this obvious miscarriage of justice?

A problem in abolishing slavery in Mauritania, says one former slave, now an anti-slavery activist with SOS Esclaves, is that “the authorities themselves keep slaves.” …

SOS Esclaves is another anti-slave group in the country, which –

estimates there are about 500,000 black African slaves among the country’s population of 3.1 million. Their masters are Arab and Berber Mauritanians, who share only the same Islamic religion with their chattel. Unlike in Sudan, where the Arabs get their African slaves from old-fashioned, brutal slave raids, the Mauritanian slaves are the product of a system that has kept them in a state of bondage for generations, going back, in some cases, several hundred years.

Laws made against slavery in Arab countries are a matter of window-dressing for Western observers. They mean little because sharia, the law of Islam, promotes slavery:

Slavery in Mauritania and other Arab countries will be difficult to eradicate. Slavery is an ingrained, centuries-old institution in Islamic countries. It is also legal under Sharia law …

From the seventh century to the twentieth, it is estimated 14 million Africans were violently enslaved and transported under harsh conditions around the Islamic world.

Black Africans became synonymous in Arab eyes with inferiority and with even something less than human. And since the Islamic world experienced no abolition movement … the black slave … continued to remain sub-human in the Arab worldview.

Which goes a long way towards explaining why black Africans are being hunted down, imprisoned, tortured, or just summarily murdered in Libya by the Libyan rebels whom the US, Britain, France, NATO are actively supporting – while the attention of those multitudes of leftists and other “humanitarians” whom Stephen Brown so rightly scorns is otherwise engaged.


The plight of the Arabs’ black slaves will not be the subject of UNESCO’s “anti-racism” convention, Durban III, to be held in New York later this month.

No doubt, like Durban I and Durban II, it will be an international hate-fest against Israel and the Jews.

Last November these countries voted against the Durban III session: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, the Netherlands, Palau, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the United Kingdom and the United States. (Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary and Spain abstained.)

Governments (in addition to Israel’s) that have announced they will not be joining in the coven are those of: The Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and – reluctantly? – the US.

  • George

    Being a black conservative secular freethinker myself , my question is where is Jessie Jackson , Al Sharpton , and Louis Farrakhan to speak out about the slavery of blacks going on right now in these regions  ?  I would like to know where are the self-righteous , self-appointed , race-baiting , race-hustling , phony, poverty pimp black clergymen throughout  America who are always screaming their heads off at the drop of a hat accusing whites of racism if they so much as utter a “politically incorrect” comment about black people or other minorities or if a minor injustice is committed upon a black person ? 
                        Oh darnit , there I go being “insensitive” and “politically incorrect ” again. Where are the marches , demonstrations, sit-ins , protests  etc. in America denouncing this current barbaric slavery this is occuring at this moment ?  Where are the black panthers, black muslims, and other groups speaking out about this current enslavement of blacks that is occuring in our current time ? Where are the loudmouth preachers who are always on TV with their photo-ops  if a white person so much as sneezes on a black person ?  Where are they ? Show me .  I detest racism but I detest reverse-racism equally. Actually we should not even use the term “reverse-racism ” because racism is racism regardless of the group engaging in it.  We had the national news media that played the Rodney King beating over and over ad nauseum day and night at  what seemed to be endlessly  and yet blacks are being enslaved , tortured, oppressed, exploited, starved, burned to death , beheaded, and terrorized beyond belief and we have near total silence here in America regarding this ?  What’s wrong with this picture ?  Am I missing something here ?  Would someone like to enlighten me as to why the silence in America ?  Let a white cop put the handcuffs on too tight on a black gang-banger and you’ll see riots in the streets , but let a bunch of throwbacks enslave blacks in these regions and the silence will be deafening , in other words “no problem!” Unfreakin’ real!
                           I’m sure I’ll be called Uncle Tom, race traitor, sellout , acting white and all the other ad hominem personal attacks for speaking the truth. Where is the public outcry by the massive numbers of black preachers in America to speak out against the black hate-groups in America and as stated before,  against the current slavery going on in the above stated regions in the article ?  Now we see the true face of religion.  Now we see how religion fuels racism from all groups.  Now we see how religion is the foundation of racism.  Now we see –[ well you get the idea…… ]  .   

    • Frank

      Don’t hold back George. Tell us what you really think. Oh, and by the way I agree with every last word.  😉

      • George

        Well Frank , it’s like this  :  Liberals ( both black and white proclaim that they are for justice and equality ).   What a bunch of bulls*** !  When white officers clubbed Rodney King , blacks went out and rioted ( which was only an excuse for looting  ).  The media harped on that incident non-stop. However when some punk a** black thugs beat an innocent white man ( Reginald Denny ) and nearly killed him, the media looked the other way.  I didn’t see any riots or looting by whites .  Duhhhhh !!!!  I didn’t see video footage played over and over by the mainstream  ( er, make that lamestream )  TV news media.
                         Then you have the wacko leader of that  black racist group The New Punk Panthers making remarks like — ” We got to kill some of their babies ” .  Where were the black poverty punk pimps to publicly denounce that hate-mongering racist drivel ?  Where was the liberal news media to harp on that form of hate-speech ?  Then we had The New Punk Panthers intimidating white voters at polling places carrying clubs near the polling entrances.  Where was the liberal media to denounce this ?
                            Oh darnit , there I  go again with my “politically incorrrect” comments.  Don Imus makes a joking remark about –   “nappy head hoes ”  and the black clergy poverty punks went “ballistic” and wanted him fired , yet we have charred and hacked to death black bodies of blacks in Nigeria by blacks , and black gang-bangers routinely shooting and killing blacks  in the black ghettos of America and the black clergy poverty punks are totally silent .  What the %$#@ is wrong with this  %$#@ing  picture ?
                             If a black person speaks proper English grammar , he/she is acting white . If a black person believes in education and achievement –he/she is acting white . If a black person excells in life and makes a succcess of himself/herself —he/she thinks he’s /she’s WHITE .  What a bunch of bulls*** !    Yeah I know, I”ve got a serious attitude problem [ because I have an attitude against stupidity, foolishness, and gullibility  ]. Slavery of blacks is going on right now and no public outcries by the poverty punks and the community Bible-humpers.   Oh no, that’s no big deal according to them .  Actually liberalism is far beyond being a mental disorder—-  I say— [  Liberalism is a demented psychosis  ].  If any liberal reading this is offended by me stating this truthful fact then you can bite me and go %$#@ yourself .  Oh and for the record –I’m black. How’s that for venting my anger ? 

    • Concerned Citizen

      Yup, I still agree with you. 😉