Ten years after 9/11, who’s winning? 17

Conservatives are saying, with a touch of restrained triumphalism, that the (badly named) “War on Terror”  is over, and America has won it.  (See for instance here and here.) The idea is that because of the security measures and military actions President Bush initiated and President Obama (however much against his will) has had to continue, there have been no repeat assaults on America on the scale of 9/11. That is true, and it is an important achievement. But it doesn’t mean that the war is over, and certainly not that the war is won. Plots have been laid by would-be terrorists that have been found out and foiled. Individual Muslims have carried out, or almost carried out, mass murder. And in the world at large, there have been to date over 17,700 murderous attacks by Islamic terrorists since September 2001. Some yesterday. Some today. And there will be more tomorrow.

And there are conservative thinkers who understand this. Frank Gaffney writes at Townhall:

So, where are we ten years after 9/11? It is comforting that we have been blessed with a near-unbroken decade without further mass-casualty attacks since those that killed nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, our government is pursuing policies that can only encourage those who aspire to do us harm to redouble their efforts.

Such an assessment was implicit in a critique of President Obama’s new counter-terrorism”strategy” delivered last week by Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Joseph Lieberman. The Democrat-turned-Independent from Connecticut described the President’s so-called “Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States” white paper as “ultimately a big disappointment”:

“The administration’s plan… suffers from several significant weaknesses. The first is that the administration still refuses to call our enemy in this war by its proper name, violent Islamist extremism. We can find names that are comparable to that, but not the one that the administration continues to use which [is] ‘violent extremism.’ It is not just violent extremism. There are many forms of violent extremism. There’s white racist extremism, there’s been some eco-extremism, there’s been animal rights extremism. You can go on and on and on. There’s skinhead extremism, but we’re not in a global war with those. … We’re in a global war that affects our homeland security with Islamist extremists. To call our enemy violent extremism [or “terror” – JB] is so general and vague that it ultimately has no meaning. The other term used sometimes is ‘Al-Qaeda and its allies.’ Now, that’s better, but it still is too narrow. … It is vital to understand that we’re not just fighting an organization Al-Qaida, but we are up against a broader ideology, a politicized theology, quite separate from the religion of Islam that has fueled this war. Success in the war will come consequently not when a single terrorist group or its affiliates are eliminated, but when broader set of ideas associated with it are rejected and discarded. The reluctance to identify our enemy as violent Islamist extremism makes it harder to mobilize effectively to fight this war of ideas.

As it happens, Sen. Lieberman is … right up to a point. If we are properly to recognize the enemy we face, however, we must appreciate two facts the Senator misses, as well: 1) The threat from adherents to the “politicized ideology that has fueled this war” are also using non-violent … techniques to wage it against us. And 2) that ideology is actually not “separate from the religion of Islam.” Rather, this politico-military-legal doctrine known as shariah is derived from the sacred texts, interpretations, rulings and scholarly consensuses of Islam. The reality that many Muslims around the world practice their faith without following the dictates of shariah simply means that some believe this code is separable from Islam. But, it is surely not “separate” from it.

One the most important dimensions of their cognitive war is to get infidels, even without being conquered, to behave according to the restrictions of Islam. Among the most important impositions we have seen of this phenomenon…is the absolute prohibition on criticizing Allah or his prophet [known as “shariah blasphemy” laws]. …

What the Muslim Brotherhood calls “civilization jihad,” is about creating the conditions under which so-called “non-violent” Islamists can achieve their ultimate objective – which is precisely the same as the one pursued by their violent co-religionists: imposing shariah worldwide and a Caliph to rule according to it.

So where are we ten years after shariah-adherent Islamists sought to destroy the centers of American economic, military and government power? We remain dangerously exposed to similar sorts of violence from an enemy the President declines to name. Worse yet, to the extent we fail to perceive the cognitive war being waged against us against by al-Qaeda’s partners in the Muslim Brotherhood and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation – to say nothing of persisting in the Obama administration’s willingness to give ground in that war, notably by submitting our freedom of speech to shariah blasphemy laws – our Islamist foes will only be emboldened.

The war will be won when the ideology of Islam – or if you will, of sharia – is as universally discredited as is Nazism and Communism. Sure there are still Nazis lurking about, but there’s no significant movement that openly calls itself by that name. And there are still all too many Communists in the West, mainly in the Universities and the Obama administration, but they don’t like being called Communists.

The ideology that commands death for homosexuals and apostates, the stoning of adulterers, the subjugation and beating of women, the amputation of hands and feet as a punishment for petty crime (to give just a few examples), and commands its followers to be at war with the rest of the world until it brings the entire human race into its house, can only ultimately be defeated by words. It must be so shamed by accusation that it cannot hold its head up. And it can be. The Organization of Islamic Co-Operation knows and fears this, which of course is why it is trying to criminalize criticism of Islam.

Let’s assume that this ideology goes the way of Nazism and Communism and is brought to being ashamed of itself. Will it mean that the billion-plus-millions of Muslims in the world or most of them therefore give up their belief in and practice of their religion? Probably not. Terrorism and aggressive proselytizing may be suspended, but as  long as the teachings of Muhammad are believed and followed by many, the danger remains that the war will be resumed.

It must not be forgotten that 9/11 was a profoundly religious act. 

The best hope for the human race to be freed from the threat of Islam lies with the hope of its being freed from religion. It is not a vain hope. With every generation religious belief among the literate and well-informed is fading. As it becomes easier and cheaper for individuals to communicate personally across and within the borders of countries and continents, as ideas and knowledge spread further and faster, institutionalized superstition will come to be despised and the psychological darkness which preserves it dissipated.

See how far the religious have already had to retreat. The philosophers of religion are clinging to a last spar: “Intelligent Design”. They are claiming that the Big Bang proves the universe came into being just the way the Book of Genesis says it did. They have some frail arguments for those positions. But you don’t hear them going on much about a personal god who answers prayers, or insisting that a Jewish virgin gave birth to baby God in the reign of the Emperor Augustus. They know what’s indefensible, or at least beyond their best powers of debate.

We atheists are winning. Quite soon – in say two or three generations from now – we ourselves may have cause to express some restrained triumphalism.

  • Les.w(UK)

    Jillian, Firstly, the UK is not Europe, and ‘Europe’ has many different countries – George please note. The UK has around 3% muslims, ie  97% infidels – mainly non-believers in a god. Here, in practice, atheism has already won, unlike in the US. Our government is quietly rolling back the previous (Labour) lot’s Islam friendly policies. In mainland Europe it is true there is  a growing muslim population, but it is increasingly being pruned back by growing opposition from the indigenous populations. Watch this short speech in Berlin: Shoebat.com ‘Swiss member of Parliament has had enough’ (of Islam). Note the applause. I can’t see Obama  making this speech anytime soon.
    I was recently at a debate on Sharia in our parliament – the pro side was roundly booed and laughed off the platform. Yes, there is a big problem with aggressive Islam worldwide, but in the UK and Europe Sharia and Islam will never win – under Obama I can’t say the same about the US. You need to work harder!

    • George

      Les. w  , I understand the premise of your commentary  and I am well aware of what you are stating regarding the UK and also of Europe itself and the differences . I do however  have a problem with your arrogant remark stating– ” You Americans……..” as if all Americans think alike or are monolithic.  You don’t live here in America and YOU are NOT the judge of Americans .   Don’t come on here telling me or us that we or  need to work harder.  don’t have to do anything and I don’t need YOU telling me what to do . I don’t have to account to YOU for anything. You are NOT the judge of me. You need to change that attitude of yours . Got it ?  You are entitled to your opinions and comments and viewpoints  but your stereotyping is totally uncalled for — PERIOD !!!!!!

      • Les.w(UK)

        Very droll, George – did you forget to take your pills? Here, we have something called ‘free speech’ – perhaps you’ve heard of it. It allows for a free exchange of views and opinions without demented abuse. Got it?
        You seem to have an enormous chip on your shoulder. I suggest you acquire a sense of proportion – and a sense of humour, too – you’re heading for an M.I.

        • George

          It’s typical of you to make antagonistic remarks like that Les.    You asked did I take my pills. You seem to have an enormous BOULDER on your shoulders.   Did you take your shots today or did you forget ?  You accuse me of being “droll” while at the same time YOU are being very arrogant as usual.  You can dish it out but certainly can’t take it.
                       I made one comment about your  stereotyping and here you come again with your proverbial arrogance as usual.  As far as you suggesting that I acquire a sense of proportion  ,  I suggest that YOU  acquire a sense of practicing what you preach and stop being so hypocritical. I most definately have a sense of humor, and since you don’t know me and have never met me , you are still being judgemental with a great deal of prejudicial bigotry about yourself.   It appears to me that you’re heading for an asylum.  I welcomed the information you presented and then you took it all out of proportion . I simply made the point that all Americans are not monolithic and I certainly didn’t call you any names or make any personal attacks upon  you –but it appears to me you are incapable of reciprocating yourself.  I even welcomed the information you presented and only made one simple comment – and look who goes overboard with it.  I would say that it is YOU who needs to chill.   I never stated that you didn’t  have any right to say what you presented  and I have never denied anyone in any sense any prohibition of “free speech ”  but then again I expected a narcissistic and conceited response which you certainly came through with as expected.

    • Jillian Becker

      Les.w – 

      You bring us good news. I’m delighted to hear that the (still somewhat) United Kingdom is not Europe. I’ve hoped to see Britain withdraw from the EU even since the EU began. (I am British, though I have chosen to live in America, which is much safer from Islamization than Europe is – though that is only one of the many reasons I have for choosing to live here.) It also pleases me that the so-called Conservative government is rolling back Islam-friendly policies. I hadn’t noticed it. A debate on Sharia in Parliament? Splendid that the pro side was booed and laughed off, but was the debate on the floor of the House, or in a committee room? 

      It is true that the known Muslim population of Britain is only 3%. But the Muslim fertility rate is over 4, the indigenous population rate well under 2. The proportion of Muslims in the under-20 age bracket is much higher and growing. An absolute majority will not be necessary for a power shift. Already there are areas where Islam’s writ runs, and in others the Muslim vote, not yet sufficient to elect Muslims, has to be taken into account – pandered to – by any serious candidate. And not to be forgotten is the mind-set of the Left, which has embraced Islam as a revolutionary force. 

      Yes, there are movements throughout Europe, some respectable some thuggish, which are ever more emotionally inspired to oppose the Islamization of the European states. There has been violence, there will be more. Not a pretty outlook. 

      Your news from Europe, whether good or not, and your opinion, whether I agree with it or not, is very welcome. Your comments are valuable to us. Please keep them coming. 

      • George

        I also welcome knowing what Les K has presented to us regarding the news over there in the UK. What I have a problem with is Les making stereotypical judgemental comments about Americans in general and I also welcome this information which I have so indeed noted .

  • Frank

    I am sick and tired of hearing that the Muslim terrorists are “Islamic extremists.” They are not extremists and they have not hijacked Islam. They are living by and acting in accordance with the fundamental principles of Islam. The enemy is not extremists. The enemy is not Al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups. The real enemy is ISLAM!

    • George

      You’re absolutely correct Frank.  The ones who people refer to as extremists are actually simply Muslims who are fundamentalists practicing their very religion ( Islam ) to the very letter of the Koran.  These are not just a miniscule minority select group of Muslims who have deviated away from the teachings of Islam and have gone to the “extreme” away from the actual teachings of Islam.  They are the real true practitioners of their religion to the very letter literally. Look at all the many thousands  of acs of violence that are occurring routinely around the world by Muslims and the silence by the great majority of Muslims is deafening. The religion and Koran itself teaches this violence towards unbelievers.   Now we have Muslim groups that are forming to silence those who are speaking out by referring to the truth tellers as engaging in some kind of “Islamophobia”.    It’s a well organized propaganda machine and so many people are falling for it . I have myself mistakenly used the term and later realized that the term itself is a misnomer.  A religion that teaches people to kill infidels or unbelievers is in itself violent and extreme as well as a clear and present danger to world peace and civility. Furthermore , what kind of religion that claims to be a religion of peace and teaches murder, violence and mahem as it’s very core beliefs can consider itself to be a religion of peace ?    Unbelievable !
                    The belief-system itself is extreme. The practitioners of such teachings as taught in their Koran are by their very practicing  beliefs as taught in their  ” holy book” are indeed extremists as their religion itself teaches. These terrorists aren’t just some “renegade ” or “maverick”  out of line Muslims who are acting outside of their belief system but rather they are the true fundamentalist practioners who are engaging in putting their fundamental beliefs in actual practice. So much for [ the religion of peace ] !!!!!

      • George

        I’m replying in continuation to my above post.   It’s also a fact that if  Christians practiced the teachings of the Old Testament fundamentally , they would be just as violent or even moreso than the Muslims.       The Old Testament of the Bible is full of teachings of murder , mayhem , violence and intolerance and forceful proselytizing.  Likewise Joseph Stalin and his nut-case henchmen weren’t the most civil and moral individuals on earth , that’s for sure. Most of the Muslims are not fundamentalist practioners , just as most Christians are not fundamentalist practioners .  However BOTH belief-systems are not compatible with rational , logical and reasonable thinking. I have been in contact with many atheists , and while they do not engage in any forms of violence , mayhem or terrorism , I have encountered an overwhelmingly number of them who are so cold-hearted and unconcerned,  with un-socialble  , narcissistic, conceited , void of any friendly “warmth” and personal interaction with one another which is a major ‘flaw” with freethinkers. I can’t stand the superstitious nonsense of theology but I have been more comfortable around many of my Christian friends (  with no discussion of religion ) than the “cold”  and  socially  “detached ” attitudes of many atheists .  I’ve had Christian friends come to my home regularly on friendly visits but never by any atheists ( and I know many who know where I live ). I’ve had Christian friends visit me in the hospital on various occassions  but members of the various secular groups of whom I have been a  member wouldn’t  or  couldn’t  have cared less if I lived or died .
                              When I needed a ride to get my repaired car in another county , I called several atheist friends and members of the two local secular groups and ALL refused to help me and turned me down flat.   I called a personal friend of mine who is a conservative Christian who worked the night shift at the time like me and I woke him up and he eagerly got dressed, drove to the next county and picked me up and took me to get my car and refused any money payment . I later treated him and his girlfriend  and me and my girlfriend at the time to dinner and a movie on a douuble-date.  Now that’s a friend I can depend on.  We are still the best of friends and I would rather be around him in his company than many of the uncaring and unconcerned atheists I have been around. Now if my saying this upsets any atheists for telling this truth then I don’t give a  #%$#@.     I’m telling it like it is and if that’s airing “dirty laundry” then so be it .   I want nothing to do with any religion but I have been ticked off on many occassions by fellow atheists just as much if not more so.  I will always respect and treat a person the way they respect and treat me . The world is full of ultra-judgemental people who think they know everything .     I can tell many episodes of my encounters with ignorant , arrogant and mean spirited atheists who I want nothing to do with . I’m proud to be a secular FREETHINKER of reason , rational thinking  and a logical and sensible mind and I will be the first to admit that I don”t have all the answers but I’m learning and open for intelligent dialogue and mature discussion.

  • Harold

    It is interesting that Europe is much more secular than the USA.  If atheism is the future, Europe is way ahead.

    • George

      Yes it is —–for  NOW at least.  If they can keep the radical jihadists at bay.  

    • Jillian

      Except that it will almost certainly be Muslim and governed by sharia law by  about 2040. 

      • George

        It may even be sooner than that Jillian at the rate it’s going now. I’m glad I’m old.  Many of us older citizens will be dead and at least we won’t be around to see the world taken over by ancient throwbacks. What’s so sad about the whole thing is that they can easily be stopped but today’s modern male has lost his masculinity and survival instinct and won’t stand up and do the right thing for our very survival and the survival of our future generations. Today’s modern male has become  so brainwashed by “political correctness   bulls***  that he has become a manipulative “mental puppet”  and is engaging in cultural and political suicide.

        • George

          In continuation to my above post —————–   Jillian , if Muslim society takes over the world and enacts sharia law as the worldwide governing body—-then advancement in civilization will cease to exist. Advancement in technology, science, industry , freedoms , and civility will be NO MORE.  Currently we have the militay might and ability to stop them but we do not have the will because of so much “political correctness ” tolerance which is self-defeating.
                               Here in America , we have massive weaponry, missiles, naval fleets, fighter-bomber planes, tanks and massive armed troops and yet we let a bunch of third world ancient people kick us around and take over our advanced and civilized societies  . Why ?   How can this happen ? Why do we ( or rather they ) allow it ? Why ?  Common sense would tell anyone that when you have a massive group of people bent on anihilating you and taking over your or our society that we must fight back to preserve our lives and culture but modern societies are doing just the opposite .  Why ?  This shows the power of brainwashing and propaganda. I’m a staunch capitalist and I detest the ideology of Karl Marx but I have to admit one thing for sure. He ( Marx) was absolutely right when he said that ” Religion is the opiate of the masses ” .  Religion hinders thinking, questioning authority, and hinders science, technology and civility, freedom , justice and equality.  Religion is the scourge of world society.

      • Les.w(UK)

        That is simply not the case – do you have any evidence? On the contrary, as the islamists among us become more demanding, more and more European countries are becoming more aware and are pushing back – eg France’s burka ban, Switzerland’s minaret ban, etc.
        Whereas in the US your government (as in your following post) is kow-towing to islam. You urgently need a new president! Anyway, I thought you said that atheists are winning?

        • Jillian Becker

          Les.w(UK) – 

          We said atheists will win in the distant future. We’ve got the philosophers of religion on the retreat. 
          No one of course can accurately predict the future. But your European Muslim populations are growing exponentially, and the indigenous populations are shrinking. Look up the fertility rates. 

          Sure there could be – eg – civil war that would change the demographics. We’re only talking probabilities. 

  • George

    While it is true that not all Muslims are terrorists , it is equally true that all current present day terrorists are Muslims.   It’s even more amazing how people in Western society have been such victims of terrorists acts by  Muslims ( and some extremist Christians )  but their vile hatred  is still directed  at atheists. 
                        No atheists have  gone out preaching secular jihad ( or kill the theologian ).  There has been no atheist that has  beheaded anyone, burned anyone, strapped a bomb to themselves and killed innocent men, women and children.  No atheist is going around trying to forcefully proselyzize secular freethought on believers or trying to force theists to unconvert from their religious beliefs—yet still the profound hatred and disdain for secular freethought permeates our society to such a high degree.  It’s mind boggling. 
                         While it is true that secular freethought is rising , more and more fundamentalists are getting increasingly more hardcore and radical in their preaching and ad hominem attacks upon secular freethinkers.  Secular freethought would spread even more if secular freethinkers would take their voices into the public “sphere” as they do in discussing things in private discussion groups.  The Muslim jihadists are trying to force governments around the world to enact blasphemy laws regarding Islam and yet the same Muslims do not practice any anti-blasphemy toward other belief-systems themselves.   Their mentality amounts to  –[ It’s my way or the highway ].
                       One of the main reasons the fundamentalists attack atheists is that atheists reject ALL religions ( including theirs ).   If the radical Muslims are not engaging in open terrorism they are using tactics of   “taquiyya”   which allows Muslims to lie in the name of Islam toward non-believers as part of the tennants of their religion. Notice for example how religion hinders  progress , technology, industry, and human development. Notice how in Muslim countries, the societies are primitive and the people still live as if back in ” The Dark Ages”  in an ancient and barbaric culture and society. These people leave their Muslim nations and then venture into other nations with the overall intent to convert the host nation to Islam. They ( Muslisms ) have no intent to try to assimilate into the host nation society and abide by the host nation laws, lifestyles, and culture.  It is the intent of the Muslim immigrants to transform the entire host nations into their sharia law society.      What kind of religion has to use force to get people to conform and become members ? If a religion is good, then that religion can stand on it’s own merits, and people will join just by examining the tennants of the religion and the actions of the people and their positive works.  What kind of mentality is it that believes that people will want to become a member of a belief system that teaches  hatred, murder, intolerance, and are not allowed to have fun and pleasure ?
                             Secular freethinkers need to step up to the plate even more and speak out publicly ( while we still have a chance ) before we are silenced forever .  Yes we are making gains but we still have violent opposition that is growing worse each day.