On 9/11 Obama exonerates the Religion of War 12

From the transcript of President Obama’s speech on the 10th. anniversary of 9/11 we quote only one sentence:

I’ve made it clear that the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. 

That is a lie. Islam is waging war on America, and on the whole of the non-Muslim world. In Afghanistan and Iraq, the US military is engaging the enemy. In the US itself, security forces have foiled Muslim terrorist plots. American civilians have saved lives by averting Muslim terrorist strikes on aircraft. The enemy is not just a single terrorist organization called al-Qaeda, as the president pretended in his appalling speech on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the United States by Muslim jihadis, but Islam itself.

It should outrage the entire nation that the president of the United States, Barack Obama, made a speech on 9/11 exonerating Islam.

The attack by Muslims on the United States on September 9, 2001, was an act of war. It was an act carried out by the RELIGION OF WAR, which is Islam.

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  • Harold

    How can USA be at war with Islam when it is constitutionally bound to protect the right to worship freely?  Do you not see that it makes no sense at all to say that USA is at war with Islam? 

    • Frank

      Harold,We are at war with Islam because Islam has declared war on us and the rest of the non-Islamic world.
              To quote Sam Harris, “The mainstream doctrine of Islam contains this notion of martyrdom and jihad. It contains this imperative to convert, subjugate or kill infidels. Anyone who says it doesn’t have not read the Qur’an has not read the hadith or is lying about them.”
              They may dishonestly call themselves a religion but Islam is a cult of death and slavery. We just finished remembering the almost 3000 people who lost their lives as a result of this vile and barbarous belief system.

      • George

        My sentiments exactly Frank.  You stole my “thunder”.  I could not have said it better !

  • Anonymous

    Obyango once again demonstrates his complete and utter lack of a moral compass.  When thousands of imams and mullahs have preached hate against our country, it was done in the name of their garbage religion.
    I’m tired of the fundamentalists of all Abraham-based religions, I mean, after all, even if one reveres such concepts as ‘prophets’, how can one sanely claim descendency from one who heard voices telling him to kill his son.
    Such nonsense, all of them, but at least the jews got past the crucifixions and stonings, and the christians got past the witch burnings and inquisitions.  But as long as mindless heathens imagine that there is an allah who speaks through the quran’s author, I, for one, will be at war with isslamm.

    • George

      You’re right about that except they refer to us as the HEATHENS.  I’m also sick and tired of the Abrahamic based religions and religion in general.  It still never ceases to amaze me how people can exist in this era of the Space Age and modern science & technology and yet still believe in spirits, gods and devils —deities & demons , angels, miracles , and all that supestitious &  mythological rubbish.  And yet these brainwashed individuals actually believe that WE are the brainwashed ones. This proves the power of theological indoctrination over  the human mind and just how gullible homo sapiens truly are.

    • Jillian Becker

      I agree with your point. But two small things: 
      Crucifixion was a Roman punishment, not Jewish. Stonings yes, they were the Jewish method of execution. Atrocious.The Abraham-Isaac story is the founding MYTH of monotheism. Its point is that the One And Only God does not require human sacrifice – a revolutionary idea in its time.     

  • Frank

    I am sick and tired of hearing that the Muslim terrorists are “Islamic extremists.” They are not extremists and they have not hijacked Islam. They are living by and acting in accordance with the fundamental principles of Islam. The enemy is not extremists. The enemy is not Al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups. The real enemy is ISLAM! The first step in defeating it is to recognize it for what it really is: a vile and barbaric belief system that has no place among civilized people.

    • George

      You’re right Frank and it is imperative that we call it like it is.  It is indeed a vile and barbaric belief-system .  Frankly speaking   , I’m tired of religion in general but the real threat to world society and civility is ISLAM.   These individuals who people call  ( and I have formerly done so myself ) extremists are actually  Muslims who are acting out or carrying out the very tennants of Islam itself. They are not just some renegade outcasts going  “over the edge ” .    People today refuse to call it like it is and actually identify the enemy.   I read a newspaper column yesterday 09/10/2011   Saturday by a liberal writer whereby she stated that we need to reach out to our Muslim brothers and not stereotype them but these same individuals have NO qualms whatsoever in bashing and mocking atheists  ( all atheists ).  No atheists are engaging in terrorism , violence, or forcefull proselytizing or violating anyone’s civil or human rights.  nevertheless atheists are the most hated and despised group in America.  We were attacked on 9/11 by Muslims who waged war upon America and yet the mind numb robots want to reach out to Muslims and as usual atheists get the blame. These people will still accept Muslims because they embrace a belief in the three  Abrahamic religions  ( Christianity , Islam and  Judaism. Muslims are going around the world slaughtering people , terrorizing people , forcing people to submit to THEIR beliefs and yet the hatred and disdain is directed at rational secular freethinkers.  It’s crazy ! People are deceived if they think the Muslims  are going to reform this belief-system  and if they are going to re-write and publish a  New Testament reformed Koran. It will never happen.  Every day that goes by , I become more and more aware of the harsh reality of what this belief system really is. In addition  ,  I’m getting  increasingly sick & tired of being tolerant of the intolerant. I’m getting more and more fed up with trying to be accepting of people who hate me just because I don’t accept THEIR wacko beliefs.
                             The same liberals who capitulate to the Muslims in general  don’t realize that the Muslims hate their guts and their lifestyles and would turn on them in a heartbeat if they had the stronghold  opportunity. I’ve said it before , that liberals are suicidal ,  self-haters and self-destructive.  I have to admit that I fell into that “mental trap”  myself  and the more and more I observed the reality of what was going on , the more the facts hit me squarely in the face like a sledgehammer and woke me up.    So many people want to be so “politically correct” which could very well lead to our downfall and this is not being paranoid or “phobic” but keeping it real. Here we are on the 10th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack upon America carried out by Muslims and people are still capitulating and wanting to accept Islam while at the same time more and more hating atheists.  It’s unfreaking real !

  • George

    This article said it all and hit the nail squarely on the head.  Obama continues to pander to the Muslim circles and yet he also continues to stab our allies in the back and is destroying our great nation . I’m going to stop right here B4 I say something that won’t be acceptable so to speak.  

    • Anonymous

      I encourage you not to stop at the point at which you stopped, but to express yourself freely about the mindlessness and evil that is isslamm.

      By the way, I deliberately do not capitalize the name of religions or their adherents, and often time deliberately misspell the words, too.  Only rational people deserve rational treatment.

      • George

        Once again Cheongyei I agree with all you have said here.  I stopped because I didn’t want to sound vulgar in the presense of the  commenters  out of respect , not having to do anything with the Islamists.  You’re totally right.

        • George

          In continuation to Cheongyei

                         Hey Cheongyei , are you aware that your name appears as  [anonymous] on the home page Recent Comments – menu  and then as cheongyei on the comment pages ?  No biggie, just wondering.   If more and more secular freethinkers in America spoke up and publicly like you , me , Frank, Keith , Ralph , Nietrick,  and others on this discussion forum  , we could make quite a bit of progress in getting the rational word out to the populace. Good points indeed !   I’m with ya my man 100% !