Little grey cells versus the Cross and the Crescent 4

We enjoy Andrew Klavan’s writing. We like the way he thinks, we like his humor.

How does a man of such engaging intelligence bring himself to believe in a god, and (adding a riddle to a nonsense) that “God is three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit”, we wonder.

Here are parts of a column of his at PajamasMedia, in which he argues that the present war is a Holy War, between Islam and other religions, chiefly Christianity:

What has been fatuously called “The War on Terror,” this ongoing struggle between Islamism and the rest of the world (including some of the Islamic world) is, in fact, a holy war: a violent argument over the nature of our Creator.

Americans right and left hate this fact. Many can barely face it. Almost no one in authority or the media ever dares mention it at all…  In principle, through tradition, by law and nature, most of us are repelled by the idea of killing over religion. Freedom in these matters is our watchword. I say Jesus; you say Allah; let’s call the whole thing God.

This is not to indulge in any mealy-mouthed moral equivalence or dribble out some balderdash about how all religions are one and faith is a mountain that can be climbed from any side. Not likely. If there is a God — whether or not there is, in fact — there will be things you can say about Him that are true [how will you know they are? – JB] and things that are not true and some religions will surely contain more of the truth than others. …

None will. But on we go:

Over hard history, we have learned that there are some struggles in which the evil of the fight itself supersedes the good of any potential victory. Faith is not knowledge

Right, Klavan!

We should approach the super-natural with humility in our beliefs and forbearance towards the beliefs of others. And anyway, many cherished doctrines, no matter how deep or meaningful, don’t have much immediate effect on our lives. I believe that God is three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit — but if it turns out He’s five guys named Moe, I’m not going to change my weekend plans.

That’s quite funny. He goes on:

So we hate the idea of fighting a holy war. But we have no choice.

We have no choice but to fight the war, and certainly the other side believes it is a holy war (that’s what “jihad” means), but is it? He hasn’t established that yet.

No matter what moral knots some self-loathing westerners tie the facts into, the truth remains, the other bastards started it and now it’s on. Doesn’t matter how tolerant you think you are. Doesn’t matter how many “Coexist” bumper stickers you own. If a man with a gun kicks your door down and starts telling you how to pray, there are only two possible outcomes: victory or surrender.

In order to secure victory in a holy war [or any war – JB], however, you have to know what you’re fighting for. It’s not enough to kill the jihadis who want to kill us, or to dismantle the no-go Sharia enclaves being purposely created in cities throughout the west. A holy war is a violent argument about the nature of our Creator …

This one isn’t. And a war is instead of an argument. But yes, we do need, in the long run, to win our argument against Islam. How? By opposing one irrationality with another irrationality? That is Klavan’s belief:

So in order to win, we have to know what Creator we’re trying to defend.

He recognizes a difference between Islam’s allah and the Christian three-in-one godhead. But if either of those absurd fictions were to “win”, war would be just beginning for us. Fortunately –

This isn’t easy in a nation committed to religious liberty — a commitment that could not survive a kill-or-be-killed smackdown between your prophet and mine.

There are those, of course, who believe the problem is religion itself: remove the subject of the argument, they say, and the argument would end.

Right, right.

But he then goes on ridiculously as the gullible-of-the-gods often do:

The murder and oppression that defined the atheist empires in communist Russia and China – not to mention the slow, insidious death currently claiming “post-Christian” Europe — strongly suggest otherwise. Culturally, atheism is a disaster— although atheists are entitled to express their opinion right up until the moment the Islamists [or any sole-possessor of religious “truth”] kill them.

It wasn’t the atheism of the Communists that made them murder and oppress: it was their Communism. It isn’t their atheism that is making European nations commit suicide, its their Socialism.

For the rest of us — including those atheists who have the wherewithal to think it through …

Nice being patronized by a Christian, isn’t it?

… we must be willing to stand in open argument…


… and, if it’s our calling, in bloody battle for the God our founding principles, in fact, imply. …

So he plants his riddle-of-a-God more firmly in the Constitution than the Founders themselves cared to.

Sure, if we had to choose between living under modern Christianity, it being a flaccid religion except among the very few who will kill for it, or under  intensely oppressive and cruel Islam, for which all Muslims are instructed by their holy writ to kill, we’d have to choose the former.

But we don’t have to choose between them. The fight – or, as the man says, the argument –  is not between the Cross and the Crescent. It is not between God and Allah. It is between Western civilization and Islam. Reason is on one side only (impeded somewhat by the religious with their unreasonable declamations), and that’s why guns and drones and bombers are in operation.

Reason will win eventually. The little grey cells are mightier than the  sword and the scimitar, the drone and the suicide bomber. But it might take a weary long time.

  • Hochuli’s Biceps

    Klavan has not always been a Christian (or Conservative), therefore, on matters of Christianity and religion he tends to think/write with the fervor of a convert.

    In most areas of socio-political discourse I like Klavan very much, but when he goes into God Mode, I tune him out (as I do other religious conservatives). C’est la vie.

  • Anonymous

    As Ayn Rand noted 35 or 40 years ago: Faith and Force are the destroyers of the modern world.

    • George

      Hey  Cheongyei————- FAITH  by using the strongarm of FORCE  in order to compell , coerce, threaten , torture, humiliate and even kill in order to get people against their free-will to comply to and  submit to beliefs whereby if the individuals used common sense , logic, rational thinking, and  reason would never subscribe to in the first place.  

  • George

    I do believe as the article points out  that reason will eventually win out in the long run , but it certainly won’t be anytime soon that’s for sure. The world is so overwhelmingly indoctrinated with religious superstition to such a high degree and atheists in general are just too passive and silent publicly to stand up and speak out that we will NOT be seeing any MAJOR changes in the very near future.
                                  The very atheists who will boldly speak up on the internet and secular closed-door meetings and private assemblies will NOT publicly let their voices be heard  in the public “arena”.   Until secular freethinkers come out of the closet on a widescale basis and speak up and stand up publicly then we will continue to progress at a snail’s pace and be trampled upon.   Every human rights group that ever made progress took their fight public except we freethinkers and they had to endure harrassment, terror, discrimination, being jailed, beaten, ostracized and some were even killed for  standing up publicly to achieve their just rights.  
                       What has infuriated me as much as the aggressive proselytizing by religious fanatics is the fact that when I would speak out publicly , or write letters to the editor, make my beliefs known in the public meetings and elsewhere , I would have fellow atheists who were too cowardly to speak out publicly themselves criticize me and tell me what I should have or should not have  said in my presentation.   They didn’t have the balls themselves to go public but boy ole boy can they dictate what someone who does should or should not have said in a public forum or the public media.  Sometimes  I  just want to tell these individuals who hide in the closet being  ‘closet critics ” to just STFU !!!   We are at war with radical religious extremists and as such it takes coming out  and speaking up , standing up and it also takes action and deeds.      For the past few decades I have encountered individuals who can sit around telling me  and a few others what I or they should have or should not say , or rant about my public comments in the open , but they hide behind their computers or behind the walls of closed door secular meetings and are so gutsy and bold in that regard where they feel safe and secure and I actually want to curse them for their cowardice.   Oh but they have all the answers.  Oh but only their viewpoint is the right one. 
                                  We as secular freethinkers need to work collectively under the same “umbrella” for the benefit of us all and form a comaradarie or fraternal bond for the mutual interest and benefit of us all . We certainly do not need any form of rivalry among one another especially considering the current forces against us. Our opponensts would love nothing more than to engage in a  ” divide and conquer”  agenda to split us apart and against one another and I have seen it happen in my personal experiences.
                           We freethinkers have a serious uphill battle  and we  need to stick together and “boost” one another . Yes we can criticize and point out flaws and misinformation  and it should be CONSTRUCTIVE  and tactful criticism but the ultimate goal should be to move secular freethought forward and to advance rational thinking   to wake the world up from the stranglehold that religious superstition and mythology has upon world society and the harm that mental slavery and human rights violations has done to impede world progress and create terror and chaos especially in our modern day and advanced  world civilization.  This world situation is serious and should be treated and dealt with as such.  The time is now—not tomorrow.      This is a start and it’s time to get the ball rolling.    As one brave passenger  of the downed hijacked airliner on 9/11 in Pennsylvania stated———   LET’S ROLL     !!!!!!!!!!