Assad’s flag flies triumphant 1

It seems that the popular insurrection in Syria is over.

The dictator’s soldiers have been breaking into homes and slaughtering whole families in cold blood.

DebkaFile reports

Since military massacres city by city were not enough to wipe out dissent, Assad mobilized his 300,000 strong army and called up 50,000 reservists for a coordinated, systematic cleanup of all protest centers. The operation, dubbed “Biraq Assad” – Assad’s flag – aims to raise the dictator’s flag once more over every Syrian town, village and building.

The uniformed killers are given lists of addresses of protesters and deserters from the army. They shoot as they burst into homes, leaving no survivors from their “visits,” whether men, women, children or elderly. Whole families are massacred, one by one.

The army is also giving special attention to the Jabal al-Zawiya region of northeast Syria not far from the Turkish border. Thousands of Syrian soldiers on foot comb through caves, dense brush and every possible place of concealment to flush out and kill on the spot the many Syrian army deserters who refused to fire on civilians.

So the tyrant, Bashar Assad, wins and stays in power.

At least for the present.

  • George

    And yet people continue to downplay or deny this global threat. If we don’t wake up and stand up and fight this scourge , it could very well be US next .  But we are told they only want to bring peace.  Here’s my question ————– Why don’t we see this reported in the mainstream media like ABC , CBS , NBC , MSNBC , FOX , BBC , NPR , the major newspapers, magazines and widespread internet stories/articles ?  If The Atheist Conservative can obtain this information , am I to believe the other news sources have never heard of this going on ?  Why the silence from the mainstream media ?  Why the widespread censorship ?  Why is this being covered up or ignored as far as reporting by the mainstream media ?  Why can’t we turn on our TV or radio and get this same information or read about these attrocities from  other sources as we do here ?  Why ?
                         If we don’t get this madness under control , we who stand for freedom , justice and equality as well as civility could be the very ones being exterminated next .   People in Germany back in the day said that there was no threat or anything to worry about concerning Hitler and many mocked people who knew better as being paranoid .  And then the Nazis took control and we know what happened next.  Oh , but people were told don’t wory, it won’t ever happen , it’s all hype and rumor, etc etc ad nauseum.  Before 9/11 people were told we would never have an outside threat of a terrorist attack.  Our military were told that our Naval vessels were safe at  Pearl Harbor.  People were told that it was impossible for the  Titanic to sink. I can go on and on.   Look how people are being slaughtered around the world under Islam and yet people here in America are more concerned about who won the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy , ball game or American  Idol —————- these are their priorities .  If anyone speaks out about this with any passion , then he/she is accused of being angry, intolerant, or have a “phobia” .    Gullible is what gullible does !