Donating limbs to the savages of Afghanistan 1

American soldiers are suffering horrific life-ruining injuries in Afghanistan because of a stupid directive issued by General Petraeus, who dreams ridiculously that their obedience to it will transform Afghanistan into Martha’s Vineyard (so to speak).

This is from Townhall by Diana West:

Only the U.S. military could build a defensive wall of words — “dismounted complex blast injury” (DCBI) — around the bare fact that single, double, triple, even quadruple amputations are up sharply among U.S. forces on foot patrol in Afghanistan. So are associated pelvic, abdominal and genital injuries according to a newly released report.

Even the antiseptic language of the report is excruciating, as when it calls for “further refinement” of “aggressive pain management at the POI (point of injury),” or highlights the need to train more military urologists in “phallic reconstruction surgery.”

These grievous injuries have increased because more U.S. forces are on foot patrol in Afghanistan. More Americans are on foot patrol in Afghanistan because counterinsurgency strategy puts them there. … The Associated Press account is typical: “The counterinsurgency tactic that is sending U.S. soldiers out on foot patrols among the Afghan people, rather than riding in armored vehicles, has contributed to a dramatic increase in arm and leg amputations, genital injuries and the loss of multiple limbs following blast injuries.”

But what exactly this counterinsurgency (COIN) tactic is designed to accomplish remains off the radar. The fact is, Uncle Sam is asking young Americans to risk limbs, urinary function and testicles to win something not only intangible but also fantastical. They walk the bomb-packed byways of Afghanistan to win — to “earn” — “the trust of the Afghan people.” This is the mythological, see-no-Islam quest that drives U.S. COIN strategy.

Once we stop trying to remake Afghanistan in something akin to our own image, once we start preventing Islam from remaking the West into a Shariah-compliant zone  … these shattering body blasts to young Americans on the other side of the world will cease.

Meanwhile, “the trust of the Afghan people” is the holy grail of the Washington establishment, and, even after retiring from the military, Gen. David Petraeus, now director of the CIA, remains chief myth-maker. “Earn the people’s trust,” Petraeus wrote in a signal “Counterinsurgency Guidance” issued Aug. 1, 2010. From his list of how-tos — which range from dispense payola (“COIN-contracting”), to “help them develop checks and balances to prevent abuses” (good luck with that), to “drink lots of tea” — one order stands out, particularly in light of this week’s report on amputations resulting from foot patrols. Petraeus wrote: “Walk. Stop by, don’t drive by. Patrol on foot whenever possible and engage the population.”

One year later, the Army is reckoning with the carnage and after-care requirements that are consequences of this key tactic of COIN strategy. It is high time for the rest of us to reckon with them, too. Is COIN working? Is the burden of suffering that the nation is placing on the military worth the return? Frankly, when it comes to winning “the trust of the Afghan people,” is there any return?


And why should Americans care whether untrustworthy Afghans trust them or not? Leave the Afghans to their poor, nasty, brutish lives. Even if the Afghan nation could be saved from its chosen primitivism, perpetual inter-tribal strife, and traditional misery, its salvation would not be worth the loss of one joint of one finger or toe of a single American soldier.

  • George

    I agree with the entire article.    When the Japanese attacked us at Pearl Harbor , a gutsy president Truman had  the right idea and settled the situation once an for all—————–   he nuked their ASSES   (twice )  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   War over  !!   You cannot win a PC war and general Pretreas is caving in to the PC elements instead of standing up for the military personel.  Why are we there to begin with ?  Why are we fighting over there ? What do we have to gain allowing our troops to be slaughtered en masse by terrorist ambushes, roadside bombs, sniper attacks, and religious fanatic hate-mongers killing our guys massively ?  
                  We are in the Middle East for one reason and that’s OIL !!!!   OIL  !!!  OIL !!! OIL !!!!    The majority of the terrorist attackers who attacked us on September 11, 2001 were from  Saudi Arabia  and a great deal of terrorist funding is coming out of  Saudi Arabia —– yet we consider them our allies . Why ?  OIL   !!
                       Our nation is going bankrupt , unemployment is skyrocketing , we’re entering possibly a depression if not a massive  recession  and yet  we pour hundreds of billions of  U.S. dollars into the Middle East . Why ?     OIL !!!!!!   If it’s for humanitarian purposes , then why aren’t we paying attenion to and defending and supporting the other societies who are suffering as well ? We can’t be the supporter and defender of the entire world .  The Bush administration made a fortune in profits on the war machine selling weaponry by pushing the war complex at the expense of military personnel lives and limbs.   Now we have the Obama administration that panders to Islam and the Muslim nations abroad ( even those run by terrorist groups and dictators ) and yet he stabs our allies in the back.   Why are we there ?    Remove the element of [ OIL ] and what do you have left ?  We need to get the %$#@ out of the UN  ( Useless Neanderthals ), bring our troops home and if these bastards want to kill  each other –let em.   And if they commit another terrosist attack upon America , then we do what president Truman did and NUKE the living  f***  out of their ASSES  ( pardon my lingo ).
                               No I’m NOT “politically correct ” and  I’m proud of it and if anyone has a problem with me saying this then too bad . I’ll say it again , and again , and again , and again , and AGAIN !!!!    I’m sick & tired of  Americans dying for these scoundrels .  I’m sick and tired of our guys giving their lives or limbs for these ancient savage  barbaric 7th century hate-mongering murderous throwbacks.   Now , having said this , if anyone want’s to bash me for saying this  , I don’t give a %$# @. I’m fed up with our  American guys dying for these barbaric savages who hate us and want to kill us.   This has been going on for many ages and it’s not going to change just because we send a bunch of troops over there.  They simply replace one sharia law regieme with another. They simply replace one dictator with another. The same system is in place ,  just under another name .
                    Our troops get shot at and when they return fire and some so-called “citizen ” gets killed in the crossfire and then our guys get [ court martialed  ].  That’s a bunch of BS.   Many of these vermin hide behind their women and children and even send their children out with bombs attached to them and they have no respect for human life ( not even their  own  , let alone any of ours ).  People the world over are so freakin’ gullible , naive, foolish and stupid.    The media and the goverment and also academia has hoodwinked the American public at large . The propaganda machine is in full place and it’s churning out mindless [ mental puppets ].   People had better wake up before it’s too late . Many great societies and nations before us have fallen by following this same course and if anyone believes it can’t happen to us  then they obviously have  their “head  burried in the sand ” and need to face reality.  This world situation is getting worse each day and we need to run away from this “political correctness ” nonsense and do what is necessary to preserve  our lives and our future.