“Affirmative action” IS racist 7

Cup cakes priced differently for different races (and genders) at Berkeley College, California, to make the point that “affirmative action” is racist and discriminatory.

Photographed by Zombie:

Affirmative action bakesale at Berkeley College, California

Find more pictures and find out how the Left reacted here.

  • Liz

    Affirmative Action is a great example of the “Nanny State” mentality in action. The social engineers interfering with and manipulating outcomes because they are convinced that only THEY – the all-knowing geniuses, should be in control – everyone else is too stupid to manage without them. 

    • George

      That’s because LIBERALS actually believe they know what’s best for women and ethnic minorities and they have done a million times more harm than good.     They (liberals ) have destroyed the traditional family, forced socialism upon society  and attacked free enterprise, and capitalism non-stop. Liberals have promoted every type of degenerate perverted sicko alternative lifestyle imaginable and the more perverse the more liberals consider it being  “open minded “.   Liberals have normalized the abnormal.  Liberals have created a wedge of divisiveness  between men & women ,  blacks and whites , young and old  and they staunchly promote  CLASS ENVY. Liberals have created the entitlement mentality , laziness instead or self responsibility ,  group think instead of individual and analytical thinking ability.  Liberals have made people massive wards of the state . Liberals  punish achievement and entrepreneur upliftment and reward the losers and parasites of our society.   To liberals everything is   GIMMIE GIMMIE  GIMMIE  GIMMIE and   VICTIM VICTIM VICTIM VICTIM !!!!!!!!  Liberals make me sick to my stomach ———please pardon me Liz while I barf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

  • Frank

    A part of the original idea was to provide equality of opportunity to get a college education. The real problem was that later the government demanded equality of results. Back in the beginning of the affirmative action program I needed the services of a surgeon. He was also an adjunct professor at a university medical school. He told me he was quitting his teaching job because the government had set quotas on how many minorities they had to graduate. He said, and I quote, “I wouldn’t trust some of those people to operate on my cat.” And by the way this man was an African American.

    • George

      When I joined the Marines voluntarily at age 18 I made the highest score on the written exam ,  and I was in the top three scorers in basic training at Parris Island and became the platoon leader.  Affirmation Action is an insult to minorities and women and is a discriminatory affront to white males.      The problem today is that people who are minorities and women who acknowledge this  are scared to publicly say this for being accused of being a “sell out”  which is what I have had to endure on multiple occasions.   Political correctness has run amuk in our society. What a sham !

  • George

    Speaking as an ethnic minority that grew up during Jim Crow segregation in the deep south and experienced real discrimination  , I was around when  Affirmative  Action was first formed .  At the very onset of Affirmative Action when it first started , it was indeed put together to counter the overt discrimination at the time that was promulgated almost exclusively by white males that dominated and used the “good ol boy” system of discrimination of ethnic minorities and women.  However as time progressed , the same ethnic minorities and women took advantage of this and it became a “tool”  of discrimination by ethnic minorities and women to take advantage in putting themselves in positions of hiring and promotions that they didn’t qualify for. The ethnic minorities and women then began used this to play the RACE  CARD and the GENDER  CARD at the drop of a hat ( even when no racism or sexism existed ).  It was the old [ cry wolf ] syndrome .  Affirmative action then became a useful  tool by the self-righteous and self-appointed black activists and the radical feminists to put members of their respective ethnic or gender group in positions that even they knew they didn’t qualify for.
                      Instead of encouraging these respective group individuals  to ‘smarten up’  , it promoted the  ‘dumbing down’ of our society —all promoted by LIBERALS.    The white liberals promoted this because of a “white guilt and self-hatred ” mentality and the  black liberals promoted this because of a “group think and entitlement loser ” mentality.  The more qualified white males were discriminated against and this caused an increasing anger and rift in our society instead of everyone promoting and encouraging increasing education  and self-responsibility & accountability .  Since I’m not [ politically correct ]—— I’m just considered to be a ‘sell out ” or Uncle Tom because I refuse to be a usefull tool  of the “poverty pimps” who have assisted in the further destruction of my ethnic culture and the hindrance of the true advancement of women which should be based on merit and qualifications alone.  Affirmative Action was then put in place by the social [bean counters] to try to have a certain number of percentage scale numbers of  their  of respective groups in employment and this didn’t and doesn’t work and has proven to be a disaster and has fueled hatred and divisiveness  as a result.   You do not end one form of discrimination by enacting the same discrimination in reverse.   Discrimination should be eliminated completely across the board ——-  PERIOD  !!!!!!!

    • Concerned Citizen

      George, I want to apologize for what I wrote in some of my replies to other postings on this blog. I think that was the same George as you. I did not realize what your whole story was. I apologize. I agree with you one hundred percent here.

  • George

    Affirmative action has turned into one of the biggest frauds that ever existed. It is indeed REVERSE RACISM  ( and I hate  the term “reverse” because all racism is racism ).   As an ethnic minority myself, I see liberals who proclaim that they are trying to help blacks and other minorities and women and yet what they are actually saying is that we are not capable of making it on our own merits or brainpower , but rather we need the  “crutch” of  Big  Brother government   to assist us in order to get ahead.  This is an insult and slap in the face of any woman or ethnic minority and it also is “spitting in the face”  discrimination  toward more qualified white males who actually deserve and qualify to be in the job position. 
                        The “progressives” are actually “regressives ” . I have been called every derogatory name in the book for saying this as an ethnic minority ( for speaking the truth ).   But the stinking liberals don’t scare me .  The liberals are actually [ closet racists or subconscious racists ]  themselves , but boy do they love to point fingers.   Don’t get me started.   I’m gonna stop right here before I say something  that will get me banned from  the weblog.