Another al-Qaeda leader is killed, but Islam is winning 1

Today the estimable Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, commenting on the just assassination in Yemen of the American-born al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, said on Fox News that “we are winning” the “War on Terror”.

Great news, if it were true. But the US, the West, the non-Islamic world are not winning.

For one thing, it is not, and never was, a “war on terror”. It is a war of defense against Islam. And Islam is winning. Terrorism is winning. The West is allowing it to win.

Islam’s terrorist tactic is proving hugely powerful and has gained victories that would have been unimaginable a few years ago. It has cowed all the governments of western Europe, and innumerable authorities at all levels in the US. Islam is advancing day by day. Its terrorism is not practiced continually in all target countries, but the threat of it, and the memories of what has been done and could be done again at any moment, are always there. Because authorities are afraid, Islam creeps on.

Day by day, in Western countries into which Muslims migrate in ever-growing numbers, Islam gains its concessions, its privileges: here a mosque; there a partition of a public swimming pool for Muslim women; here a prayer room in a government building; there the removal from a public library of famous children’s books with pictures of pigs in them; here (in Britain for instance) the allowing of sharia courts and the upholding of their rulings by the state; there entitlements tamely paid to multiple Muslim wives by a welfare state with laws against polygamy; and here and here and here the establishment of faculties of Islamic studies, or even whole colleges, with immense grants of money from the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia. Chunks of history, such as the Holocaust, are omitted from school courses because they might offend Muslim students – let truth be damned. Defense contracting companies in the US fall under the ownership of Muslims, who divert a part of the profits – and what defense secrets? – to the Muslim Brotherhood. In places of hot battle, Iraq is plagued with terrorist attacks day after day; and in Afghanistan the Taliban is undefeated and undefeatable, and ready to re-assume its despotic rule when the coalition soldiers have departed. In Libya an al-Qaeda leader has seized a position of power. And all the while, the mullahs of Iran are preparing to attack the West with nuclear weapons.

True, there have not been any more planes flown into buildings in America, but smaller plots of destruction and mass murder are constantly being laid. True, some of them are foiled, but some are attempted (such as an underwear bomb in a plane over Detroit) and some carried out (such as the massacre at Fort Hood), and the motive behind all of them remains: jihad, the holy war of Islam, perpetually waged one way and another for the conquest of the world by successive generations of Muslims, and coming closer to success now than ever before in history.

If the West does not capitulate totally and abjectly – which it might – the fiercest battles are still to come.

Jillian Becker   September 30, 2011

  • Don L

    Obama and Bin Laden both broke the rule,  of the Hungarian communist party decribed, ‘Salami tactic’.  In effect, you can acquire the whole salami if you take small slices…no one will miss them, until it is too late and the salami is gone.
    Obama’s massive break with the status quo of evolutionary facism to near revolutionary communism (recommend Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Facsism”  which finally presents a definitive definition of the two socialistic ideas – prepare to be awakened.) was a huge slice of the salami and it caused the “tea party”. Bin Laden’s error was the airliner attacks…a huge slice of the salami which drew massive attention and caused the “war on terror”.
    Both the tea party and the war on terror lack any long-term validity or viability because it doesn’t appear anyone involved either knows the enemy or themselves.  And, the proven notions of  war (defeating your enemy) put forth by Sun Tsu suggest a dismal outcome.
    Both big cuts of the salami have presented an opportunity, however.  That the folks are paying some attention…educating them as to the character and nature of the enemy is paramount.  Not as altruism or as any notion of selflessness…for pure selfisness…if you know the facts and want to protect an ‘America’…you must act…educate…stimulate…cause others to know and think. 
    Merely making a sign and attending a rally is feckless against and entrenched and duplicitous political ruling class. visiting sites and preaching to the choir is feckless.  All these things are participatory and enjoyable, but they fail to expand the size of the army.  There isn’t time to drib & drab. 
    Jillian has this and other sites.  I have a site.  (another one of those never thinking about things you don’t think about moments:  Jillian promotes atheism and I promote economics…perhaps her’s a bit tougher, but name 2 topics that’ll get heads to turn away?  LOL)

    I’m just rambling here without a truly thought out comment…the point I’m trying to make is…if you don’t get active in some way…the opportunity to educate will be missed as the jihadists and the progressives implement their damage control and  the population gets back into taking Huxley’s soma pills.  Already the establishment republicans have negated the Nov 2010  tea party candidate’s effectiveness.  And, the ground zero mosque has already hosted its first event without much notice…


    Don L