The Palestinian lie 11

Pat Condell tells the truth about the Palestinians.



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  • Just12

    Creative analysis!!
    You must apply for hollywood sriptwriting man..OSCAR awaits you!!!

    • George

      I agree Just12.    HIGH FIVE !!!

  • Ralph

    I usually agree with Pat, but not this time. The hate is caused by religion and race on both sides. Because I’m an atheist I can see hate generated by religion and the hate generated by some sort of racial differences. Both sides have elevated their ignorance to hatred.

    • George

      I agree Ralph that both race and religion is involved but I must also acknowledge  IMHO that the religious element is the PRIMARY catalyst that fuels the hatred.

    • Fan of Heather Mac Donald

      Wrong on that, I’m afraid.  There is one right side and one wrong side.  The Israelis don’t hate the arabs, the hatred goes one way.  Take away all arms from the arabs and there would be peace.  Take away all arms from the Israelis and there would be genocide.

      • George

        With the exception that if you take away all the arms from the Arabs  , they would find a way to make arms or obtain arms from elsewhere and their hatred would still continue because their religion which teaches the hatred in the first place  still exists and promotes the hatred .  They exist in a barbaric culture and they would still be embracing  a theological dogma which fuels the hatred just the same.

  • Liz

    Pat totally nails it – and the previous post on the Palestinians illustrated why.  “Subhuman” is a good word for these people – it explains a mentality that in normal humans could only be considered criminally insane.  Either way, they need to be wiped off the map themselves, and the world will be a better place.    

    • George

      You’re right Liz . The problem we face is that these inhuman barbarians want to wipe us off the face of the earth so that they  can have free reign to practice their maniac sicko subhuman behavior.   What’s even more insane is that they actually see nothing wrong with what they do but actually feel justified in committing murder, torture, mayhem and societal destruction and chaos.   As I have stated before  , not one atheist anywhere in the world is engaging in any act of terrorism , mayhem or violence , yet atheists are the most hated group in America , all because we don’t embrace a belief in the supernatural invisible Sky Daddy.  We could deal with them once and for all and take care of the problem permanently in one weekend regarding these murderous 7th century minded brainwashed throwbacks. We have the military might but we don’t have any strong leadership that has the will ,  and these subhuman throwbacks know it. This is why it is imperative that we get a strong   “kick  a## ”   president in office next term.  Obama has to go !  The men of today have lost their survival instinct and their manhood & valor.     The liberals have wussified , wimpified , sissyfied ,   p####fied  and emasculated the American male today .  The limp-wristed retards are at the helm of the great ship America. Another term of Obama would be disasterous for us. He must be voted out of office  . I shudder to think if he gets re-elected .  The future and security of our great nation would be in grave peril ( as if it isn’t already ).

  • George

    What would it take to get Pat Condell on the ballot for President ?  I’d vote for him in a heartbeat ! 

  • Frank

    As usual Pat Condell is exactly correct with his analysis.

    • George

      I’m with you Frank my man !!!!!!!