A bombing urgently needed 9

It is not only the probability if a nuclear bomb that is to be feared from Iran’s persistent development of nuclear power.

According to this article, Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor is likely to repeat the disaster of Chernobyl:

The first Iranian nuclear power station is inherently unsafe and will probably cause a “tragic disaster for humankind,” according to a document apparently written by an Iranian whistleblower.

There is a “great likelihood” that the Bushehr reactor could generate the next nuclear catastrophe after Chernobyl or Fukushima, says the document …

It claims that Bushehr, which began operating last month after 35 years of intermittent construction, was built by “second-class engineers” who bolted together Russian and German technologies from different eras; that it sits in one of the world’s most seismically active areas but could not withstand a major earthquake; and that it has “no serious training program” for staff or a contingency plan for accidents. …

Bushehr was started in 1975 when the Shah of Iran awarded the contract to Kraftwerk Union of Germany. When the Germans pulled out after the 1979 Islamic revolution the reactors were far from finished. They sustained serious damage in the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88. The document claims airstrikes left the steel containment vessel with 1,700 holes, letting in hundreds of tons of rainwater.

The regime revived the project in the 1990s, but with one reactor only. It wanted a prestige project to show the Islamic Republic could match the scientific achievements of the West.

It may also have wanted a cover for developing its nuclear weapons program — and the opportunities for personal enrichment that the project gave Iran’s elite. This time Iran employed Russian engineers, who had not built a foreign nuclear reactor since the Soviet Union started to collapse in 1989.

Russia’s experts wanted to start from scratch. The Iranians, having already spent more than $1 billion, insisted they built on the German foundations.

This involved adapting a structure built for a vertical German reactor to take a horizontal Russian reactor — an unprecedented operation. Of the 80,000 pieces of German equipment, many had become corroded, obsolete or lacked manuals and paperwork.

“The Russian parts are designed to standards that are less stringent than the Germans’ and they are being used out of context in a design where they are exposed to inappropriate stresses,” the document says. It goes on to claim that “much of the necessary work for Bushehr is outside the competence of the Russian consulting engineers,” who consider the project a “holiday.”

The first victims of a Chernobyl-like disaster in Iran would be the Iranian people. We wonder how many of them are aware of the danger. Even if many of them are, there is nothing effective they can do about it.

It would be a boon for them and the rest of the world if Bushehr were bombed.

  • Anonymous

    Irrational fundamentalist religious fanatics and science don’t mix well.

    • George

      Actually they DON’T mix at all   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andrew M

       Actually, they mix explosively. This is not a good thing.

  • Don L

    Say, h’bout them there Islam folk killin’ them there cop christians over there ta egipt…what they wear blue uniforms er sumptin’?

  • Don L

    Interesting article.
    Instead of us bombing, or the Israelis…why not send the B-2s and drop cases of rifles, grenades, anti-tank weapons, etcetras and let the Iranians work it out?  Or, if that don’t get’r dun…oh, sorry George (LOL)…then nuke ’em!

  • Andrew M

    Of course I agree that the Iranian citizens would be better off with a non-functional Bushehr – but I’m skeptical that bombing a nuclear facility is exactly the best way to contain the spread of radioactive waste. Clearly it would contain a greater future threat, but at the cost of what present poisoning would we win that?

    Personally, I still enjoy the Stuxnet route of subverting the operation of the facilities themselves, something which Anonymous and their hackers are currently doing to the central government. Cutting power lines to Bushehr, or detonating one of those newfangled non-lethal circuitry-disabling bombs would be my next preferred solution. But my favorite would simply be for American policymakers to instigate that popular upheaval that was supposed to occur two years ago and place the facility in less duplicitous hands.

    Notwithstanding that we live in a less-than-ideal world, I still don’t think a bombing would be the absolute best solution.

    • George

      I do not mean use a nuke at a time now if nuclear material is now installed. That could have been taken care of from the very onset before the nuclear material had been installed , when the freakin’ thing was under construction or had just been instructed and not supplied with nuclear material yet. 
                    As Don L  asserted there are other ways.   The majority of the people in Iran hate that a**hole   Mahmoud  Amaniacnutjob.   President Amaniacnutjob knows the majority of the citizens are against him , so we could have armed the citizenry who were and are against that wacko. 
                       There are weapons that could taken that facility down without using any nuclear armament whatsoever in that sh**hole Iran.  We could have obliterated that facility at the start or rather after construction had been completed when NO nuclear material had been yet installed and that indeed would have been the absolute best solution ! 
                          Sad to say , our wimpy a** leadership ( or lack thereof ) won’t even think of it .   We could have pushed a button and problem solved. If the scumbags engage us in a terrorist act like 9/11 again , then wipe the f***ing bastards off the earth with a few mushroom clouds  like we did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But then again , back then we had men with guts and valor , not like these sissy a** political wimps we have today.   Semper Fi     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        United we stand !     Rational thinking bless America !

      • George

        Correction –4th line should be [constructed].

  • George

    If we had a president with guts like Truman , we would have made a pre-emptive strike using   a sortie of cruise missles , MOAB bombs,  and “Daisy Cutter” bunker-buster bombs to put that facility out of business permanently.  Intelligence sources have indicated that the facility was constructed to produce  a nuclear weapon (or weapons)  to be used against Israel and then our allies and then us.
                        First we had 3-mile island,  Chernobyl, the facility in Japan and now possibly this one.  This shows that because people are advanced in technology does NOT make them smart, wise and sensible. They may be technologically educated but not necessarily possessors of common sense.  These ancient people had no knowledge of how to build such a facility.  Their oil money and donations from super power nations paid for that facility and countries like Russia and North Korea have their hand in the  “cookie jar”  with the construction and support.  The world is becoming more and more a dangerous place to live and the very people who are suppose to be protecting us are the very ones now endangering us and putting our very lives in peril.   We have become victims  of LIBERAL political correctness , pacifism , and naive thinking and  also CONSERVATIVE  greed and corruption. It’s a two-edged sword .