Acts of religion in Nigeria revisited 4

We do not like posting such pictures as these. But there has been emotional controversy over the provenance of the picture we posted under the title Acts of religion, some commenters writing in October 2011 to say that the caption, referring to Christians being burnt to death by Muslims in Nigeria, was misleading, as the picture showed the victims of a truck accident. Their implication is that we were deliberately misleading readers, and Christians were not burnt to death by Muslims in Nigeria in 2010. So here are pictures and links that expose the truth.

These pictures are of a Christian pastor and his wife burnt to death by Muslims in Nigeria.

The report may be found here.

The burnt bodies of the pentecostal pastor, Ishaya Kadah, and his wife, Selina, were discovered on Thursday by the police in the village, located in the predominantly Christian Tafawa Balewa district, two days after they were kidnapped …

And here are reports of more such killings:

Following attacks on Christians near Jos in Plateau state in January and March, sporadic killings of Christians reportedly continue. Previously hundreds of Christian villagers were struck with machetes and burned to death on March 7 [2010] in Dogo Nahawa, Zot and Rastat, three villages in Jos South and Barkin Ladi Local Government Areas.

On March 17, Muslim Fulani herdsmen assaulted two Christian villages in Plateau state, killing 13 persons, including a pregnant woman and children. In attacks presumably over disputed property but with a level of violence characteristic of jihadist method and motive, men in military camouflage and others in customary clothing also burned 20 houses in Byei and Baten villages, in the Riyom Local Government Area of the state, about 45 kilometers (29 miles) from Jos.

On Jan. 17, two pastors and 46 other Christians were killed in an outbreak of violence in Jos triggered when Muslim youths attacked a Catholic church. Police estimated over 300 lives were lost in subsequent clashes, in which 10 church buildings were burned.

These are essentially acts of religion.

See also our post Muhammad’s command, March 30, 2010.

(Go here for quotations from the Koran that command Muslims to use violence against non-Muslims and maim and kill them.)

  • VeryConcerned

    Jillian, remove the post about the 500 christians burned as well as that awful photo. You can post about the actual atrocities that occur all you want, but no one will forget that you used a photo from an oil tanker fire and then claimed that it was a picture of the corpses of some Christians. Any credibility you may have held is no more. I do not doubt that the incident with the pastor happened, and Nigerians are well aware of the outbursts of violence between Muslims and Christians between January and March of 2010, but this does not make it ok for you to leave up your post about “500 Christians burned.” This video also fails to make the claim that 500 christians were burned because it never happened. Some churches were set on fire, and yes, 500 people were killed, and as horrible as that is,  it STILL does not make your original  posting valid. 500 CHRISTIANS WERE NOT BURNED, AND THAT PHOTO IS NOT A PICTURE OF THE AFTERMATH! TAKE IT DOWN!

    • George

      Hey VeryConcerned , I’ll make a sensible agreement with you.  Give me the verifiable links or  actual proof of what you claim that it’s fake . And for the record I am not going to say it is or isn’t —- I merely want provable verification that it’s from a tanker in the Congo ( and I don’t want just  another photo with a caption saying otherwise ). How then do we know that  the opposing photo that you supply isn’t fake ?  I can ask the question on BOTH sides.   I’m trying to honestly objective here .  Even though I have had two sources that said it’s accurate ( I cannot in honesty say 100% that they are right ) .  Again , at least I’m, being honest about this.   As I stated before , I will continue to research and if it turns out that your presentation is the correct one  ,  will publicl announce and credit YOU with presenting the true and accurate info .  So this doesn’t turn out in a out of control “frenzy”  I will objectively research this further  and I will honestly get back with you .  people who know me posting on this site know I always keep my word and I alwasy apologize and admit when I’m wrong. As for now , either side could be right or wrong and I don’t have the 100% proof . Once again , at least I ‘m being totally honest.

  • The Seeker

    So where are the links that opposes these claims? Pictures and captions may not always be labelled correctly.. How about this video from YouTube? Is it also misleading???

    • George

      If you had clicked on the two locations in blue titled [HERE} and at the bottom ( it’s just quotations ).  I have an entire file of documented reports and substantiated data  & photos by credible sources as well that are more horrifying than these.   Furthermore ,  what are you claiming –that these were made up ?   Who exactly are you defending ( as if I don’t already know ) ? When I see people making excuses for these acts and trying to act as if these are all fabricated, then the “red flags”  go up and I then suspect such individuals of having an agenda as “apologists”  excusing away the inexcusable.