Victims of religion 3


Further  confirmation of the slaughter of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria.

Why don’t they ever ask how it is that their God (“Jesu, Jesu” they sing lovingly) does nothing to save them from their Muslim attackers?


(Hat tip our commenter The Seeker)

  • VeryConcerned

    TAKE THE “ACTS OF RELIGION” POST DOWN JILLIAN!! No matter how many christian-muslim violence posts you find, you still posted a misleading photo originally!

    • George

      VeryConcerned ——can you prove Jillian wrong.    If you do , I will post on this blog that you were right and the rest of us were wrong in accepting otherwise.  If posting another link stating that this was an accident in the Congo is all you have , then how do we know that  even that is not fake and propaganda ?    I can present the argument on both sides.  Claiming that the presented photos were fake isn’t enough and yes the same claim can be made vice-versa as well.   I need something concrete to ‘debunk”  the presented images as you claim.   Now , if someone were to ask me how do I know for a fact that the photos that Jillian presented are accurate and true. My answer is I DON’T.  By the same token , if someone were to ask YOU how do you know that another link you post is 100% accurate and true and how can YOU prove it —then where is the defininative  proof , verifiable evidence, and substantiation to validate your claim as well ?   I am still in the process of researching BOTH sides of this matter and then I will objectively and honestyly report my findings ( and even then I will have no way of knowing if my findings are accurate and true ).  We’ll see.

  • George

    Well Jillian  , I’m just waiting for them to accuse you of making this video ( which will be called fake ) with your mini-cam .    I’m sure they will accuse you of being a hate-monger for telling the truth and exposing what is really going on with the attempt to silence you.   People can’t handle the truth Jillian and people play their mind-games with propaganda tactics and ad hominem attacks to divert the attention to what is really going on.   It’s the oldest trick in the book and they’re still playing it.      Anyone with common sense knows that this is actually happening and nothing is fabricated whatsoever.     If these were photos by any other perpetrator  group ( or just imagine if these acts had been committed by atheists ) the same individuals that are calling these pictures  fake would be jumping on the bandwagon and attacking secular freethinkers.  Who do these people think they’re fooling ?   The truth is Jillian ,  that they don’t want these pictures circulating and disclosed to the public and so they are on a smear campaign to demonize and attack the presenter (you).   This proves that you are being effective and are really getting to them and more & more people are paying attention.