A mistake exposes an important truth 62

This was written by the great Persian poet and atheist, Omar Khayyam (translated by Edward FitzGerald):

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.

We recall those lines in connection with a controversy that has been raging – not too strong a word ! – on our pages.

A number of commenters have complained, some very aggressively, that the caption to the picture in our posts Acts of religion, and Acts of religion (repeat) is inaccurate; that the burnt bodies are those of people killed by a truck accident in the Congo, not – as the caption says – Christians burnt by Muslims. They want the picture and caption removed.

We did not know that it was a picture of a truck accident at the time we first posted it nearly a year ago on November 6, 2010, nor when we repeated it on August 7, 2011. The information we received was that the dead were the victims of an attack by Muslims. We did not intend to mislead.

A mistake can be a useful thing. This one has brought thousands of people, as nothing else seems to have done, to think about how Christians are treated in the Muslim world.

And it is true that Muslims burnt Christians in Nigeria. See our post Acts of religion in Nigeria revisited, October 16, 2011We urge all those who have complained to take note of that fact.

The picture of the many burnt bodies was posted, the caption was written, the mistake was pointed out, we responded. All that has happened and cannot be erased or cancelled.

Those who are furiously exercised about it should put their passion and energy to work against the cruelties perpetrated daily in the name of Islam.

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  • VeryConcernedSTILL

    1. I have only posted under the VeryConcerned and VeryConcernedStill names. I have no reason to post under fake accounts. If you are seeing other posts that disagree with you, take it for what it is and do not make it seem as though I am the only one disturbed by this. George, I am unclear as to what you meant by this “When I went to post my message Jillian to VeryConcernedSTILL the name came up in a window at the lower left bottom——————— F. Harriot . I have no idea who that is and I don’t care. ” Are you claiming that you saw that name associated with the VeryConcerned posts? I could be misunderstanding, but if that is indeed what you are claiming you are a disgusting liar. I have identified my postings and I use the same moniker. Folks, at this point, I see these people will continue to trick others. I am actually concerned that they may even make a fake posting for me. So this really will have to be my last post. If you see others claiming to be me, please know that it is either Jillian or George continuing to be pathetic.

    2. I honestly have not read everything you all have written since my last post. It melts my brain to read such nonsense. Anyway, of the sentences I breezed through, I will say this. George, I actually DID address the fact that this picture was on other websites. All of them cite JILLIAN as their source. The reason why people are JUST coming to this site to complain is that the picture has only RECENTLY been pushed around facebook. It is for this reason I place blame on Jillian for the damage this has caused. FYI, I made it very clear that my issue was the picture and the caption. In one of my four initial posts (one on each of Jillians four posts before she posted this one), I DID NOT deny that atrocities occur in Nigeria. I even agreed. But that doesn’t give you the right to present false stories with fake pictures to back it up. Yes George, it is a fake picture, no one matter how much you deny it. Those are not Nigerians.

    3. I need you to not flatter Jillian. This website is so crappy that no one would bother to “organize” an attack against her. The UN? Sorry but no.

    4. Yes George, I saw your posts about researching the incident. But those were not your only posts. If you look at your posts here even, you are telling F. Harriet (who you mistakenly assumed is me) to “f**k off” and I think to “kiss your a**” or something along those lines. My guess is that you do not see how immature this is. And Jillian, calling me a bully makes you sound very pathetic. How old are you? At any rate, you are not acting your age. Calling you out on your crap doesn’t make me a bully.

    Please continue to enjoy the most exposure this site will ever get. I’m sure you will put some other inaccuracy up here just to feel like you are being paid attention to. You are correct, you are getting a lot of visitors. I have not responded for days because George is like a rabid dog with his responses and Jillian is just a coward…but I REFUSE to let George simply cast aside the opposition as numerous postings from a single reader. I am positive your site statistics make it clear that these postings are not from the same IP, much less the same state even. So please stop with the lies.

    • George

      First of all VeryConcernedSTILL  , you have some nerve telling  me to stop with the lies when the fact is the person putting out lies and deceit is yourself.  I personally checked dozens of websites literally for hours and not one post on any of those website had your username   “VeryConcernedSTILL ”  anywhere –so once again as  I stated before — —– Who do you think you’re fooling ?   Since you call me a  “rabid dog”  , you have the audacity to rant perpetually at me and Jillian Becker about one singular picture that was posted on this website while all the time you remained totally silent at the multitude of pictures of horrific attrocities, murderes, violence, terrorism and mayhem while having absolutely NO problem towards that whatsoever. 
                           Furthermore , you still never answered  my question and that is why you didn’t  post any messages complaining about all the other multitude of sites that had the same picture ( even presented by mainstream media outletts  )   which you had absolutely no qualms whatsoever about , yet you and your cohorts went out on an all out personal attack upon Jillian Becker, this website and also me when I found out what actually happened  ( after my extensive web research and I posted such ). I in fact kept my word in all honesty when I stated that I would research the matter and report back my findings and I did just that . The truth which you adamantly refuse to admit is that my findings did not coincide with what YOU expected  and it didn’t support your dubious deceitful agenda , so therefore the lies are upon you  ( not me )  and I have verified, substantiated and given the sources that support what I had stated . 
                          You and your cohorts came upon this website with your mean-spirited and hateful attack upon this site , the host and certain readers ( including me )  and now you’re trying to play the ” victim ” role with your deceitful “mind games”   as if we’re stupid enough to fall for it . again—who do you think you’re fooling.      You’ve been engaging in  your trolling behavior acting like a bully and you know it , I know it and the commenters know it.   Why didn’t you post on any of the other sites that had the same picture.  The multitude of sites I researched indicated that it did occur as presented by Jillian Becker and at the time , place ,  and conditions as originally stated.   You made NO absolutely comment to any of the other sites that had that picture and more and yet you and your ilk went out on a virulent “witch hunt” attack upon Jillian Becker for the expressed purpose of trying to discredit her and you know it . 
                      The people who put this website together have always as far back as  can remember been totally honest, and to the point and just becasue you didn’t like what was posted , you decided to attack an innocent women and site because  it didn’t coincide with your devious agenda .  You have called us names and badmouthed us for telling it like it is and now you have the nerve to twist things around to make it appear that it is us who are being untruthful.  I have verified the incident via checking a multitude of sources and considering your attitude and mindset I don’t believe you would admit it if you were standing right there at the scene while it was occurring.    This absurd drivel you’re handing us doesn’t hold water and we’re sick & tired of you and your ilk coming onto this civil discussion forum starting trouble  and then blaming us for something that you and your cohorts started in tyhe first place .   If this one picture had bothered you so then why NO comment whatsoever on any of the multitude of other sites and news sources that had the same picture and more ?    Why do you proclaim to be so distured at that one picture and yet totally silent regarding the multitude of other pictures that had a long list of horrific and barbaric acts ?  You had absolutely NO comment on those  whatsoever, yet you act as if you’re so concerned .   Where was your so-called concern on all the other posts and pictures ?   Where was your so-called concern on all the other websites as well ?    Where ?    Show me !    You can’t because none exists !!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are not the first troll to appear on this site and I’m sure you won’t be the last. We are not stupid and we can see through your BS ! 
                         Even if that was the case as you had originally accused, then if you had acted civil right from the start , then this all could have been avoided and discussed in a civil , mature and rational dialogue , so don’t you dare blame us for  a  ” hostile ”  exchange that you and your cohorts started !

      • George

        In continuation —————-

                           I personally researched literally dozens of websites and some were major news outletts that were indeed credible  and proven .  I actually stayed up beyond 10:00 PM doing the research. I honestly stated that I would report my findings ( either way and  I would acknowledge who was right or wrong ).
                           As a result , my verified findings concluded that the picture of the charred bodies as reported by a multitude of news sources were the result of a Muslim riot that had occurred in Katuna, Nigeria  ( Northern Nigeria )  in which Muslims had become enraged by having lost the national election to a Christian for the Presidency.  I saw not only that same picture  on other sites  but also pictures of bodies  shot to death and even hacked to death . The Muslim rioters burned at least  40 churches .   Not one post by any username that attacked Jillian Becker, this website ( including me ) were on ANY of the other sites. I rechecked repeatedly and it was conclusive.
                             The tanker fire that a few are raving about was an altogether separate incident that had occurred in the  Congo and was a result  of a tanker truck that had  leaked large amounts of fuel, caught fire and exploded causing the deaths of 220-230 deaths .    These were confirmed to have been two separate incidents at two separate locations at two separate times  and are  NOT  related .  I sent Jillian a long list of sources to verify herself and I made a declaration on this site that if it turned out that it was the same incident that I would admit such and even apologize and acknowledge with a statement .  After an extensive research on this matter  I have personally verified as I have just stated that these were two separate incidents and are verified to be NOT the same.    These are the facts and the truth but unfortunately we have those who lie  intentially while acusing others of lying.  These were my factual findings and I truthfully kept my word as I stated and now the deceitful trolls are coming onto here   with their lies, tricks and deceit to deceitfully proclaim otherwise.  If the opposite findings had occurred  , I would have posted that and admitted such as I previously stated  and I’m fed up with liars calling us liars with their obnoxious con-game intent   to sabotage our civil discussion forum.   People who have known me for some time posting on here know for a fact that I always admit and apologize when I am wrong and these trolls are on the prowl again.  There is no agenda here —just the truth and the facts which SOME people adamantly don’t want to admit and face.  It’s sickening and pathetic !!!!!!!             

  • Don L

    Hey George…you are a kick.  I opened my eMail and pages of disqus messages of your posts appeared.
    I hadn’t seen you post for a while and was actually worried that maybe something was wrong…LOL…I guess not.  You have returned…
    Have to watch what I wish for…LOL…I think you have replied to every post …you are having too much coffee as you travel from coffee shop to coffee shop. 
    I do believe, however, you have defeated the trolls.  I miss livingtree though.  His magic people in the air post was just hilarious!
    Did you happen to see the GOP debates Tues night.  They pretty much said that atheists were garbage.  Only those of faith are capable of principles, values, standards and honesty.  So, we defeat Obama only to be forced into a theocracy. 
    The dems want to control us economically; the establishment/religious right/social conservatives want to control us by thoughts…you must believe and believe this way.  They refuse to accept the opposite side of the coin: fredom FROM religion.  In their America only those that believe as they do are citizens…wait, sounds like the Taliban.


    Don L

    • George

      You’re right about your post Don  and we always end up between a rock and a hard place.   What pisses me off abut these people attacking Jillian about one photo is that they went out of their way to attack Jillian of her posted photo but the same photo is on a number of other sites as well an NOT ONE  of the people who attacked Jillian had anything to say whatsoever to them on their sites .  Why ?
                            Let’s say that it may be discovered that the other sites were wrong and in error , then the question still remains , why  aren’t the same people attacking those sites and their hosts or reporters ?   If a number of other sites have the same photo and/or similar photos acompanied by extensive articles , then why aren’t the same people who are piling onto this website launching an all out frontal assault upon Jillian Becker up in arms about the other sites ?   How come they aren’t demanding and shouting for the other sites to take their photos down ? Let’s say for the sake of argument that  ALL the reports and sites everywhere else turn out to be bogus , then I still ask the same question —–why aren’t the same people outraged at those sites as well ? What’s wrong with this picture ?

      • Don L

        “What’s wrong with this picture ?”   Ahhh…no pun intended.

    • George

      Hi Don ,  I forgot to comment on your other question sir.   I watched the debates for a moment and then listened for a while on the radio.  I wasn’t impressed with any of them actually .    If Obama ( aka -Otrauma )  gets re-elected we’re gonna have another 4 years of a Marxist socialist president and he will bring our nation further down and destroy our economy and weaken our national defense even more.    I have NOTHING good to say about Obama whatsoever. I find him to be an embarrassment and a disgrace .
                       On the other side of the coin , if a Republican wins , any and all of them will make an all out effort to force their Bible-thumping Christian agenda upon the nation and they will go on an all out crusade  to turn our great nation into a Christian theocracy.  We’re  f***ed  either way to be frank !

  • Guest

    The case is not closed simply because you spew more vulgar lies and faulty reasoning. Your reposting the photo with the same lies repeated beneath it after it has been discredited several times shows you know exactly what you are doing. You are cheap vile propagandists.

    • George

      Listen up you mindless braindead a**hole  , I spent several hours yesterday searching case data and websites and searched and checked out reliable and main media outletts which confirmed what Jillian had posted originally on her website .   If you had more than one brain cell in that hollow airhead of yours  you’d be dangerous.   I checked literally dozens of websites and I personally read numerous articles which confirmed that the Muslim riot photo of the charred bodies that Jillian posted was indeed caused by a Muslim riot in Katuna , Nigeria  ( Northern Nigeria ) as a result of Muslims angry because  they lost the election to a Christian who was elected for the Presidency.     The tanker fire incident that killed 220 people occurred in the  Congo.   I spent hours literally checking this and I did so objectively to ascertain the truth you f***ing stinking TROLL .   Not only in Nigeria were Christian Nigerians burned , but many were shot to death and also hacked to death , so don’t come onto our civil discussion forum you wacko maniac making your false and intentionally deceitful accusations against Jillian Becker and badmouthing the website.
                            I have a strong suspicion that you’re nothing but a “stealth  Muslim ” posing as though you’re just a casual reader .     If you were so f***ing upset over the post presented by jillian and attacked her so , then why didn’t you post any messages on all the other websites ( and there were many tyhat had the same photo and many others besides along with the hacked to death and shot to death Nigerian Christians as well ?  Why did you low life vermin single out only Jillian ?  Why did you target only here when there are a multitude of other sites out there with the same photo and more ?   I sent Jillian a list of several sites to verify   both the Muslim riot incident in Nigeria and the tanker truck explosion in the  Congo. There were mainstream media sources that presented the story along with pictures as well but I certainly didn’t  see your cowardly a** sending them hate messages on their comment pages you pathetic cockroach.  Go take your trolling bullcrap elsewhere and leave us the f*** alone with your lies, and deceit .  You and your cohorts are the propagandists , liars , hypocrites , and nutcases who are trying to stir up the flames and incite hateful fellings . You’re not fooling us one bit and we’re really fed up with you and your fellow troll buddies . Go pester other people on another site with your idiotic drivel.  
                         You people are nothing but a hunk of MANURE .   Oh , wait   , I take that back , that would be insulting to manure because you and your cohorts are lower than manure.   It has been indeed confirmed that this was two separate incidents and two separate locations and at two separate times .   I’ve checked literally dozens of news services for hours and it’s confirmed that Jillian Becker was right after all and she doesn’t need to apologize to anyone and she was NOT in error after all.
              How come none of you scumbags didn’t post any hate messages on any of the other numerous sites but you went all out of your way to gang up on Jillian  ?   How come none of you low life dirtbags made comments on other websites that had the same pictures as well as pictures of hacvked to death bodies and shot to death bodies as well as charred bodies ?  
                              The first  website that  I went to had the identical picture that Jillian had on her website . Where was that  piece of sh**  VeryConcerned’s comment on their site ?  Where ?  Show me !   You stupid fool jerks go out of your way to bully an innocent woman who only presented the truth and you know it and you all make me sick to my stomach and normally  I would be fuming right now but I know that’s exactly what you trolls want. This is how you all get off with your sicko “kicks”. 
                              This was all an organized blitz attack upon Jillian Becker to try to discredit her and this site and  I noticed that all of a sudden this site got swarmed with a bunch of hate commenters all in a short span of time. The chances of that being a coincidence is probably one in a billion. You people should be ashamed of yourselves but you have no shame because you all represent the true meaning of the word EVIL.     I didn’t see a single post of any of the username people who posted on this site on any of the multitude of other sites I checked that had the same photo . Why ? If they posted the same photo and more in more detail , then why didn’t you and your cohorts  post comments on those  sites chastising them ?
                           You all intentionally targeted Jillian and her site thinking that you were going to get away with your cyberbullying tactics and hate comments to her while all the time claiming that WE represent hate . You all are full of sh** !     You have nothing better to do than harrass an innocent women who is merely telling the truth and presenting the truth exactly the way it happened .  All the multitude of other sites had the same pictures  and more and yet you dogbreath vermin had  absolutely NOTHING to say to them about their pictures which were the same and more as what Jillian had.    I nearly used up an entire notepad writing the names of the various sites and news sources and some of the sites were major news outletts which are  indeed proven to be credible and reliable. Jilliann Becker was right after all and you jerkoffs owe her an apology !!!!!!

  • George

    I took the lberty to reaearch further and it was determined that the tanker explosion occurred in the  African Congo , and the massacre that occurred in  Nigeria was indeed true and it was indeed two separate incidents .   CASE CLOSED !!!!!!!     So all the trolls whining about the freakin’ picture —  STFU   !!!!!

  • F Harriott

    This is not a retraction.The picture should portray the facts.Its funny you racists dont seem to be making those mistakes or portraying anything on the wests conduct in Africa hmmmmmmmmmm loving your balanced reporting……….

    • Don L

      Racist…you can’t think and can’t read.  No one here made any racist comments.

      Typical of losers like you…it’s always someone elses fault.  You apparently are unable to think for yourself. 

      Only thing we are against are socialists and anyone with a religion…you seem to be both…maybe look to that as the reason for your screqwed up world!

      • George

        Don , this wacko is a troll using multiple -aliases to try to sabotage our discussion forum ..   If you’re reading  this SO VERY CONCERNED then you can go f*** yourself and kiss my a*** you you stupid fool nut-case.   Go to some other website with your trolling behavior and SHUT THE F*** up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    How’s that  for intolerance ?     Don’t get me started .  Now the “jarhead” is coming out of me and I’m about to burst a blood-vessel. This stinking  troll is pissing me the f*** off Don along with all the troll cohorts joining in with this wacko.    Who do these jerkoffs think they’re fooling ?   Semper FI   !!!!!!!!!!!

    • George

      Grow up and get a freakin’ life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VeryConcernedSTILL


    The aggressive complaints were a result of your failure to properly investigate the picture when you were informed about it several times. Instead, you and George argued with us blindly and your replies (George’s at least) were peppered with all kinds of insults. (You were noticeably absent, most likely somewhere cowering.)

    My repeated posts were a response to each of your disgusting attempts to point attention away from your initial “mistake”. In order to avoid admitting your error, you posted new blogs over and over. So consider my excessive postings (about 4 in all) as a tit for tat! It has taken you too long to post a retraction and this one is pathetic at best. You have not even apologized. You are so focused on your war on islam that you do not even realize the damage you have done to the PEOPLE of Nigeria. Yes, people, not mindless islamic savages, but PEOPLE who are christians, muslims, and agnostics alike. Your awful site got 3500 visitors. Well that is great…But the picture along with the incorrect caption and a credit to YOU were reposted on facebook 25000 times.

    If you want to pretend like that could not further escalate violence on the continent, then that is fine by me. As for this site, this will be my last post. But AS GOD AS MY WITNESS I will be unrelenting in trying to expose you for the horrible person you are for all of this. I will make sure all 25000 of those people on facebook, and as many who posted this on their blogs, know the truth of what happened here. You have no regard for truth and you are despicable.

    Do not bother reblocking me, this site is disgusting and I have nothing else to say. Jillian, I will be contacting you directly and hopefully many other Nigerians who are not satisfied with this post. You will need to do more to rectify this situation.

    • Mark

      You should understand that you are not acting off of any sense of journalistic integrity, but emotion. What a glaring prototype.

      If you think that this site is the very fulcrum of evil because it exposes a few of the violent truths about human society, then I suggest you check out some other places like http://www.theync.com or http://www.uncoverreality.com. You’ll *love* them.

      This stuff is minor, by comparison, and at least Jillian makes an intrepid effort to seek the truth. Sometimes that comes at great personal and professional risk. The above mentioned do not (and there are many more) care in the slightest what you think; if you want to stand on some ill-begotten moral pedestal, I submit that you should start at the epicenter of violent media before you come attack someone like this with sweeping statements like “no regard for the truth” or “despicable.”

    • Don L

      If god is your witness…you have none!  You will not be missed.

    • Jillian Becker


      That’s some publicity. 

      Please do contact them all a second time. And even more if you can.  

    • Jillian Becker

      What a bluster! 

      Hear the authentic tones of the bully! 

      My guess is that the writer is female. That she is the paid lackey of someone in authority, probably male. This kind of self-righteous bullying is usually displayed by servants who want to prove to a boss that she is full of zeal in carrying out orders. She feels licensed to abuse because ultimately it is the big man’s responsibility. She’s a type that swarms round the UN. 

      She also feels justified in making threats because she feels she is speaking for a high moral cause – peace in Nigeria which, she claims, our website is about to destroy. Now if there is any more violence in that blood-soaked country – which there is bound to be – she will blame me, crowing and hooting, full of sound and fury.  

      Yes, it is the voice of the UN whether it comes from Turtle Bay or not. It is also the voice of the religious. And of the Left. 

      Perhaps we’ll find out. As more emerges about her, as her threatened campaign against me develops (if it does), I’ll post it.

      • Mark

        Don’t hold your breathe, JB.

        The only threats I see congealing from that continent are endemic, uncontrolled HIV and annoying spam emails involving princes wanting money.

        *Cough* First Amendment *cough*

      • Don L

        Jillian you’ve been at this terrorism biz a long time.  That you deduced female lackey and UN…good spotting!
        And thanks Mark for reminding us they’re called NIGERIAN Scams.

      • George

        When I went to post my message Jillian to VeryConcernedSTILL the name came up in a window at the lower left bottom———————    F.   Harriot .   I have no idea who that is and I don’t care.   Neither you or I made any personal attacks upon anyone but we get these freakin’ trolls who come onto the site for the purpose of sabotaging  the website .

    • George

      Fist of all   VeryConcerned STILL  , your claim that my posts were peppered with insults is a blatant  lie and you are a blatant liar for stating such.   Anyone reading and paying attention to my posts could clearly see that I repeatedly stated that I did not know for a fact if it was or wasn’t a photo that may have been falsely put on the internet.   By the same token if it was a riot that occured in Nigeria , then it would indeed stand to reason that rioters would have set a truck ablaze.      I made it perfectly clear that I was going to further research the matter and investigate from an objective analysis to see what is what and report back after my findings .

                      I further made it clear that after finding that it was incorrect  ( if so ) regarding the photo that I would state and acknowledge such and I also asked that if it was found to be accurate as depicted if  you would do so also ———-  and I got NO reply regarding such.  The arrogance regarding this is on YOUR part , not mine.   

                                Furthermore , why all the uproar all of a sudden regarding ONE singular photo ?   Where was your so-called  VERY CONCERNED attitude toward all the mass multitude of attrocities , terrorist acts, and murders committed that were clearly verified and posted on this website ?     Where was your VERY CONCERNED outrage about the armoured vehicle that ran back and forth over a peacefull protestor , and the one that caved a man’s face in , or the three women hanging ffrom  a crane, or in the article , the massacre in –” Muhammad’s command ” , or the women burried waste deep and stoned to death for trivial complaints , or the Muslim children beaten because they made an error on their homework, or the Pakistani  man who beheaded his two small daughters because he THOUGHT they may possibly engage in a sexual immoral act as one allegded family member was accused of , or the woman that was beaten horribly because she wore western style slacks under her dress , or the Muslim troops shooting and killing refugees sleeping in tents at a refuge camp , or the  children being taught to blow themselves up for jihad , or the women who were allowed to burn to death because they were forbidden to exit a burning building because they didn’t have their heads covered  ?     I can go on and on and on  perpetually .  So don’t hand me this bullcrap that  youre  so very concerned about anything. My dog has more concern than you !   Who do you think you’re fooling . You’re are  a liar and a freeakin’ hypocrite. The person spewing out insults is yourself .    This was all an organized blitz smear campaign  against Jillian Becker .  

                                     You and your cohorts went   “ballistic”  over  ONE photograph  yet totally ignored all the hundreds or photos, articles and videos that have been presented on this site .  Where was your so-called CONCERN there ?    Where was your so-called  CONCERN  regarding all the terrorist bombings , slaughters and other horrific  acts ( besides this one photo ) ?     If Jillian  posted a photo that she believed to be accurate and it turned out not to be but was fake , then  I’m sure it wasn’t intentional —especially when we have had people in the mainstream major media outlets do the same and end up having to retract what they presented .  Every news outlet has made errors, mistakes and relied on what was believe to be authentic sources .    I made it perfectly clear that I did NOT know for a fact either way.   As I stated previously , why all of a sudden a bunch of people come crawling out of the woodwork attacking Jillian Becker regarding ONE photo as this is suppose to hurt someone’s image after all the mass attrocities , murders, terrorist acts , massacres , etc.  that YOU and your ilk have been TOTALLY SILENT about ?  Where was CONCERN outcry regarding all the other murderous behaviors that have been verified, documented as factual , accurate and substantiated ? Where ?  Show me !

                                          This  was NO coincidence that all of a sudden Jillian and this website was attacked all in a matter of a 24-hour period  and considering that pictures of horrific acts of murder , mayhem and terror have been posted here for as far back as I can remember and no comment from you and your so-called CONCERNED  ilk.   Here you are spewing out your hatred and insults upon  Jillian , the website and anyone who posted their comments of how they felt regarding the photo and then you deceitfully twist things around to make it appear as if  we are trying to push some kind of “propaganda” which is utter rubbish and you know it. I’m not falling for it because your assertion doesn’t hold  water.
                               If a mistake was indeed made and it was corrected then it’s done and MOVE ON  and put your concentration on the real issues of real and true terror going on worldwide which  you and your ilk are clearly SILENT on  and have IGNORED  ( so much for being so freakin’ CONCERNED ) , while claiming that you have such VERY CONCERN  feelings regarding  ONE  freakin’ photo.   People are being slaughtered around the world  ( and you have absolutely NOTHNG  to say about it ) but you want us to believe that you have such concern . Ha !  Spare me !!!!    The propagandist is yourself  but you make an attempt to put a ‘spin” on the issue to make people believe just the opposite as a form of  “character assasination ”  and attempt to discredit Jillian Becker  because you are trying to denigrate the website and her personally.     If a TV  news source or major newspaper had published a photo of an incident and then retracted the picture and stated they had actually trusted the source and it had been originally put out by a prankster , I certainly wouldn’t be going berserk over it and forever condemning the news team if it turns out otherwise and it’s corrected .   No one intentionally tried to deceive anyone and if an error did in fact occur then it was indeed an error and if it’s been corrected and acknowledged then it’s settled  but the question still remains that hasn’t yet been answered –and that is why haven’t you and your cohorts displayed outrage at the multitude of confirmed incidents of terror posted here and yet you remain silent and so UNCONCERNED about that while claiming falsely that you’re so VERY CONCERNED ?

                              You attacked Jillian Becker and anyone that said they were outraged at what was on the photograph .  If the photograph proved to be in error and it was corrected , then the matter is resolved and move the  f***   on and stop harping on one singular incident while totally ignorring the mass multitude of presentations of horror , terrorism , slaughter, massacres , etc. that are indeed confirmed yet you make NO comment on those issues whatsoever.   I don’t have any axe to grind with anyone and I certainly don’t have any agenda with anyone and I even further do not engage in group think.       If those of you had a complaint of the photo and wanted to call it to the attention of Jillian Becker , at least you could have been civil about it and simply pointed it out , but instead you and your organized cohorts come upon here right off the bat attacking her and anone else who expressed horror at what they saw.   I do not believe for one minute that Jillian Becker intentionally posted anything fake with any bad intention if it was indeed such in it’s origin ( and for the record , I  have never met Jillian personally and  I certainly don’t have any agenda of favortism toward anyone or any cause ).
                      If you and your cohorts had acted civilly from the very start then all of this could have been avoided and the matter could have been handled civily and maturely , so don’t blame us for something that started as a result of you and your cohorts acting hostile , childish and virulent right from the start regarding one singular photograph.  The way you and your ilk  have behaved is despicable and was totally uncalled for . If you and your cohorts had simply  called it to the attention of Jillian Becker and used a sense of tact instead of your mean-spirited demeanor , then the entire matter could have been resolved amicably and would have not resulted in such a “heated exchange ”  and gotten into a “pissing contest ”  which  could have been avoided in the first place .

      • Don L

        You Go George!!!

        I was wondering where you’d gotten to.  You have come back in roaring Glory!  You rule Jarhead!!!

        Don L

    • C. Gee

      Why do you not come out from your cloak of anonymity?  How can we be sure that “VeryconcernedStill” isn’t actually “Layingitonratherthick”? There has to be a reason for your exaggerated disgust at a wrongly captioned picture and the loony fear that it will cause an escalation of the already severe sectarian – or other – violence in Nigeria. What is your interest here?  Are you Nigerian, and do you yourself feel violence arising in you? Who will you take it out on? When you say you wish to have thousands of others on the internet feel disgust at this site,  is that how you start the violence ball rolling?  Are you going to fulfill your own predictions of escalated violence? But can you be certain that thousands of others are, like you, on an emotional hair-trigger ? I find it very hard to see how adults, Nigerians or others, could be so irrational, even though at least some of them have left evidence of it in the Diocese of Jos and elsewhere on and off the dark continent.  But perhaps you are Nigerian and also a tour operator there? I could understand your annoyance at Nigeria being given a reputation as an uncomfortable place for Christians. May I suggest that you drop Christians as clients, and stick to Muslims and agnostics? It also is possible that you are a Nigerian Muslim. Of course it would behoove you to be scrupulous in not allowing Muslims to take credit for the deaths of  Christians, or even other Muslims or agnostics, when they were actually killed in truck accidents.

      Whoever you are, your comments are nonsensical. If you were not writing anonymously you would be ashamed of yourself. 

  • Ralph

    A honest mistake was made and corrected. The main stream media ignores the horrors of Islam; perhaps because they are afraid of offending Islam. Jillian tries to enlighten us while the MSM turns off the lights.

    Jillian; one honest mistake does not negate all the great work you have done here. Most importantly you have informed and made me think. Thank you.

    • George

      It wasn’t a mistake Ralph. Jillian Becker ws right to begin with regarding the photo. I have done several hours researching dozens of websites and credible mainsttream media outlets and the photo that Jillian posted was true and acurate. The charred bodies photo was the result of a Muslim riot in Northern Nigeria as a result of Muslims angry for losing the election to a Christian for the Presidency.  The tanker explosion where 220-230 people died was an incident that occurred in the Congo. It was TWO separate incidents and I have multitudes of confirmed data reports on the two incidents .  Jillian  was right after all   !

  • NigelB

    To suggest that a mistake was made in good faith is delusional.  To describe someone responsible for such deception as “brilliant and honest” is irrational.  I can understand supporting friends and taking political stances, but if one hopes to expand an audience beyond those already in agreement with a particular position or those emotionally attached to a person, sticking with ethical means of persuasion and avoiding blatant propaganda would be a promising way of convincing the skeptical that your viewpoint is worth considering.  As far as the accuracy of other postings on the site, this sort of deception diminishes the other post’s credibility–even if they contain legitimate information.

    • Don L

      Na na na na na…eat my shorts…slw  slw slw slw

    • George

      In spite of what you posted above ,  how come you had NOTHING to say about any of the hundreds of articles ( many that included pictures, videos and documented government /mass media substantiation ) of terrorist attacks, maassacres , violence and mayhem and torture that ‘s been posted here for so long ?    The delusional attitude is on your part.  If it was an error , then all you had to do was point it out , let it be checked out  & investigated and leave it at that , but oh no , you and your comrades come onto here with your mean-spirited ad hominem personal attacks upon Jillian Becker.

      I’ve probably been posting on here for nearly a year and NOT once have I seen any post from you or the others who are now attacking Jillian Becker post comments of how you are sickened about 3 innocent women peaceful protestors  being hung from a crane, or men, women, and little children being hacked to death and being carved up like a turkey but that didn’t bother YOU at all to prompt you to post a comment. In your mind–NO PROBLEM there  !!!!   Funny , you were totally silent on that. Funny , you had NOTHING to comment or bitch about regarding that.  Oh , but one photograph is put up by Jillian and then all of a sudden the wolfpack is on the attack      All  of a sudden it’s a shark eating frenzy.    If you had just simply pointed out to Jillian what you had supposedly discovered and let us check it out regarding your complaint and then if we found that you were right , we would have acknowledged it and it would be corrected , but instead you and your comrades went for the jugular upon Jillian in a  vicious hate-mongering personal attack.   That’s OUR complaint about YOU and your cohorts . It’s that simple   If you people had acted civilized and mature right from the beginning , then all of this could have been avoided —so the fact is the attack came from you and your bunch —not us  !

  • Warren

    To Jillian and readers, et al.: As the one who seems to have raised the flag, so to speak, re: The Picture, let me say that I appreciate the fact that you have made this post explaining the error. 

    As to my intent in raising my concerns, I was the recipient of the pic as a re-post on another site. I had never even heard of this site before that day. I am, by nature, a skeptic, and as such take the time to investigate things people ask me to support. This led me to the true circumstances of the pic and then to this site, not as a way to antagonize or gloat or to be divisive. I simply wanted to get an error corrected. We all know there are many untruths all across the internet, and it is good when any of us can get even one corrected.

    I would be the first in line to say that the muslim world has disdain and downright hatred for anyone that does not believe as they do. I would also agree that all over the world they have been the perpetrators of vast violence. With that said, I do feel that it is important for all of us to be diligent in making sure that what we post is what we say it is.

    Thank you again, Jillian, for stepping up and acknowledging the error.

    • Warren

      One other thought: The muslim hatred for infidels includes both atheists and Christians as well as all other people that do not follow Islam. It behooves us to unite in like-mindedness with regard to the muslims. It truly is all of us against them.

      • Anonymous

        No need to unite with christians.  We can support their battle, they can support ours if they dare, but I don’t trust them much more than I trust anyone whose religion holds Abraham in high regard, a wanna-be child-killer who heard voices telling him to kill.  How can one trust such folks, and if one can’t trust them, how can one unite with them.
        Honestly, it is more likely the Abrahamics will unite against us godless folks.

    • Don L

      Warren…very decent of you!

      Don L

    • George

      Tell me something Warren , why is it that you claim to be so freakin’ disturbed over one singular picture but you are  totally silent regarding all the mass multitudes of pictures , videos, and articles showing massacres, attrocities , mass violence etc.  whereby you and your cohorts had absolulutely  NOTHING to say about whatsoever ?   The silence is deafening regarding all the widespread violence, mass murder, mayhem, violence and torture, and  human rights violations galore  .   You don’t have anything better to do than come onto a website and bitch about ONE lousy picture.    Ok , fine , for the sake of argument , let’s say it was a mistake by the hostess and the hostess obtained a picture that was fraudently and put on the internet in error and so you’re claiming to be upset over that because in your mind you say that –that wasn’t right or just—so let’s examine the other side of the equation.  
                             Were you upset over “Muhammad’s command” pictures and article ?  I didn’t see any comment post from you on that . where was your outrage about those people being masscred  ?  Are you going to say that’s fake . It wasn’t .  Why didn’t you post any comment about that horror expressing your outrage about how those innocent men, women and little children were savagely and ruthlessly massacred  ?   Where were your wringing hands  and teary eyes concerning those murderous acts ?  Show me !  You can’t  because  there weren’t any . – You come onto this discussion forum  with your BS drivel accusing the host  of  some kind of intentional weblog misconduct but by the same token you don’t  give a rat’s a**  about all the massive numbers of pictures and articles that had indeed verifiable presentations of massacres , tortue and terroristic violence —that’s for sure .  Now here you are acting so high and mighty as if you give a rat’s a** about a freakin’ photo depiction.   You didn’t give a f*** about all the other verified slaughters of innocent people and you made absolutely NO comment about that whatsoever.  Oh , but we’re  to believe that you care so much and you are so upset about some kind of injustice being made here. 
         Again , for the sake of argument , if it was put up there with the intent you claim , how does that compare with all the terrorist horrors going on around the world of which YOU and your ilk have made NO comment about whatsoever ?  You didn’t post any outrage about that ? Why ?  I’ll tell you why———–  it’s because you really don’t give a %$#@  but are pretending that you care and are upset.  IMHO , you are probably someone who makes excuses regarding terrorist activity and/or ignores it but then  pretend to be outraged if someone  posts a lousy picture  ( even if it was by chance in error ) .   Your priorities are so f***ed up it’s mind boggling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jillian Becker

      Warren – 

      Our policy and long observed custom is to thank a commenter who sends in a correction. If he/she writes to us politely and provides proof, we make the correction. 

      You were not rude, but your comment came in with a spate of extremely aggressive and abusive comments carrying the same message. They all assumed, or pretended to assume, malicious intention on our part. They demanded, not requested, that we reconsider our post. We think it was a concerted campaign. 

      We too think it is important to be diligent in making sure that what we post is true – as we have amply proved over three years. Honest mistakes can occur. In this instance, we made a mistake, in that a state of affairs was wrongly illustrated; but that state of affairs – religious strife in Nigeria, arising because Muslims and Christians are in conflict over land issues – was not falsely presented. As our subsequent posts have fully proved, Christians have been massacred and burnt by Muslims in Nigeria.  

      Thank you for sending us your appreciation of our position.

  • Andrew M

    To our recent visitors:

    I sympathize with your skepticism, but I cannot empathize with it.
    Distrusting the media may be the keystone of a critical thinker, yet
    nobody who represents this site is stopping anyone from reading the 59
    comments which currently appear below the “Acts of religion” post. Many
    of these posts are very similar to one another and expose the reader to
    no new information, some of them contain broken links (lots of the posts
    have links), yet none of them stop the individual with a working brain
    from making up his mind as to the circumstances regarding that single

    Many posters alerted Jillian to the possibility that the victims
    portrayed in that grisly picture might have died under accidental (as
    opposed to intentional) circumstances. In response to this, Jillian not
    only acknowledged her own folly by opening up this discussion, but also
    posted a more-than-sizable gallery of the remains of people who actually
    suffered at the hands of Islamic jihad. Not Christians,

    To decry the murder of Christians is not to shill from Christianity; it
    is squarely to lambast Islam and criticize the Koranic mandate to engage
    in ceaseless and merciless destruction of the Dar al-Harb until
    “religion be only for Allah” (Quran 2:193).

    While you and your cohorts decry one of your fellow infidels for her
    extremely hateful and insensitive mistake made in good faith, we are all
    in the crosshairs of the Islamic rifles cocked in bad faith – nay,
    miserable faith. It is clear from your willingness to ignore the cocked
    rifles that you are not skeptics, but cynics – smearing Jillian is more
    important for you than criticizing Islam!

    In the end, you are carrying their water. Are you and your cohorts,
    wherever you may be emerging from this vast and awesome frontier of
    cyberspace, really willing to sacrifice us all by tarring and feathering
    one of us?

    Lastly, I don’t even have an opinion on the picture one way or the
    other, yet I consider my opinion irrelevant in light of the great many
    more plainly visible examples of Islamic jihad in action. Does my
    indifference on a small sliver of the potential evidence mean I was born
    out of wedlock and ride a Clydesdale? I dread that Mydevilwearsfishnets would say so.

    • Don L

      Very nice sir!

    • Mark

      Hey, wait, I’m on *your* side in this one!

      Ignore that strange moniker; Clydesdale? At least you have good taste. XD

      Okay, seriously what did I say? I am adept at skewing my messages…

    • George

      You’re right Andrew  , however it wasn’t a mistake as I have done extensive reaearch and found that Jillian Becker was indeed RIGHT in her posting of the photo which  I posted on the other comment page a few minutes ago.    I spent hours yesterday researching dozens of sites and even mainstream media ( the most credible out there ) and it was confirmed that the riot picture  that Jillian posted was indeed true  and I  listed several links and those were only a few.   The photo of the charred bodies was accurate and it was indeed a photo of burned bodies as a result of Muslims angry because they lost the election to a  Christian for President  and this occurred in Northern Nigeria.   The tanker explosion incident actually occured in the Congo where around 220-230 people were burned and these were indeed two separate incidents .  Jillian was right after all and has NOTHING to apologize for. These liars and deceivers owe her an apology.   I saw a large photo ( one of many ) of the Nigerian riot results and the primary main photo was EXACTLY the one that Jillian posted. She was right and NOT in error.   Then all of a sudden these damn trolls started attacking her in a gang style ad hominem personal attack to smear her and this site.   Amazing how these same trolls that attacked Jillian about one photo had absolutely nothing to say about all the other pictures and videos and articles presented on this website . Why is that ?  It’s also amazing that all of a sudden these trolls bombarded the site within one 24-hour period all of a sudden.  When I saw this , the “red flags” went up and I then became  very suspicious and my suspicion was confirmed.    I can probably produce at least 50 news sources ( including credible mainstream media sources ) that have confirmed that these are two separate incidents and what Jillian posted originally was indeed true and accurate . There was NO error and Jillian owes NO apology. They owe her and us an apology , but we won’t be holding our breath , that’s for sure .

      • Andrew M

        Just goes to show that you can’t give Islamic supremacists the benefit of the doubt, for the sword does not understand the meaning of doubt.

        I buy that the picture is the Real Deal, but I also find it painful to wade through the old and highly disorganized thread covered top-to-bottom in graffiti just to separate the signal from the noise of the chattering bots. Where are the conclusive links that support this analysis? I would be very interested to see it, much less find out where this barrage of new visitors has emerged from (should it be a place at all).

        • George

          I posted them on the other article [ Acts of religion ] just to name a few.  I checked literally dozens of sites for hours ( including major media outletts ) and discovered that Jillian was right after all.     The charred bodies photo was a result of a riot that occurred in Katuna, Nigeria ( Northern Nigeria ) after Muslims became enraged that they lost the election to a  Christian for the Presidency. Not only were people burned , but people were shot to death and hacked to death and the Muslims set fire to 40 churchs.  On othet sites the SAME photo tha Jillian presented were there as well and yet not one of these trolls that attacked Jillian made any comment whatsoever on any of those sites whatsoever.
                              ASs far as the tanker truck explosion , a large tanker truck ahd leaked massive amounts of fuel and caught on fire and also exploded and this was confirmed to have happened in the Congo where it was reported that 220-230 people were burned to death as a result.    These were two separate incidents at two separate locations at two separate times.
                       My question still remains —————- If these people that attacked Jillian were so upset about the photo that Jillian posted , then why weren’t they upset about the SAME photo ( and more of the incident ) posted on other websites as well. Why didn’t anyone write their attacking hateful comments to the other sites and site hosts ? This was all an orchestrated and planned conspiratorial “witch hunt” directly specifically at Jillian Becker who has been fighting terrorism for a very long time and they set out to destroy her and her reputation and the reputation of this site. The “RED  FLAGS”  started to go up in my mind when I saw multiple aliases form the same person and a blitz of attacks all within a 24 hour period and especially considreing that the picture had been up for quite a long period of time but only re-posted again much later. Why didn’t the same individuals post any comments when it was originally posted ON THIS SITE quite some time  ago ?
                         Also , why didn’t these same individuals show any outrage about the horrible massacre under the post “Muhammad’s command” ?  Yet these bastards claim to be so VERY CONCERNED. They are all full of sh** ! Why didn’t any of them postany comments about the slaughter by Muslim troops in a refugee camp living in tents   , or the video of the 3 women hanging form a crane , or women burried up to their waste while wrapped in a sack while people stood around and stoned them to death , or the outrageous act by Muslims who allowed a large number of youg Muslim women to burn to death in a burning building when they were trying to escape the flames , they blocked the doors and wouldn’t let them out because their heads weren’t covered.  Not one of these bastards that attacked Jillian had anything whatsoever to say about those attrocious acts ,  barbaric , savage and murderous acts.   Oh but we are supposed to believe that they are so f***ing concerned . What a bunch of bulls*** !  They have been exposed for being the lying and hatfull trolls that they are and this was all an organized “smear campaign ” against Jillian Becker and this website  to try to intentionally discredit her and this website because more and more people are paying attention and are indeed becoming outraged at what is going on , so in order to silence  the message , one has to silence the messenger and I’m sure you get the picture now.  Take care Andrew.  

  • Don L

    Jillian you are brilliant and honest!
    The Arab and Persian…muslim middle east…are failures because instead of doing anything productive…they spend their entire day on their knees sucking up to Allah and Mohammad…memorizing the rules of how to kill anyone who disagrees with them…This is theocratic central planning with a violent purpose.

    Pre-emption is rapidly seeming like a viable course of action…especially as the muslim filth consider WMD as a righteous tool to use on the infidels.  Them before us…bright light, heat wave and concussive wave and phht…problem solved!

    It has been my theory that in winning the cold war, we made deals with the devil.  We supported, wrongly, some of the most vile and brutal governments around.  Those governments allowed the religious idiots to preach hatred of the west in order to deflect blame…the piper is being paid. 

    Generation after generation has been indoctrinated in hatred.  Their religion is pretty violent all by itself…now on steroids of  kill kill kill.  I’m not sure a timely solution, to undo all the hate, is available. 

    Perhaps, just cut them off totally from the world. No more exchange with the world…From Lawrence of Arabia…the electicity fails, the water works shut down…let them live back in the 6th century…they won’t have time to consider anything but survival…give them what they want.  The moment  one of them steps outside their caliphate…throw ’em back. 

    Cut them off from division of labor with the world until they are ready to join in in peace.  Screw it…nuke ’em!  LOL

    Don L

    • Jillian Becker

      In the last three days we acquired about 3,500 new readers, some of whom attacked us abusively, sourly, maliciously, gloatingly. Others perhaps liked the site and may stay with us. We’ll wait and see. 

      I am grateful to loyal readers who came to my personal defense. 

      Thank you, Don L – fellow free marketeer as well as fellow atheist.  

      • Don L

        It is my proud honor to stand beside you dear lady!!!

        Don L

        • George

          Hey Jillian , Don and I have your back and we know what’s going on here . This attack upon you is no surprise and thank you  Don for supporting Jillian  !!!!!!

      • George

        Jillian , this was an organized personal attack  that happened all of a sudden ( actually the first blitz within 24-hours ).   The chances that this many people would just stumble onto a website all of a sudden and then complain and gripe about one singular picture is probably one out of a billion .   This was all planned and orchestrated so don’t get yourself flustered at all about this BS.   I knew this was going to happen , but they are NOT fooling us for one second as we know and understand what they are up to.  Let me tell you why you are being attacked.    It’s because you are being effective and are getting the message out and people are sitting up and paying attention. So therefore they have to find some way to silence the message by silencing the messenger  and this was their planned and organized “witch hunt ”  attack to try all they can to discredit you so that people won’t take serious the contents on this site . That’s the truth , you know , I know it and even THEY know it.  Keep up the good work Jillian and keep plugging away and f*** these damn trolls !!!!!   

    • Liz

      Yes, I wish it were possible to cut all these barbaric nutcases off from the world and let them live in their own religious fantasyland without harrassing the rest of us. If only that were possible.  It was a mistake to try to make any kind of deals with them.
      I also find it interesting that all these people that have never made a post here suddenly appear out of the woodwork just to accuse us all of being vile, despicable liars because of one photograph! 

      • Don L

        Me thinks they doth protest too much.   However, I am despicable and vile…2 outta 3 ain’t bad!  LOL 


  • Andrew M

    Talking about useful mistakes, how about the current occupant of the White House waking up the American electorate who foisted him there to the hidden horrors of a big government whose expansion is left unchecked? It’s a good thing that these issues get people talking, for otherwise what is the purpose of our free speech?

    Jillian has since posted on the site a voluminous album of Islamic cruelty in Nigeria, and with this post comes her most forthright admission of error regarding that one incorrectly captioned image. Yet it amazes me that several of her readers still muster the gall to accuse her of con-artistry simply because she refuses to airbrush her mistake away. With Koranic mandate being showcased in all of its bloody “glory” here for the past few days, what more could you naysayers want?

  • NigelB

    To frame what you’ve done with your misinformation as a “mistake” is vile.  You’re giving atheists a bad name.

    • Guest

      That seems to be their goal, along with making Christians feel victimized and enraged to the point of perpetrating heinous crimes against the supposed threat of Islam and Muslims. Vile indeed.

      • George

        You are a liar and I can produce tons of media reports confirming the incident.   The only person being vile is yourself and your fellow cohorts . If it had turned out to be a mistake after I spent hours researching dozens of news sources , I would have stated so .    It was accurate and true. Furthermore why are you so up in arms about one photo ( if it was ) and yet you remain silent on all the massive numbers of photos, videos and articles presented regarding murders, terrorist acts and horror galore ?   Your deceitful propaganda precedes you.

    • George

      There was NO misinformation as  have reported repeatedly . I’ve sated several times already that yesterday   Oct. 19, 2001 , I spent hours researching dozens of websites  ( and including credible mainstream media outlets )  that confirmed that there were two separate incidents .  The photo posted by Jillian Becker was  indeed true and accurate and she needs not apologize for anything.      The photo presented by Jillian was accurate and depicted the charred remains of people burned after a Muslim riot in Northern Nigeria after Muslims were angry for losing the election to a Christian for the Presidency.    The tanker truck explosion  that some are in such an uproar about actually occurred in the Congo and they are TWO separate incidents . News sources also reported that some people tried to link the two together .   One was  the result of a tanker explosion and the other was the result of a violent riot.   The only peson giving atheists a bad name is yourself considering that atheists are suppose to be able to think rationally and NOT emotionally and should thouroughly examine the facts before coming to kneejerk conclusions.

  • Guest

    This site has ZERO credibility.
    Pure propaganda. Pretending to be atheists. How pathetic.
    Who pays your salaries? The Koch Brothers?

    • Jillian Becker

      Guest – 

      Can’t you tell from reading our pages that we get an enormous grant

      • Mydevilwearsfishnets

        My sarcasm meter just popped. Well said!

        We can put one notion to rest pretty easily if note, simply:
        Atheism is not a group. It’s not a weekend f*cking seminar. It is not an amalgam of “like-minded skeptics” – those terms are practically polarized.

        Atheism is simply the lack of belief in any gods. This doesn’t allude to any cultural identity or political affiliation (though these guys seem to have missed that bulletin). The rest of this bandwagon hopping and ‘who’s the real deal’ is just horsewash.

        What Atheists *do* tend to commonly subscribe to, as it is the basis for our dissonance, is the Socratic method – this is often described in brevity as “having the b*lls to recognize a mistake and rectify it for the betterment of all.”

        Get off your high horses, you smug bastards.

    • Liz

      So I guess exposing the brutality of Muslims towards Christians disqualifies us as atheists.  No, an atheist cannot possibly have feelings of compassion, especially not toward a Christian!  I guess we’re just supposed to be glad another bunch of Christians bit the dust, and credit the Muslims with doing our dirty work for us, since as everyone knows thats what all atheists really want!  
       One photo with a mistaken caption is “pure propaganda”?  What about all the many others on this site that are NOT mistakes?  Stayed under your rock for those, I guess.    

    • George

      No Guest  , YOU have ZERO credibility and where did you get your brains from —out of a cereal box ? We don’t have to pretend to be secular freethinkers or push any propaganda . There is no need for it and nothing to gain from it.   I spent many hours doing objective research on both the tanker fire in the Congo and the Muslim riot in Northern Nigeria and it is confirmed that Jillian  Becker was right regarding the original photo and there was no error or mistake and these were indeed two separate incidents .  So if you’re done TROLLING , then move on !

  • Elvis Presley

    Therefore is it you common practice to post something without verifying the facts? In your admission, you posted the photo and labeled with wrong caption TWICE — committing the same mistake.  And it seems you are so proud providing false information, excusing it a ‘useful’.

    • George

      Oh get off it with that bullcrap. Even if it was an error it certainly is NOT  a crisis for crying out loud.  One mistake ( if it was ) and you nuts come crawling out of the woodwork attacking Jillian Becker and The Atheist Conservative website as if it’s the end of the world. Where were your comments regarding “Muhammad’s command” ?  Where were your comments about all the multitude of pictures, videos  and articles that have been substantiated and verified ?     Funny , you  people who come on here all of a sudden with your ad hominem attacks regarding a freakin’ photo had absolutely NOTHING to say about those attrocities , massacres , terrorist acts and violence in any sense whatsoever , but now all of a sudden you come onto this  discussion forum attacking the host over some stinking picture.    Get the  f*** outta  here with that  BS  !!!!!!!!  
         You people are so full of crap , it’s pathetic.    This is typical trolling behavior and  I wouldn’t be surprised that  all  the people attacking Jillian Becker over a freakin’ photo are either ALL multiple-aliases  or friends of one another who organized a blitz attack upon the host .  You picked the wrong website to start attacking people  , but that’s what TROLLS do !!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, what planet are you from??  Go troll somewhere else you find useful.