The savage slaying of a savage chief 5

This is the video of Gaddafi being killed (its makers say). Or perhaps it pictures a man who has already been shot and bludgeoned to death. If it is Gaddafi lying there dead – good that he has gone. He was a cruel tyrant, smarmingly courted, through many years, by Western politicians, BlairSarkozy, and Obama most notably among them.

Those who are shrieking and baying round the man or the corpse are the savages that NATO forces – mainly British, French and American – have been helping to overthrow the tyrant and seize power. From this video alone it would be reasonable to suppose that they are unlikely to rule any more morally than did their prey.    


See the Mail Online’s report and pictures here.

  • Don L

    What is it about the mentality of those from backward countries (oh, PC is 3rd world? under-developed?  It all just means dictator or communists in charge.) that celebration means firing weapons into the air?  Aren’t firecrackers cheaper than bullets?  Of  the reported 30,00 injured in Libya…how many are from bullets falling back to earth?

    These people have no idea what freedom is.  They think, as the oligarchs desire, democracy…majority rule.  It is the fastest path to destruction.  Our Founderrs understood representative government and REPUBLIC…rule of law.  Of course, Lincoln’s war ended that and the coup de grâce was the 1913 17th Amendment that severed US Senators from representing their State.

    No…I don’t see anything good coming out of the mideast.

    Don L

  • It’s funny – I just read a article on yahoo about how Obama needed this “win” to buffer him from GOP attacks.  First of all, this was obviously a partisan article by a typical lefty journalist.  But more importantly, are these libs high?  Don’t they understand that killing Khadafi solves about 1/1000 of the problem?  The big problem is: now what happens in Libya?

    Don’t these idiot lefties remember what happened in Iraq?  We toppled the regime there in like 3 weeks.  But 8 years later, we are still there trying to stabilize the damn place.  How is this recent history lost on the left?  I just don’t get it.  They’re celebrating (just as Bush did) WAY TOO EARLY.

  • Frank

    From the frying pan to the fire?
    I’m not optimistic about it.

    • Mark


  • Ralph

    I fear the Arab Spring will become an Islamic Winter.