Ayatollah to be next Pope 12

Okay we’re only kidding.

But in the light of this, don’t be surprised if it happens:

Crucifixes hung in a classroom at the Catholic University — a private university in Washington, D.C. — are apparently now considered a violation of Muslim students’ human rights.

It’s also a human right to be Pope.

  • Don L

    Hit post a bit too soon:
    I don’t care what someone belives or not.  They do not, however, have the right to foist their belief on me.  If there is no freedom from religion, there cannot even be freedom of religion! 
    As the progressives became “liberals” to hide there true motives; then after time, becoming progressives again, given the negative of “liberal’….Religious fanatic is now becoming “conservative”.   This site has discussed the idea that the probability of an atheist being elected to office as a “conservative” is pretty slim. 
    Incidenatlly, in Afghanistan, the word conservative…it means “Taliban”.  I hate to point it out, but maybe Jillian might consider a new name: Atheist Free Marketeers.   Atheist Conservative is becoming to mean Atheist Christian.

    • Jillian Becker

      We thank you for the suggestion, Don L, and we see your point. 

      But we are conservative in that we support the fundamental principles of American conservatism: individual freedom, small government to protect liberty by the rule of law, strong defense, low taxes, free market economics. 

      Also, we enjoy rousing surprise among those who assume that religious belief must be part of American conservatism.  

      “Atheist Christian’ is an oxymoron. “Atheist conservative” is a concept we illustrate every day.  

      And one more thing: we are now known as The Atheist Conservative to some tens of thousands. We don’t want to start over again as a new website.

      • Don L

        Hi Jillian.  Of course, the suggestion was a tongue in cheek thought.
        Indeed, I really wouldn’t want to give into to their stealing the conservative label so easily, or at all…they, like the progressives, are hiding from their true nature by playing with their name…let ’em be the Christian conservatives.  

        What truly gets me…Theists are, by theire very nature, collectivists, socialists…that any of the theists now running for president claims to be for free market capitalism is absolutely nuts!
        In fact an a lie! 

        I would not want the name of this site changed in anyway…It is absolutely grand as it is!!! 

  • Don L

    Saw this on one of the FOX shows last evening.  It was a debate between a conservative lawyer and a lawyer in support of the muslim students.  The Muslim advocate was nonsensical and unable to defend his position…which basically was…law be damned, here’s how we want it.
    It came to me after watching this bit, that the christians do it to all of us all the time.  That is, in public places supposedly to be free of any religious icons trappings or influences, they bring in their prayers and other rituals.  Isn’t this exactly the same as if the the muslims get their way and force the catholics to remove the catholic icons from their private facilities?  Rights are trampled on…my rights to be free of this BS.


    • Andrew M

      But Don L, how could you say something some awfully insensitive! Jesus died for your sins and this is how you repay your debt??? America is a Christian country. Only in this country do you have the freedom to religion, so how dare you spit on the symbols of practicing Christians and demand that they support your voodoo atheist Communist cult worship! You’re also probably countenancing Islam, because screw your hatred of America!

      Maybe God needs to take away somebody’s rights before he uses too many of them….

      • Don L

        Yes, he died for my sins.  But…it didn’t work!  Bloodied crosses and Plaster of paris madonnas (some with child)… just have no meaning for me.  And, I’ve heard that passemgers on flight 93 carried St christopher medals….Blast, I still carry the burden of original sin.  It just isn’t fair I was too young to know I had it.

        Yes, my rights and freedom must suffer so the clergy can instruct me…

        I don’t know where to go with this…Ican’t think like them!  LOL

  • C. Gee

    What are Muslim students doing at a private Catholic university?
    How about putting all the crucifixes on the walls facing Mecca, so that when the Muslims pray they present their behinds to Jesus? That would be good interfaith solution. The Christians would be, er, turning the cheek to an insult as required.  The Muslims would be insulting Christians as required. 
    I also wonder whether the Muslim  – and devout Catholic students –  consider the teaching of evolution at the university, or physics, to be a violation of their human rights? 

    • George

      It’s amazing how many Muslims here in America are demanding that we as Americans recognize their beliefs and change our society to meet their religious needs ( i.e.–  foot baths at airport terminals, special menu foods at restaurants and the barring of customs  that Muslims are against , etc ) .   However , the same Muslims are totally silent about speaking up in countries like Saudi Arabia whereby American troops were not allowed to bring their Bibles into the country or practice their Christian beliefs openly because the nation forbade it .   I’m not trying to take sides with Christians but pointing out the hypocritical double-standard that occurrs in a number of Muslim countries.  An article was presented on this website  with a photo taken by a cell phone camera of a Hindu man walking home from work and a bunch of Muslims grabbed him and beat him to death while the man plead for his life.  He wasn’t bothering anybody but was murdered in cold blood savagely.  Where was  the outcry from the Muslim community who proclaim they represent peace and justice ?  I guess next we’ll hear that the article and that photo was fake.  Of all the umpteen thousands of Muslim terrorist acts going on worldwide , where is the mainstream Muslim outcry or public denunciation to say — ” Stop the terrorism” ,  ” Stop the violence ” , ” Stop the murders ” , ”   Stop the human rights violations ” , etc ?   Where  is it ?  Show me !  None exists .
                             Yet when we point these factual things out , we have propagandists who accuse us of being propagandists  for telling the truth and presenting the obvious facts.   It’s all a part of the global deception crusade.    What acts of violence or terrorism are ATHEISTS engaged in ———  NONE   !!!!    However atheists are the most hated and despised group in America because we don’t embrace a belief in the make-believe Invisible Daddy In The  Sky.  Amazing !

      • George

        In continuation ——–   If you think I’m being one sided here ,  I can also  ask  where are the  ATHEISTS  in America who have the guts to speak up  for capitalism , free-enterprise, protecting America , protecting the family , protecting our soverignty , and speaking out against this  “political correctness ” bullcrap  ?    The same atheists who cower in private monthly meetings listening to feakin’ speakers standing behind a podium pushing PC politics and agendas are the very ones who are always SILENT in the public “arena”.     Sometimes  fellow atheists ( particularly the liberal atheists ) with their degenerate agendas and PC crap drive me nuts moreso than some of the religious extremists . The whole world has gone wacko.     I feel sorry for the youth of today of what kind of world they are going to have to grow up in———- it’s mind boggling.

      • Andrew M

        Taqiyya is a bitch, wouldn’t you know? My accepted definition for the term in two words is “Islamic doublethink”. Although – or perhaps because – George Orwell was a freedom-loving socialist, he serves a vital instructive role into analyzing the utterances of duplicitous Communists through the writer’s genius use of language. This skill needs only slight adaptation to investigate the duplicity of taqiyya.

        Should I ever find myself in pleasant conversation with a Muslim, and the conversation treads on these subjects of Islamic brutality, I will ask him wholeheartedly to make these tough calls unambiguously and without recourse to deception. Whether I will ever encounter the “individual Muslim hero” remains to be seen, especially considering how often I’ve been disappointed.

        • Don L

          Taqiyya.  OK…I had to look that one up. Thanks for sharing!  I knew they did…glad to know it has a name.

          Freedom-loving…After watching FOX for a bit, last evening, I switched to MSNBC for a different prespective on the world…ick!…

          Can’t remember her name, but a hardcore progressive was telling about how freedom-progressives were and that capitalists were trul evil with corporate control over everyone. 

          I have never met anyone that has ever had someone from Proctor & Gamble, Coca Cola, Mc Donalds…or any corporation come to a front door and with threat of force make them buy a product or service.  But coprorations working in Cronyistic cabals with socialist do thru government taxes…try not paying them.

          Pleasant conversation with a muslim…you’re kidding right?  LOL.

          I can’t recall it, but there was a mental puzzle having to do with a liar and a fork in the road…something to be considered on your search.

    • Don L

      Hi C.Gee

      On the FOX show I mentioned in my posting, the idea reported, was that the catholics were being gracious in opening the campus to other religions.  (as you poit out…turning the cheek).  The report suggested that the school would not be giving into the demands and would not be taking any action unless the muslim students actually filed a lawsuit.

      They showed a video of the muslim students praying in the catholic icon embelished hall…there were alot of them!!!  Nobama cut off too much salami and awoke the folk and generated the Tea Party. Nosama cut off too much salami when he brought down the towers, flight 93 and the walls of the pentagon. 

      The socialist/progressives have been winning and the muslims have been winning with very thin slices.  These students at a catholic school fit the strategy of expansion by womb.  Socialist and muslims need only stay under the radar…easy to do when the radar operators (the mainstream media) are in the bag for the enemy!