Evil’s garment 6

Pat Condell recommends the burka as the perfect costume to represent evil on Halloween.

Posted under Islam, Muslims, satire, Videos by Jillian Becker on Saturday, October 29, 2011

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  • Liz

     This is a great idea!  But he’s right -I doubt the Muslim men would see the humor in it.  How about a Mohammed costume with a dog mask? 

  • George

    In response to Keith , Frank , and Cheongyei  ————-   the bottom is it all amounts to one thing  :     BRAINWASHING     !!!!!!     Plain and simple .

  • Frank

    I hope Pat Condell’s idea catches on. I think it would be great!!

  • George

    How can any woman embrace a belief system that treats her like a slave ?   The mainstream media has access to this information that is being presented here on The Atheist Conservative website  but they ( because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ) have chosen to censor it .  My question still stands —- Where are the radical feminists that proclaim they represent fighting for the rights of women ?   Where are their voices ?  Where are their screams, marches, demonstrations, chants, PAC’s , sit-ins, protests and “wringing” of the hands ? Where are their massive gatherings to denounce this horrific treatment of women ?   Where are they ?    Show me !    Where are the loud-mouth feminists ? Where are the angry, and aggressive attitude feminists ? Where are they ?  Where are their public denunciations of what these women go through ? What happened to the feminists all of a sudden ?    Where did they go ?  What are they (feminists ) doing to stand up to this barbaric , savage and horrific treatment of women ?  Where are the loud voices of the feminists to just say NO to this anti-female horrible treatment of women ?   Where’s the feminists ?   Anybody know ?

    • Anonymous

      Each religion treats its adherents as slaves . . . god issues commandments through his prophets, and the sheeple must obey.  Slaves, pure and simple.  So when women in isslamm are treated as slaves, they are no different than those who are told they are born into original sin and must have faith in christ, obey commandments, and all that jazz, to enjoy god in eternity.

    • Keith

      feminism = liberalism= hatred of conservatism and America= siding with our enemies

      No need to worry though, once Sharia law takes over there will be no more feminism.