Islam pleads guilty 4

This is from the American Thinker:

Most of us still stubbornly refuse to admit what we already know about Islam: that it’s a violent, malevolent religion whose adherents can’t stop themselves from announcing to us their intentions to make war against us until they’ve either killed us or made us slaves. …

Most of us still stubbornly profess our belief in a “true” Islam, peace-loving, egalitarian …

Most of us reflexively channel all blame for the daily bombings, beheadings, murders, mutilations, honor killings, and sundry other savagery committed in the name of Allah away from “true” Islam onto what we’re told is a distorted, hijacked Islam embraced by only a tiny fringe. …

Last Wednesday, the most important public trial against, potentially, the deadliest al-Qaeda jihadist to breach our airspace since 9/11 concluded when the defendant, a highly educated, well-spoken man who is neither crazy nor addled by pain nor drugs nor waterboarding, told us who he was and what he wanted. More important, he told us what Allah and the Qur’an and Islam wanted — namely, that “every able Muslim participate in jihad and fight in the way of Allah, those who fight you, and kill them wherever you find them.”

Abdulmutallab ended his statement to the court this way: “If you laugh at us now, we will laugh at you.” Not “I,” but “we.” The very first thing to which he pleaded guilty was a criminal conspiracy count. “I had an agreement with at least one person to attack the United States.” I’ll say he did. He was doing only what is demanded of “every able Muslim.”

And for that he says he’s not guilty according to the Qur’an; for attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, he is “innocent in Muslim law.”

Even if a bona fide Islamist terrorist … goes to the trouble of announcing to America that “my Islamic religious obligation requires me to carry an explosive device onto an aircraft and attempt to kill those onboard and wreck the aircraft as an act of jihad,” we still act as if Islam had nothing to do with it.

This isn’t innocent until proven guilty. This is innocent regardless of pleading guilty.

The writer’s point is that, as much as the individual perpetrators, Islam itself is guilty of the “bombings, beheadings, murders, mutilations, honor killings, and sundry other savagery committed in the name of Allah”.


  • George

    I have friends and/or associates who are in the military and a few who served in the Middle  East and they know first hand what is going on .   The  “sheeple” populace and the PC corrupt, ignorant and biased liberal mainstream media have hoodwinked the general populace of our society.      The liberals and their PC media pundits are the most anti-American misfits imaginable.  All they have to do is open their eyes and look around the world and open their minds and see what is happening around the world and yet they are still “mentally asleep” .  WWIII  is going to go down in history as  civilized societies vs the jihadists .    What can be said about ANY belief system of which it’s adherants must force it’s tennants or beliefs upon people by force , threats, and mass murder ?   Can’t the belief system  if it has true merit  stand by itself  ? People who embrace a belief out of fear are not people with a free mind but people who are both mental and physical slaves to an indoctrinated dogma. They become   ” puppets ”   of indoctrination. You would think after 9/11 that people would have waken the f*** up , but oh no , these stupid fools are still asleep. How brainwashed can you get ? It’s mind boggling !

  • Ralph

    They ignored the warnings in “Mein Kampf”. The warnings in the “Quran” are just as menacing. Our government seems to be in a coma regarding this issue. Suprisingly some of my co-workers are aware of the Islamic (or as they call them towelheads) threat. Recognizing the threat is the first step to defeating it. Some in my area have taken that first step. Hopefully more will follow.

  • Anonymous

    All one need do is read their so-called ‘holy’ book.  If one can stomach it, it tells us all we need to know about the adherents of isslamm.
    Those propelled by the words from chapter and verse of so-called ‘holy’ books, in any religion, are nut cases.  When the holy book to which they mindlessly subscribe promises non-believers death, you are right, they are all guilty.

    The first western leader who acknowledges that the west is at war with isslamm, because isslamm has declared war on the west, will be a hero(ine). 
    . . . or, at the very least, he / she will be my hero / heroine.

    • George

      The problem  Cheongyei is that we don’t have any political leaders here in America with the testicular fortitude to call it the way it really is because of their cowardly PC mentality that is contributing to our own demise.  These inept nitwits are so f***ed up in the head it’s sickening .  Yet they have the audacity to have this arrogant mentality believing that they are so above everybody else and actuality believe that they are so much more intelligent and enlightened than everyone else.
                           These stupid liberals don’t understand that if sharia law should take over, that they will be the first ones anihilated by these extremists because  of the decadent, degenerate, abhorant, sicko lifestyles of the liberals who engage in  their  wierdo “anything goes”  or “if it feels good do it ”  behaviors.  
         While liberals go out of their way to be so tolerant towards people who hate them venemously , they (liberals)  give a free pass and act tolerant towards the very people who will be the very ones anihilating them if given the opportunity.     The truth hurts and people generally can’t handle the truth , so in their case it’s better in their minds to simply denigrate people who don’t jump on their “bandwagon”  of PC politics.    These stupid liberals are engaging in social , political , and cultural suicide.   While they’re laughing and looking down on everyone else who is trying to point out the obvious to them , they won’t be laughing if the people who they are capitulating to suddenly without warning turns against them and staunchly violates the very rights that they have enjoyed which was won by brave conservative minded men/women who fought and stood up in defense of liberties by meeting force with force . Freedom is NOT free and freedom comes at a price.    I urge liberals to go to  Arlington Cemetery sometime  and there they will see an example of the price paid for the liberties they so much enjoy !