The UN agency that supports the starving, hanging, and suicide of children 15

According to Wikipedia: “Since 1950, when a group of children in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, donated $17 they received on Halloween to help post-World War II victims, the Trick-or-Treat UNICEF box has become a tradition in North America during the haunting season. These small orange boxes are handed to children at schools and at various locations prior to 31 October. To date, the box has collected approximately $91 million (CAD) in Canada and over $132 million in the USA.”

What does this money do? It supports the starving, hanging and suicide of children. 

Claudia Rosett writes at PJ Media:

 UNICEF — the UN’s children’s fund — often gets a pass as an outfit which must by nature be benevolent and politically benign. It is, after all, dedicated (at least in theory) to children.

Think again. UNICEF …  is a big UN fund, bathing in government money (more than $255 million last year in U.S. tax dollars alone), and as such it is prone to the same hypocrisies … and politicized travesties that bedevil the rest of the UN.

For a summing up, it ought to be enough to note that among the 36 member states on UNICEF’s executive board is China — where the one-child policy has led to staggering numbers of sex-selective abortions, and in some cases, the killing of baby girls. Because the UN values geographic diversity, rather than moral integrity, in parceling out seats on its governing boards, UNICEF’s executive board also includes Somalia, Sudan, Belarus, Russia, and Cuba.

She refers to an article here that lists some of the regimes and enterprises that UNICEF supports with US tax payers’ money:

The list includes UNICEF’s fondness for Libya’s late Moammar Qaddafi; UNICEF’s funding of Palestinian summer camps where kids are encouraged to become suicide bombers; and anti-Semitic propaganda such as an advertisement produced by a UNICEF-funded Palestinian youth group, featuring the UNICEF logo under a picture of an axe smashing a Star of David, with the command, in Arabic, “Boycott.”

To this, I can add some further items, such as UNICEF’s announcement on its own web site that, partners being “an essential aspect of UNICEF’s work,” its main partner in North Korea is the North Korean government. That would be the same North Korean government whose totalitarian and utterly self-serving policies have resulted in the stunting and starving to death of millions of North Koreans — a great many of those victims being children.

Then there are such items as UNICEF’s solicitation of funds in 2009 via an Iranian bank, Bank Melli, which is blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury for its role in Iran’s proliferation rackets. UNICEF in that case was raising money for aid to Gaza, which is controlled by the Iranian-backed terrorists of Hamas. One might suppose there are better ways to help children than to funnel money to a terrorist-controlled enclave via a proliferation-prone Iranian bank. Apparently, UNICEF didn’t see it that way.

Over and over, UNICEF “partners” with thug regimes, rationalizing that this is necessary in order to deliver aid to deprived children. But UNICEF is prone to becoming so enthusiastic in its partnering that it ends up promoting precisely the dictators and thugs who cause so much suffering among children in the first place.

Earlier this month, UNICEF handed out a regional award for children’s broadcasting in the Middle East and North Africa. The winner? Iran.

Yes, the same Iran that leads the world in juvenile executions. Iran was celebrated by UNICEF under the press release headline: “Iran wins the Regional UNICEF Award for International Children’s Day of Broadcasting.” What a sweet propaganda gift for Tehran’s theocratic ruling thugs. …

While partnering with Kim Jong Il, praising Iran and bankrolling Palestinian groups putting out anti-Semitic propaganda and encouraging genocidal jihad against Israel, UNICEF is already raking in plenty of U.S. tax dollars from the U.S. government.

UNICEF collects donations on Halloween. The urgent message is:

Don’t give a dime to UNICEF.

PS. The UN must be destroyed.

  • Harold

    Reply to George,  I attempt to be thought provoking, and comment where I think I have something to contribute.  As a point of fact, the USA has executed people who committed crimes as juveniles since 1990.  I don’t think you can seriously dispute that.   I never claimed that the USA executed children – only juvenile offenders.  Most of the world does not execute people who committed crimes as juveniles.  Only the USA and those other shining examples do so.  It raises questions in my mind, although not in yours.

    • George

      Harold , evey case review I have studied indicated that the person (juvenile ) committed the criminal offense while under the age of 18 , but the executions since 1990 were AFTER the age  of 18 —making them ADULTS  at the time of execution. Now , having said that  and also for the sake of non-argument , if you have information to the contrary and I will review your submitted info and research it for validity , verification and substantiation and then if that is indeed the case I will acknowledge such , but NOT until. Please submit your findings Harold and I will be more than glad to study such—————-  fair enough ?     I think so.

      • Harold

        George, a juvenile offender is someone who committed the crime as a juvenile.  It makes no difference if you wait for them to grow into an adult before killing them, you have still executed a juvenile offender.  The list of countries I gave who have done this is correct, and includes the USA.  I think the research you have already done confirms this.  I am not sure what your point is.  You have just completely avoided the clear distinction between executing children and executing juvenile offenders.  I assume this is clear enough for you to acknowledge.

        • George

          Harold , I am well aware of what a juvenile offender is and I certainly DON”T need you to define it for me. If a 17 year old commits a murder then is later executed at age 21 then so be it.  I still have no sysmpathy for him/her for having  committed the murder in the first place knowing full well what they did and now    I’m suppose to have sympathy for the murderous scumbag who was well within knowledge of their actions.   For example if a 17 year kills a person and is executed at age 21 , then good , he/she deserved it and I’m freaking sick & tired of liberals showing sympathy for the criminal element of our society and I stand firm in my previous position.    If they don’t want to be executed , then  don’t commit the murder——they knew what they were doing. No sympathy here .  You’re entitled to YOUR opinion and so am I  and I just stated mine and obviously we agree to disagree. 

  • George

    In reply to Liz—- re: “useful idiots”  I’m responding to your post 12 hours prior to this one.

    You’re right again Liz and I know WHY that is so and I would like to share my observations , studies, and experiences with you if  I may.   Let’s take the religions of Christianity and Islam for example . These top two belief systems are very aggressive in proselytizing on a radical scale.  The Muslims engage in what is known as jihad , the Christian prostestants engage in their brand of radical proselytizing by “spreading the word” or  their attempt at “saving souls” and the Catholic missionaries engage in their MISSIONS of pushing their beliefs on as many people as possible.    
                   I don’t see atheists getting in people’s faces and telling people that they must reject religion and come to their senses and stop letting their lives wither away with superstitious nonsense .  Oh , but the religious zealots actually believe they have a right and an obligation to force their beliefs upon everyone else. I don’t see atheists canvassing through neighborhoods and passing out pamphlets or non-tracts to citizens who are minding their own business or annoying people by telling everyone  they  meet to turn their lives over to secular freethought .
                  Atheists ( both liberal and conservative ) are actually very passive and simply keep to themselves while the religious zealots are on daily and nightly crusades to indoctrinate EVERYONE to their beliefs and they do this with a staunch fervor while we (atheists ) simply go about our daily lives and leave other people alone.   As a result , they ( religionists )  get the publicity, they attract the converts and the media and government politicians join in the fray and there you have a mix of radical theological zealots using every “tool” imaginable to push THEIR beliefs upon as many people as they possibly can. These individuals are not simply happy by keeping their beliefs to themselves or living by the Golden Rule or respecting other people’s beliefs as they would want others to respect theirs—-oh no , in their mind,   it’s either their way or the highway.
                         Atheists ( both liberal and conservative ) will boldly go to monthly meetings and speak boldly among themselves behind closed doors, or post messages on the internet blogs , or even comment in their secular group newsletters , but the same atheists ( both liberal and conservative )  WILL  NOT  publicly stand up and speak out boldly.    Yes we have risks, and even the civil rights movement had it’s risks , the women’s lib movement had it’s risks, and many other groups as well——– and the reason we are NOT progressing as fast and/or widespread as we should is because of that very reason. We suffer from ostracism , harrassment, insults, being  “disowned”  by relatives, discrimination and even as far as physical threats and harm depending on the circumstances.    Freedom is not free. Freethought in our society  also is not free and comes at a price. The same atheists that will boldly speak at a private atheist meeting or post with a disguised username on a blog will NEVER write a letter to the editor in their local paper, or a letter to the editor in a major magazine, or speak up at public meetings ,etc . ( I have done ALL of these things on many occassions and  I understand the fear factor ). 
              I stated this before and I’ll state it again—     Back in 1990 I callled Madalyn Murray O’Hair via telephone to her Austin , Texas office and I complained to her that the atheists in my area never never never spoke out publicly , or wrote letters to the editor, or let their voices be heard in the public “arena” and I expressed my frustration in encouraging them and I asked her why was that —-  Madalyn replied —–  ” George , that’s because they are cowards  !!! ” .    The more I think about what she said , the more I know she was right. The same atheists would criticize me non-stop  and critique what  I stated in a letter or what I said at a public  assembly but THEY themselves would never go public themselves —but boy ol boy did they have the audacity to ridicule me if what I stated didn’t agree with THEIR PC agenda.   They didn’t have the guts themselves to speak out but they sure had the time to rip me to pieces when I did.   This is why I have QUIT every secular organization that I have been a member of ( and I’ve been a member of several ).  If  we were to simply COME OUT OF THE CLOSET and speak up and stand up for our rights to secular freethought , then these zealots would NOT trample upon us as they do. Because we “cave in ” and put our tails between  our legs and don’t stand up to the zealots publicly , this makes them more and more bolder knowing that they  can get away with it without any resistance. This does not mean that we should go out into the public and be aggressive, pushy, abbrasive, or arrogant toward anyone but rather stand up and defend our secular rights   [ one on one ] when we are ridiculed by individulas, and publicly when we are maligned , and vilified in the public ‘sphere”.  If we continue to do the same ol thing then we are going to continue to get the same ol results.  Go figure !      Thanks Liz !

    • Liz

      The ironic thing is that atheists who don’t push their agenda on everyone are really just acting normal, like everyone ought to be able to do in a country which allows freedom of conscience.  We all ought to be free to just live and let live, but since so many of the religious feel that they have to push their beliefs on everyone else, it forces the rest of us to react by pushing back.  I don’t so much blame atheists for being cowards, as I blame the religious for being overly “useful” in their idiocy.

      • George

        I agree with not pushing our agenda on anyone . I only want atheists to simply speak up in defense of our right  to be free to be freethinkers —that’s all.     I never wear my secularism on my sleeve and  I certainly don’t proselytize my atheism upon anyone but when the religious zealots get forceful toward me and attack my beliefs of rational thinking then I believe I have an obligation and a right to speak up for my position as a rational thinking secular freethinker and that is my only position—-plain and simple.

  • Harold

    Interesting point from
    “Since 1990, juvenile offenders are known to have been executed in only seven countries: China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and the United States”

    • Jillian Becker

      Harold, I have looked at this page of the website your link took me to:

      It shows plainly that though the crimes of the offenders in the US were committed while they were  juveniles, their executions took place when they were adults. 

      In Iran they hang very young children. That’s a very big difference.

      Are you one of those who want to make out that the United States is a land of injustice and oppression? 

      • Harold

        I think the key is juvenile “offender”.   Very few countries execute criminals for crimes commited when they were juveniles, and keeping them on death row until they are adults before killing them does not make it much better.  

        I am not saying that the USA is morally equivalent to the other regimes in the list – clearly it has a far, far higher standard of justice and freedom.  But it should surely strive to be even better.   Does it make you a little uncomfortable to be in that list?  Iran may lead the world in juvenile executions, but the USA comes in a quite impresive 8th. Perhaps, on this issue, the USA is wrong to be keeping such company.

        • George

          Harold, I was 17 years of age when in  U.S. Army ROTC and I joined the Marines at age 18.  At 17 I knew right from wrong and ANY high school age youth knows that murder is wrong and against the law. If some 17 year old punk gang-banger thug goes out and kills someone in cold blooded murder , then if the state decides to execute such person and makes that individual forfeit his/her life for the murderous act they comitted , then the punishment fits the crime.   This liberal mindset of having sympathy for murderers while they knew  full well of their actions is inexcusable  and deplorable.
                           If some 17 year old lowlife goes out and robs a store and kills the clerk in cold blooded murder, I certainly am NOT going to have any sympathy for the murderous scumbag for the state doing the just thing of making that person pay the ultimate punishment for the ultimate crime.    It’s this pandering to criminals that liberals love to do that has given these murderous miscreants the mentality that they can kill at will and get away with it ( of which hey do ).
             All this BS talk by liberals making claims that we are sinking to their ( criminals )  level in executing them is pure BS.     If a child is very young  or very mentally disturbed, and is proven to be unaware of their actions , then removing them from  society by keeping them in incareration and removing them from the populace so that they will not endanger innocent citizens again is another matter and in some ways understandable ( and even that is debatable ).
                           Your statement that the USA has executed children since 1990 is patently false . I know this for a fact and have documented proof.   I don’t mean to sound abrassive Harold and you have your right to your opinion, viewpoint, and commentary just as anyone else, but there are times Harold that I actually get the impression (IMHO )  that you intentionally try to be confrontational in your comments and many of your comments have ( in my opinion )  very anti-American sentiments.  I am NOT saying this to be insulting or attacking but out of observing your expression toward our great society, culture, infrastructure and system of government.  While I believe in patriotism , I do not believe in blind patriotism and even I question those beliefs and so-called societal norms which I believe do indeed deserve to be challenged and questioned. This doesn’t mean that we must all agree with everything American as I personally have many complaints of what goes on in our great nation and I have personally made many critiques in such.  The USA does NOT execute children and our legal system ( while not perfect and has it’s flaws ) is the best in the world and I would NOT want to live anywhere else but here or for that matter or be judged by any other legal system but ours.  May rational thinking bless America !!

  • George

    This is not the first time I’ve heard of this and in my opinion —- I wouldn’t give a penny to UNICEF.    The average citizen has absolutely NO idea of what is really going on around the world because they sit at home in their recliner with a beer and pizza watching the 3-letter alphabet TV channels and actually believe that they are informed and knowledgeable of world and domestic situations.  They have been spoon-fed biased political agenda propaganda while believeing that anyone and everyone who doesn’t jump on their PC  bandwagon is misled .  While I am indeeed a capiltalist —– I do indeed know what Karl Marx meant by the term “useful idiots” .    Amazing !

    • Liz

      Yes, it’s sad to think how many “useful idiots” there are.  People who actually make the effort to think for themselves are becoming a smaller and smaller minority, not only because of the mass media brainwashing, but also because of the increase in population of the religiously brainwashed.     

      • Keith

        Way back when I was in grammar school my teachers would promote collecting for UNICEF on Halloween.  One of my neighbors pointed out to my mother that UNICEF only collects in the US but the UN takes all the credit for the distribution of the funds collected by US kids from US citizens. 

        Mom decided we should collect candy.

        • Liz

          Yes, I remember the cute little pictures drawn by children for UNICEF.  How creepy that seems now. I guess halloween is a pretty appropriate holiday for them.