Pat Condell goes on telling the truth 8

Again, Pat Condell boldly tells the truth about Palestinians and their supporters, including the intensely racist governments of Norway and Sweden:

  • Liz

    I remember years ago attending a Jewish seder given by the local progressive Jews in town. At the end of it, when everyone was given a turn to say something, one of them went off on a rant about “free the Palestinians”, and was cheered!!! It still baffles me how even Jews can be so brainwashed by the leftist agenda that they would support the very people who openly intend to wipe them off the map.

  • Don L

    Lefties…a bit off topic.  Look for the guy eating an ice cream cone!  Thewife is there too!

  • Don L

    Being left is akin to religion.  No rationality, not truth, no answers, no logic…merely faith in a psychotic group lie.  Pat is right on, but as he ends his message, he indicates that he knows it falls on deaf ears: “peace…that’ll be the day”.

    It is why the left and religions want control of the childrens’ education…hate has to be taught…the idea of ‘devil’ is the tool for disallowing any contrary information to ever come in.

  • Andrew M

    Pat Condell would make a great addition to the commentators here!

    Decisive, proud, and undeterred every single time.

  • Ralph

    Until recently I thought the left considered anti-Semitism politically incorrect. The Occupy gang seems to be almost violently anti-Semitic. The left is beginning to display what it really is; greed, hate, envy and a willingness to steal the property of others.

    • George

      Their entire political agenda is a fraud and a sham Ralph.   Deceit is the name of their game and they have successfully hoodwinked massive numbers of people who like suckers fall for it over and over.

  • Frank

    Once again, he nailed it!

    • George

      I agree Frank and I would give anything to hear  Pat say this in the mainstream media TV outletts.  Don’t hold your breath because they would definately censor him.