A Muslim child saws and hacks a man’s head off … 15

… while the adults who presumably put him to the task stand round chanting praise of Allah – and filming it.

The copious bleeding shows that the man was certainly alive when the excruciating butchery began.

You may view this, the most terrible video we’ve ever seen, if you have the stomach for it, here.

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  • Arifin

    Don’t let your intellect sway away.. to wrong believe.  People of any religion – any religion..would do any kind of terror,  heinous crimes to humanity or to themselves.  You must admit and aware that NOTHING of their religion teach them such stupidity.

    According to Islamic teaching, you CAN’T even kill animals without a proper and permitted reasons, not to mention to slaughter a human being.  Anyway, slaughter of animal for food is allowed.

    • George

      That is NOT true, I have studied this extensively

    • Frank

      This is the kind of savagery you would expect from a belief system founded by a mentally defective, possibly psychotic, thief, murderer, and pedophile. 

      Sam Harris: The Problem with Islamic Fundamentalism are the Fundamentals of Islam 

    • Liz

      Actually, we are aware that the religion of Islam DOES teach them such stupidity.  Have you ever read your own “holy” book??  Apparently not.  According to your own religion’s teaching, all that’s required as “a proper and permitted reason” for slaughtering a human being is that they be “infidels”.
      If you consider this a heinous crime, why do you tolerate your stupid and heinous religion? 

    • George

      My disagreement with you Arifin is the comment — ” You must admit and aware that NOTHING of their religion teaches them such stupidity ” .  They ARE  acting in accord with their religious teachings and influence.   As a side note , you don’t see any atheists committing anything remotely as hideous .   Religious fanatics around the world commit horrendous attrocities and then the lying zealot  proselytizers blame everything on secular freethinkers ( atheists ).  It’s pathetic , but gullible people believe it without question.

  • Human Ape

    “You may view this, the most terrible video we’ve ever seen, if you have the stomach for it, here.”

    No thanks. I saw a video of one of these atrocities before and I wish I didn’t. My warning to everyone – don’t watch it. It’s not worth it.

    In my blog I wrote 43 posts about Islam at http://darwinkilledgod.blogspot.com/search/label/Islam

    I noticed every 21st century suicide bomber has been a Muslim. Even Muslims, when they see a newspaper headline about a suicide attack, they know the idiot was a Muslim without reading the article.

    Muslims who think they are moderate, if they had any sense of decency, would have thrown out their terrorist organization on 9/11/2001.

    Christians are part of the problem because their cowardly heaven fantasy makes terrorism possible.

    •  Why do most Atheists support the Muslims then? Its usually Christians who point out the evil of Islam with Atheists defending Islam. I’m not saying you have to be a Christian, just that putting Christians and Muslims together because of a belief in heaven is as silly as saying ballet and armed robbery are on the same side because neither of them involve cooking. Its a complete non sequiter.

      • George

        I understand your premise True Freethinker but please do not confuse liberal atheists with that of conservative atheists . The ones who take the side that you are referring to are most certainly the LIBERAL ATHEISTS and they are the ones who have denigrated and shamed secular freethought and capitulate to the enemies of freethought and freedom itself.

      • Liz

        Actually, a belief in heaven (and the supernatural, god, etc) is a MAJOR factor.  If the ballerina and the armed robber both do what they do BECAUSE they each believe they will recieve a reward in heaven for it, then it becomes very relevant.  They will each do what they otherwise would NOT do.  And since no-one is around after death to let us all know whether they actually got their “reward”, gullible people will continue to believe that if they do those things, a reward is out there waiting for them, too. 
        The ballerinas, being relatively harmless, can be ignored.  The armed robbers need to be dealt with.  But the ballerinas, by persisting in their unfounded belief that a reward in heaven awaits all true believers, lend credibility to the armed robber’s premise that they, being the TRUE believers, will be rewarded, while Allah sends the ballerinas to hell.
        If the ballerinas would get honest, face reality, and join the 21st century by admitting that leprachauns really don’t exist after all, the armed robbers would suddenly find themselves appearing even more ridiculous in their primitive, outmoded beliefs.

  • Archie Lochus

    Absolutely appalling! It’s really time people woke up to reality of Islam; Ireland surely needs to become a Muslim-free zone; and not just Ireland, but all Europe, and all Western countries; Muslims of whatever shade and hue do not belong here in Ireland; send them back to the deserts of the Middle East where they do belong. Then raise all their mosques, and places of worship, to the ground; burn the Qu’ran; but for goodness’ sake deport these Muslims back to their countries of origin before it is too late.

  • Rjk

    Does he get a merit badge?

  • Don L

    I’m speechless.  My disgust and contempt for islam/muslims…off the chart!

  • jerry

    No need to “demonize” these folks.  They are doing a damned fine job of it themselves.

    • Ralph

      “Never interupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”
      Napoleon Bonaparte.

  • Liz

    “Sickening” is really not a strong enough word.  I wonder if our recent critic would find this as “sickening” as what they consider our “bigotry”?