Tales of Zuccotti Park 3

We like Jon Stewart because he is almost always funny, though his opinions seldom chime with ours.

This Daily Show video, however, exposing the vacuity, the classism, and the blindness to their own hypocrisy of Occupy Wall Street protestors could hardly be improved upon by the staunchest conservative.

The best part is near the end, where the discovery is made that the command center of the anti-bank protest is – Deutsche Bank.

We took it from the PJ Tatler.


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Occupy Wall Street Divided
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  • Hochuli’s Biceps

    Sorry — I just can’t agree with the “Jon Stewart is funny” assessment. I personally don’t find contrived mugging, smirking, and subtle condescending mockery to be all that humorous. But hey — to each his own. Jon is bright (though not exceptionally smart — a big difference), and certainly has the capability to exploit humorous situations, but I just can’t wade through the overwhelming leftism of his opinions — augmented by (to borrow from Hitchens) his trained seal audience — to scrounge a nugget of outright humor. But obviously he’s doing something an awful lot of people enjoy, because he definitely has a devoted following.

  • Liz

    HA!!  My favorite line – “I believe in personal property, not private property.”
    They keep saying they want a society where “material wealth is available to everyone”.  But they apparently think that this happens by having someone hand it to them on a silver platter.  How do people become so clueless????  

    • Don L

      Through a politically-influenced, progressive-biased, government-funded, union-controlled, bureaucratically-managed compulsory-schooling system.