Go in ignominy, stay in subservience 3

President Obama is allowing the heroic US military – and, therefore, the American people – to be humiliated in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is withdrawing US soldiers from Iraq and leaving some in Afghanistan under demeaning conditions imposed by vengeful, spiteful, corrupt enemy leaders.

Diana West writes at Townhall:

This withdrawal [from Iraq] will mark the end of a misguided misadventure to convert, in a zealously secular and even philo-Islamic way, a member of the Islamic world to the ways of the West. Despite the courage, dedication and sacrifice of American and allied troops, despite the so-called surge, despite the endless (and endlessly expensive) attempts to win Iraqi “hearts and minds,” it was a flop.

The top American spokesman in Iraq, Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, can spin all he wants – “It’s not about winning or losing but making significant progress” – but this eight-year “counterinsurgency” didn’t work. It was a failure – unless, of course, you’re Iran. To borrow from the great Winston Churchill, also unenthralled with the British misadventure in Iraq in the year 1922, we have been paying billions of dollars “for the privilege of living on an ungrateful volcano out of which we are in no circumstances to get anything worth having.”

In Afghanistan … President Hamid Karzai has just presided over a gathering of the clans, a “loya jirga” assembly of some 2,000 Afghans, who have produced a list of conditions for a continuing American presence. 

Here, culled from different news sources, is a list of the loya jirga’s conditions:

1) no more immunity from Afghan law for U.S. forces;

2) no more night raids by U.S. forces;

3) no more “arbitrary” detention of Afghan suspects;

4) no more U.S. detention centers;

5) transfer Afghan detainees to Afghan detention centers;

6) a capped 10- year limit to any pact with the United States;

7) Afghans must lead all security missions after 2014;

8) the United States should commit to training role and “support”;

9) no more U.S.-run “parallel” structures to handle contracting and other matters; rather, America should support Afghan institutions; and

10) no U.S. attacks on neighbors [ie Pakistan, Iran] from Afghan soil.

What they’re saying, these vicious, uncivilized, dark-minded men, is “continue to give us what we want from you, but don’t interfere with anything we choose to do”.

But still Karzai wants more. “The U.S. wants military installations from us. We will give those to them. But we have conditions for this. We will benefit from this. Our soldiers will be trained. Our police will be trained. We will benefit from their money.”

The Iraqis and Afghans are, she says, “cold and numb to the blood and sacrifice of tens of thousands of Americans.”

So too, it is plain to see, is President Obama.

  • Liz

    Trying to speed up evolution is a bad idea anyway.  I can’t imagine that it would have worked to send a bunch of social workers in a time machine back to the days of Muhammed and try to give him therapy for his megalomania.  These people are in a time warp that never advanced since then, which is why no matter what we do, we’re the devil.  You can’t reason with irrational fanatics.  

  • tector gorch

    Jesus H. Xenophobic Christ. It’s their fucking country, notwithstanding our dumbshit attempts to remake it. If you don’t like their conditions, leave altogether. I’d prefer that anyway. No need for all the flag-waving bullshit.

    • Jillian

      tector gorch – 

      We too think both countries should be abandoned to their fate. 

      We were for the initial invasions, and were glad when Saddam Hussein was deposed, caught and hanged, and when the  Taliban was hammered. But then the Iraqis and Afghans should have been left to their own miserable devices – with a warning of another and worse hammering if they gave us any trouble again. 

      What went wrong was all the nation-building efforts, the “winning hearts and minds” nonsense, the use of the army as a vast team of social workers. What we deplore is that so much blood and treasure were spent by Americans to no good end. But the fact that the soldiers were misused doesn’t make them less brave or less honorable. It’s the political leadership that has been disgraceful, and continues to be.