New Mecca 7

Dozens of taxis sit outside the Islamic Cultural Center on Riverside and 72nd Street every day during prayer time.

This is from the Mail Online:

With a sea of yellow stretching into the distance, it looks like the taxi queue at a busy airport.

But this picture was actually taken outside a Mosque during a prayer service – with 200 Muslim cabbies illegally parked.

Residents of the wealthy Upper West Side of Manhattan are outraged that their streets are being taken over multiple times each day for the 45-minute service. …

The taxi drivers are double and triple parking in a huge line that forces traffic into the oncoming lane.

The situation has flared up and on one occasion a cop telling a taxi driver to move on was swarmed by other hacks – and had to call for reinforcements. …

Prayers take place five times a day but the busiest is on Fridays at lunchtime when up to 300 worshippers – and 200 taxi drivers – are in attendance.

Most of the taxi drivers appear unrepentant with one claiming: ‘I have to pray. I have no choice but to break the rules.’

Of course he must pray. It’s an absolute necessity. And the non-Muslim population must understand that new priorities are being set in their city.

The Islamification of New York has begun well, and is progressing at a brisk pace.

However, we have been told by an authoritative source who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of being assassinated by a member of the Religion of Peace, that the city’s name will not be changed to New Mecca in the near future.

  • Liz

    Even if you take away the scary implications of it, just the self-righteous, holier-than-thou, “I pray 5 times a day so you must bow to my moral superiority” crap is enough to make me gag.    

  • Don L

    Start putting pork chops on their cabs…everywhere they park!

    • Anonymous

      Bacon!  Greasy, lightly-cooked, dripping with pig fat!!

  • Frank

    How many towing companies are there in the city?

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully the tow operators are not musslimms!

      • Liz

         Maybe we should be nice and help their cause – perhaps a poster with a photo featuring the rows and rows of butts raised heavenward!  A fitting image for them.  It might explain their tantrums – if I had to bow down in front of someone elses smelly butt 5 times a day I’d probably be angry alot, too. 

  • BigSoph

    Start issuing tickets and then, if they don’t pay, remove their hack license
    Any cop attacked will be regarded as a conspiracy against lawful order and riot cops will be ordered in and vehicles impounded