Just what America needs says Huffpost 11

These pictures are from a collection of 24  at the Huffington Post.  The report and the video are also from that dhimmi site.

Quotations from the report:

Ashura, an optional fast day for Muslims that commemorates different things for Sunnis and Shiites, falls on Dec. 4-5, 2011. The word itself, ashura, means 10, and the holiday is the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram. The Islamic calendar is lunar, so the date of Ashura can vary depending on sighting of the moon.

Ashura marks many things: the creation of the world, Noah’s departure from the ark, Moses’ flight from Egypt and the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Hussein ibn Ali, in 680 A.D.

Nice to know the exact lunar date of the creation of the world.

But Ashura chiefly marks the martyrdom of Hussein ibn Ali.

Sunni Muslims consider Ashura a fast day for two reasons: Muhammad fasted then and Moses fasted in appreciation of the successful Exodus for Egypt. Shiite Muslims mark Ashura as a day of mourning for the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. In fact, Hussein’s martyrdom is one of two major events that led to the Sunni-Shiite split in Islam. Shiites, who constitute Islam’s second-largest denomination (about 10-15 percent of the world Muslim population), consider Hussein to be the one true heir of Muhammad’s legacy.

Shiite Muslims observe Ashura through mourning rituals such as self-flagellation and reenactments of the martyrdom. Many … march through the streets chanting and hitting themselves in the chest. Some use whips and chains — or cut themselves on the forehead — to ritually punish their bodies. …

And many – including very young boys – whip themselves with blades.

Here are some celebrants:

Ashura self-flagellator

Now watch the video. We don’t think the sweet young anchor is being satirical in the least. She really, really wants her viewers to know all about the holy day of Ashura. She asks a Turk – a Sunni Muslim who in theory should be observing the day by fasting – to tell her all about it. He doesn’t mention the Shia custom of self-flagellation.

She thinks it all sounds just lovely. America, she says, needs to import Ashura. Well, the Turk makes it sound delicious. It’s all about cooking and eating and sharing, especially desserts.

“It’s about joy,” she says fawningly, “and embracing your neighbor”.

Oh, yeah! So bring it on!

“It’s a problem in the US that we need more community,” she grovels cheerfully.


  • muhammad hussain

    all of these are not authentic and the true Shiites doesn’t harm to any body and them self. they are a very little parts of american hand deviated Shiites for defaming of the Muslim. the idea behind of these are that because of defaming of Muslim prevent west countries from converting their religion to be a Muslim. according to the Gallup Organization which is an American organization says: at the end of 21 century lots of European countries will be Muslim.

    • The pictures are authentic. If Shiite Muslims think that doing these things defames Islam, they shouldn’t do them.

      Yes, Europe will be dominated by Islam in this century. It is one of the greatest tragedies of history.

  • Anonymous

    More evidence (as if anyone might need more) that the irrational must be rejected and repudiated fully and completely.
    When the irrational is allowed in to one’s mind and culture, only evil can come from it.  The plague of mindlessness has destroyed human progress and the spirit of human actualization as bad as (or worse than) any dictator, disease, plague or army.

  • Liz

    Well, I’d like to see how well the “sharing and community” would go over if a similar custom were attempted by Christians in one of the Muslim countries.  It would probably start a riot ending in a genocide of the Christians.  

  • Andrew M

    Actually, I don’t have an issue with this holiday or its celebration across all of America. It’s the most colorful thing Islam has to offer, and it’s a nice role reversal from Muslims exposing our own red.

    • Jillian Becker

      Andrew M –

      An obsession with blood and pain – isn’t that a dangerous thing however it’s expressed? Those who like to hurt themselves are not likely to hold back from hurting others. 

      Of course the Christian religion is obsessed with blood and pain too. And there are festivals – mainly at Easter time – where the devout express their devotion with self-torment. 

      The religious mentality is not only irrational but often very sick, it seems to me. 

      • Andrew M

        My comment was, in all seriousness, sarcastic and meant to be disparaging of Islamic behavior, but I’m glad you brought up the matter of self-torment.

        Citizens have the right to harm themselves, or at least they should. Government should make no efforts to restrain individuals who put themselves or consenting parties in harm’s way. This includes not only “painless” damages such as losing lots of money on risky investments or euthanasia, but also activities which are quite painful such as BDSM or smashing your head against a wall. As long as it’s not my head, I don’t really care what tickles your fancy.

        Yes, it is likely that those who harm themselves will be likely to harm others. Then, and only then, should law enforcement step in and deliver swift justice. Any action taken beforehand is thoughtcrime.

        I’ve watched The Passion of the Christ, but I have not heard of these Christian festivals which feature self-torment. Information would be much appreciated.

  • Frank

    These Muslim morons (is that redundant?) are still living in the seventh century.

  • Don L

    Noah’s pudding…in disposable cups…
    Does anybody see disposable cups filled with cooked grains with sugar being shared by the bloodied ones?
    What absolute crap. 

    Then again, people actually believe he didn’t inhale and Reagan lowered taxes.

    It’s just such a peaceful religion…celebrating the grounding on terra firma of Noah’s Ark by baking pudding…must be really crappy pudding to cause these folks to hurt themselves.  In fact, if you get close to them while they are beating themselves, referring to the puddin’, you can hear them saying over and over…”never again, ow, never again, ow, never again…”.

    It brings peace and joy and sharing to America…doesn’t it?  It’s such a wonderful sharing with neighbors tradition,and, according to the bright and knowledgable show hostess…we sure need more holidays…don’t we? LOL.