A man out shooting with his god 4

A shooter shoots at cars and drivers randomly in the streets of Hollywood, shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

God responded to the call. He “looked down” on one man and let only his car window suffer.

Atlas Shrugs reports:

Police have so far found no motive in the shooting.

Try as they might, they cannot think what it could be. A real head-scratcher!

P.S. December 12, 2001: This report ascribes a personal motive to the shooter. The witness in the video who heard him shout “Allahu akbar!” may have misheard. But our point that the shouting of “Allahu akbar!’ is officially disregarded these days as evidence of Islamic affiliation and participation in the on-going jihad remains valid.

  • Andrew M

    Faith is a disease.

  • Liz

    I’m suprised they let the one witness who actually heard what he was shouting slip past them and get on the air.  Otherwise a good job of keeping the news in line with the official rules of non-reporting! 

  • BigSoph

    Well, break ir down
    Al – short for Allan
    a –  singular
    Who – interrogative, used for asking the specifics of a person
    Ak – a sound made when choking
    Bar – a place to buy drinks

    He is asking if anyone knows where the bar is that Allan choked at. Since it is Christmas season, and Tim Allan has made several movies playing Santa Claus, he is looking for a comedy club where Tim choked up

  • I guess if you practice willful blindness long enough, you wind up actually blind.