Wishes for the world at the winter solstice 10

Wouldn’t it be a grand thing now if the Western world were suddenly swept by an enthusiasm for capitalism? And for earned self-esteem – earned because every Self achieved what it wanted for itself and didn’t think of looking to government to give it anything?

And wouldn’t it be splendid if every Turk, Arab, Pakistani, Albanian, Bosnian, Iranian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Bangladeshi, Somalian, Iranian, Afghan …… dropped the superstition called Islam and discovered the infinite joys of reason?

Better still if all believers in the supernatural were to make that Best of All Possible Discoveries?


  • An enthusiasm for capitalism doesn’t go far enough. This winter, we’ll need a respect for all of the decisions made by free individuals, be they good or bad! May they rise and fall on the consequences of their choices.

    And, from the bottom of my heart, a thank you to Jillian and all of the commenters for providing and sustaining this small shelter from religious and socialist nonsense. The more I observe the two, the fewer essential differences I notice between Christianity, Marxism, and Islam – especially in the types of “thinking” they promote! Faith is a disease.

    • …and one of those was a last-minute addition, and I couldn’t for the life of me remember which one it was. So ignore that “two” and replace it with a “three”.

  • Jillian Becker

    We at the Atheist Conservative wish all our readers and commenters who wish us well (no forgiveness for those who don’t!) much jolly feasting and carousing in this season of revelry, and a profitable New Year. 

  • Don L

    The picture of a true Winter (spring, summer & fall) Wonderland. 

    Merry Gift Giving and Happy New Year to you all!!!

  • Ralph

    Tomorrow will be a brighter day only because of axial tilt.

    No matter how you define holiday I hope everyone who writes, reads or comments here has many more happy, healthy holidays.

    • Don L

      Thanks Ralph…same to you

  • Jillian Becker

    Thank you, Liz. We appreciate your always interesting, understanding, helpful and supportive comments. 

    • Liz

      Thank YOU, Jillian, for the “lifeline” of sanity and reason found here!

  • Liz

    These are the best of all possible wishes!  Peace on earth and good will toward men would be the natural consequences of such things.

    • Don L

      and to women like you and Jillian too!