Hear now the sane voice of the anti-Christ 2

As an answer and antidote to St. Paul who spoke on our front page yesterday, here’s Ayn Rand speaking against self-sacrifice, and against loving everybody:

  • Macnvettes

    Funny post.  I’m posting this on Christmas Day, it’s just that Ayn Rand’s story is probably the most appropriate blog for it.  The Pope, aka the “King of Bling” has warned against “superficial glitter”.  This from a guy who hands bread wafers out of a solid gold cup that probably cost $50k!

  • Liz

    This is why both Christians and leftists demonize her – she exposes the hypocrisy of “self-sacrifice”, whether it be in the name of religion or ideology.  This in turn exposes the close connection both worldviews have to each other, and neither the Christians or the leftists can stand to admit that they have so much in common!