Christianity, the Pope, the Catholic Church: mendacious, nonsensical, hypocritical, cruel 1

Richard Dawkins speaks at a “Protest the Pope” rally in September 2010.

We particularly like what he said about the absurd and sadistic doctrine of “original sin”.

  • George

    The Catholic Church did indeed support Hitler and Hitler was also indeed a Roman Catholic.   I wrote this in a letter to the editor which was published and I got attacked and no one in the local atheist/humanist/freethought groups supported or backed me —even after reading my letter and the followup ad hominem personal attack upon me.
                         We need to speak out more and more publicly.     I truly believe that people like Richard  Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Brigitte Gabriel, Jillian Becker, and Pat Condell are the bravest people to take such risks in getting the message of rational freethought out there. 
                              It’s good to chit chat and speak to one another but we need to speak out more and more in the mainstream media folks.    Yes , there  are risks and every cause has had it’s risks and challenges.  After viewing the latest tweet regarding the Egyptian women in Eqypt standing up to the morality police —” Egyptian women cane morality police ” — I say that these women are the bravest of the brave . I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again , it will be the WOMEN of the world and especially the Muslim WOMEN who will stand up and fight the encroaching sharia law attempt at global takeover.       The men of the world have lost their bravery, valor, fighting spirit and have become ultra -wimps and I’m so disgusted with the men of the world today. I cheer the WOMEN.  The women will save us and I spit on the cowardly men who cave in to these murderous bastards and refuse to stand up and fight back.
                                 I apologize again folks for my numerous posts , and  I don’t mean to “hog up” the discussion forum but I get so frustrated at what I see going on around the world and how so many have caved in and capitulated to the terrorists and religious extremists ——–it’s sickening. We ( or rather THEY ) alllow it to happen. We are losing because the men have lost their guts and testicles———-it’s shameful and disgusting how this could happen , especially in this modern era of time.   If I have to fight at my age to save America and world freedom , then I would gladly die with true honor  to assure a world future of real freedom , justice and equality.         Semper Fi   !!!