Obama’s foreign policy 3

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  • Kourosh

    As an Iranian whenever I meet another Iranian who hates the Islamic Republic yet doesn’t support Israel I ask him “why do you not support Israel?” and he will usually reply back “they want to bomb Iran” to which I respond “if there was no Islamic Republic in the first place, Israel would not want to bomb Iran, it is the Islamist regime in Iran which began anti-Israeli aggression in the first place after the Islamic Revolution”.

    Israel and Iran had no historic animus until the Islamofascists in Iran decided to change that. This conflict between Iran and Israel is wholly the creation of a sick Islamofascist known as Khomenei based off racist antisemitic Koranic verses.

    The solution is simple: Take out the Islamic regime in Iran. It is the #1 terrorist in the world and the most brutal and oppressive regime in the world besides NK.

  • George

    I fault the ignorant, stupid , naive, gullible and brainwashed voters that put Obama in the seat of the Presidency in the first place.  I hear a radio news report that said there is a high degree of voter remorse regarding them have selected Obama . Now many of them regret it.   Too late now.  Now we need to concentrate on voting  that anti-American bastard out of the White House and getting a pro-American in office who will defend our soverignty, our economy, our national defense , our constitution and our freedoms and also will not betray our allies . Remember , Obama  ,  just like Hitler did not get into power by a coup but was voted into power and look at the results.

    • Liz

      No kidding.  At least we have nowhere to go but up from the bottom of the barrel now.