The US military submits to CAIR 6

The Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas score a victory, with only a US general being fired.

Here in part is the story as told and commented on by Diana West:

One day, William G. “Jerry” Boykin, a highly decorated retired Army general and ordained minister, and a founding member and leader of Delta Force, was scheduled to speak at a West Point prayer breakfast.

We find the thought of a prayer breakfast unpalatable, but that’s straying from the topic.

The next day, following a campaign to stop Boykin’s appearance by what the New York Times describes as “liberal veterans’ groups, civil liberties advocates and Muslim organizations,” Boykin was not scheduled to speak at West Point. “In fulfilling its commitment to the community,” West Point announced, “the U.S. Military Academy will feature another speaker for the event.” …

You can bet your last bullet the replacement speaker will not have identified, studied and himself experienced jihad – in military terms, the enemy threat doctrine – as Lt. Gen. Boykin has. This makes Boykin’s abrupt cancellation an information-war victory for the Muslim Brotherhood something few in Washington or West Point will even notice.

Muslim Brotherhood? Isn’t that in Egypt? How does the Muslim Brotherhood figure into a story about West Point?

Prominent in the stop-Boykin coalition is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), known mainly for sound bite-ready spokesmen who present an Islamic point of view on TV. More important is CAIR’s place in the Muslim Brotherhood constellation of front groups as an entity founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian franchise, the jihad terror group Hamas.

This revelation emerged during the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terror-financing trial in a document authored by the Muslim Brotherhood itself. It attests to the presence in the United States of multiple Muslim Brotherhood front groups, including CAIR, which remains an unindicted co-conspirator in that case. The FBI cut off official contacts with CAIR in 2008.

Such information is documented in “Shariah: The Threat to America,” a book Boykin and I and 17 others, including former CIA director James Woolsey and former Reagan Pentagon official Frank Gaffney, co-authored in 2010. I wouldn’t be surprised if the book played some animating role in the Battle over Boykin at West Point, won by CAIR and celebrated in all the best bastions impregnable to fact. …

Some animus toward Boykin may form in reaction to the evangelical brand of Christianity he expresses on faith and war in churches across the country. Back in 2003, following the publication of snippets of these talks, the Pentagon investigated Boykin’s invocations of “Satan” as the enemy, and his attesting to his faith in the Christian “real God” over his enemy’s “idol.”

So in gagging on the prayer breakfast, we weren’t far off topic after all.

However, the outrage here is not Boykin’s Christianity, but a great US military academy’s capitulation to the impudent demands of a terrorist-founded, terrorist-funding, jihad-promoting Islamic organization.

  • Liz

    Ironic that CAIR is pretending to be “offended” by Islamist enemies being called Satan when they and all those they support have called us that from day one.       

  • Herculepoirot62

    I don’t agree with you on atheism, but we all have to band together to stop the radical Muslim threat.  Those who say that Christianity is as violent as Islam (like Rosie O’Donnell) are way off base. Christians will invite you to church, and if you refuse, we will pray for you and ask again later.  Radical Muslims will invite you to embrace Islam, and if you refuse you might just lose your head….literally.

    • George

      While it is true that currently Christians don’t engage in the acts of terrorism as Muslims are engaging in NOW , Christians have a bloody history of conquest, mass murder,  and going around the world in conquering other nations and indigenous societies , so don’t play the innocent game as if  Christianity’s  has been anything but horrific.  I have talked  to Christians  from around America and also from my personal experiences whenever a Christian tells an Atheist  that he/she is a Christian , we simply say  something like    “to each his own or –whatever you choose “.  However , ALL  the times I have stated to a  Christian that I am an atheist,  I am subjected to the most insulting remarks imaginable and the point of “praying for us ” is itself an insult considering that we atheists DON’T believe in prayer.  The same thing Muslims are doing now, Christians have done the same or worse and yes Christians have evolved into a more civilized behavior than the past but many still have a hostile and virulent attitude towards secular freethinkers.  I’ve had Christians invite me to their churches and I tell them I would if they in turn will attend a secular freethinker meeting with me as well —-and they ALWAYS turn the offer down or just never take me up on it which in itself is hypocritical.  If it weren’t for the laws that we have to protect us , then the  Christians would indeed be just as violent today.   The teachings in the Old Testament are just as horrific as those in the Quran. I won’t waste my time getting into a debate on which is worse and to what degree. I understand your point totally and if I had to choose to live in a  Christian society or to live in a Muslim society , I would not hesitate to choose to live in a Christian or even a  Jewish society like  Israel.    
                            While you’re trying to convince us (atheists ) that we need to all band together , the effort should start with Christians and I would hope that you assert your message to your fellow Christian brethren who have such a vehement hatred and disdain towards us secular freethinkers just because we do not believe in the supernatural or paranormal or any other kind of supreme being that no one has proven to exist but only accept because of  societal organized indoctrination of  “blind acceptance”  called FAITH .  I have seen nothing but arrogance come from Christians and yet Christians claim to be telling us  what needs to be done.   I was raised in the christian church in my youth and was once the altar boy of my church—so I am not ignorant to Christianity and I have also done many studies independently as well.  I like the suggestion believe it or not.
                             I don’t see atheists canvassing through neighborhoods trying to convert Christians to secularism. As I ststed previously , I would like to see Christians stand up together against the onslaught or  Islam and sharia and the sooner the better , but it certainlky isn’t atheists that are hindering such.  I do appreciate your suggestion but please start with making your suggestion to your christian brethren and when they accept us as human beings who have a right to our secular beliefs just as everyone else then perhaps we can talk and work together for the safety of us all.

    • Don L

      First, Rosie O’Donell is an ill-informed and ignorant woman…Yet, even a broken watch is right twice a day. Your arrogance, whereas you believe you are some superior person because you believe in mystical nonsense, proves Rosie’s point.

      I fight against muslims and christians (all theism) respective of their seeking political control.  You would pray for lost souls now…then comes the re-education camps….for our good in god’s name…then dispatch so we can spend eternity with the lord.  Talibanism runs in your veins.  Turning the cheek only lasts until power is achieved.  Murder in god’s name is OK…is in your magic book.   What are christian soldiers anyway?

      Pray for your salvation…oh…if you are saved…then you too would be an atheist…then you’d have to beware the christians.

    • Don L

      Forgot…If you want to believe in these magical air people and things…fine…you are allowed…it is your right.   What you do not have a right to do is force me to believe it.   I would defend your right to believe or not believe.  As a christian, you would never defend my right to reject your gods and immaculate prophets…

  • George

    Sadly , weak minded men of today feel that it is so easy to simply “cave in” and go along to get along instead of stand up for their principles ( if they have any ) .   The jihadists of today are exercising their tactic of taqiiya and they’re pulling out all the stops.   It’s full steam ahead in their minds . They are also highly patient and will continue on with their dubious agendas incrementally one degree at a time.  They know it won’t happen over night , but they have long  range goals and they figure that over a period of time ( a decade or a few decades at this  pace ) they will make great gains because of the stupidity and foolishness of so-called intelligent and civilized people who should know better.    Are we just buying time ?   Has our fate already been planned and sealed ? What will it take to reverese this ? How could advanced and intelligent people allow this to happen ?  Common sense should dictate that you can’t be nice and hospitable to everyone. Common sense should indicate that there are times when you have to put your foot down and stand up for what we know is right .   Apparently there are a lot of people lacking common sense or for that matter——GUTS     !