What would Reagan have done? 4

President Reagan declares: “We do not believe that life is so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery.”

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  • George

    If Reagan had been our President today instead of that anti-American a**hole Obama , we wouldn’t be going through the crap we’re experiencing as we do now. When Khadaffi made threats to the USA , Reagan sent a sorti of air-raids and bombed the crap out of that bastard and then the nurderous scumbag Khadaffi shut the f*** up and left us the f*** alone.    But now we have a neo-Marxist  president in office that is destroying America , our national defense, our economy and capitulating to our open enemies.   And yet people still remain the mindless “sheeple”   that they are.     It never ceases to amaze me how people allow themselves to be so brainwashed and gullible. It’s simply mind-boggling !

    • Liz

      Exactly right.  Peoples memory seems to only last for the term of one President.  After the miserable failure of Carter, we got Reagan.  But then it went back downhill.  Maybe after this last even worse excuse for a President, we’ll get something at least closer to Reagan than anyone else since then. 

      • George

        It  was Jimmy  Carter who caused the Shah of Iran to be deposed and as a result we ended up with that wacko Ayatollah who launched or rekindled a terrorist movement second to none.  When Iran kept our guys as prisoners we should have taken a vast military action on that third world  sh**hole  instead of that failed helicopter attempt of a rescue in the dessert which was a joke.   Reagan had his faults but he was staunchly pro-American , pro-military, pro-national defense and he protected our soverignty.     We should have forged ahead with the “Star Wars ” program also. Reagan would have never capitulated to our enemies , or betrayed our allies or put our great nation in jeopardy or destroy our economy.   If Reagan were alive today and were running for president , he would have my vote . That’s a given.  Just think , we have Obama , a neo-Marxist former nobody college professor from Chicago who most people didn’t even know of (  I did ) and the he magically pops onto the scene and ends up as our president because the mainstream liberal media built him up and turned him into a super-being icon and then gullible voters voted for that deceitful Marxist expecting that they were going to get some improved CHANGE in our society .  They got a change alright —— a change for the worse.    Now we have to undo the mess Obama has created and try to get our nation back on track.   Israel had better get it’s act together soon before it’s too late because the sand is running out of the hour glass and that wacko   Iranian president  Mahmoud    Amaniacnutjob could very well start a nuclear war. 

        • Liz

          Yes, its very interesting how the media and behind the scenes lurkers created a president out of thin air named Obama.  Oh, but no vast left wing conspiracy there!