A school is taught a lesson 3

A victory over jihadists is scored in Britain by  StandforPeace, the anti-terrorist organization of Muslims and Jews which studies and supplies information on the Middle East.

When they heard that Human Appeal International (HAI), a self-styled “charity” which they knew to have links to terrorist groups, was planning to use the Parrs Wood state school in Manchester as a venue for fundraising, they determined not to let it happen.

They knew that in February 2005 Hamas’s website had openly announced the receipt of funds from HAI.

HAI advertises its activity as  “The relief of poverty and sickness and the protection of good health and the advancement of education of those in need or from impoverished countries overseas and in particular Sudan, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Lebanon and Afghanistan.” For this they asked to be granted the use of Parrs Wood. The school authorities believed them, and took no trouble to find out anything more. (What world do educators live in?) At first they were unresponsive when StandforPeace contacted them.

But then StandforPeace also contacted the Department of Education and suggested they check their list of terrorist organizations. HAI was on the list because the US government had found it has links to Hamas and the Saudi-based Muwafaq, an Al-Qaeda front group. In a 1996 CIA report it was named as one of a number of Islamic “charities” funding terrorist organizations. The FBI in 2003 outlined a “close relationship between Human Appeal International and Hamas;” and the FBI further reported that HAI was a major recipient of funding from the convicted Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) Entity, the Holy Land Foundation.

So the  Department of Education persuaded Parrs Wood to “do further research” – ie to use the information the department was sending them. The result is that HAI has been banned from using the Manchester school.

Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) officers at the Department of Education concluded: “Since the concerns about HAI have come to light, Parrs Wood has performed further research… As a result they have decided not to allow HAI or other charities which appear to have links to political organisations to use the school in future.”

Hasan Afzal, Director of StandforPeace, commented, “We are pleased to see the Department of Education take action over Human Appeal International. Schools are ripe targets for organisations such as HAI, and it is imperative that all educational institutions are vigilant about the company they keep.”

He continued, “Organisations such as Human Appeal have no business being on a school campus. Elsewhere, HAI have no shame in running events with the hate speaker Haitham al-Haddad, who openly preaches hatred against Jews, Christians and homosexuals. Such activity is only a web-search away. One would have thought the school would have practised better due diligence.”

StandforPeace can and will use this case as a precedent for stopping Human Appeal International using other state schools as fundraising venues in the future.

Post Script: HAI is supported by the Palestinian Forum of Britain (PFB) which has fund-raised for them. PFB is one of the organizations involved in the “Global March to Jerusalem’” planned to take place on March 30th, 2012. Various other Muslim Brotherhood fronts will also be participating.

  • Kourosh

    Arabs have to be the dumbest people on earth. Out of all people on earth, Jews are the closest to you. Jews share similar culture, almost everything in Jewish culture has parallels with Arab culture, Arabs and Jews also speak languages in the same language family (Semitic), and are genetically identical. So why do Arabs hate Jews and why do Jews hate Arabs? Stupidity, land issues, and most importantly of course (at least in the primitive mind of the Arab) … religion.

    • Jillian Becker

      If you mean that Muhammad took religious ideas from Jewish sources, then yes, he did. If you mean that both Jews and Arabs are Semitic peoples, then yes, they are. But in every way imaginable the history of Jews and Arabs has been as different as that of any two peoples could be. Israel is as different from the 21 Arab states as any state could be from any other in the contemporary world. You, Kourosh, who have been informative to us of the difference between Iranians and Arabs, between Tajiks and Pashtuns, should be more discriminating when you look at the far more vividly obvious difference between the persistently Dark Ages culture of Arabs and the enlightened and innovate culture of Jews. It is not the Jews who put religion or land issues between themselves and their territorial neighbors, it is the Muslim Arabs.  

  • Liz

    I’m glad this group StandforPeace is out there. They need to grow into a major global tidal wave movement.