Communism and Christianity: twin ideologies 17

Communism and Christianity are ideologically identical in a fundamental assumption: that ultimate virtue lies in the sacrifice of the individual to the supposed good of the community.

There are other salient resemblances between them, vivid in their histories; most notably a reach for totalitarian control and the punishing of dissent; but what they similarly do, for the Party or for the Church, is always in the name of their similar communitarian ethic.

The United States of America was founded on an opposite fundamental principle: that the individual is of paramount importance; that each should be free to act in his own best interests provided only that he does not impinge on the freedom of his fellow citizen. Those words are not used in the Constitution, but it is what the Constitution is all about, establishing a rule of law to protect individual liberty. That is what the rule of law is for. Where the individual citizen is free to strive lawfully for his own welfare, the nation as a whole flourishes and prospers. That was what was visualized by the founders, and they were proved right. (The paramountcy of individual freedom does not of course preclude necessary co-operation, to keep foreign enemies of the nation at bay with a strong military, or to provide conveniences that large numbers of citizens need in their particular localities such as street lighting, sewerage, transport. Nor does it exclude voluntary philanthropy.)

The United States of America came to embody the ideal of freedom. But the ideal seems to be fading. President Obama is a Communist by upbringing and choice, and has manifestly tried to turn America towards Communism by means of government-enforced wealth redistribution.

The apparent alternative to Obama at this point in the presidential election year is Rick Santorum. The picture at the top of this article suggests that this ardent Catholic stands more than anything else for Communism’s twin ideology, Christianity.

If that is the case, we need to ask: is there no one who will stand for freedom?

  • Anonymous

    Let us hope that the Libertarians can provide a rational alternative to the big government proponents. 
    The Tea Party movement has been about TEA (Taxed Enough Already), not about religious conservatism.  So, if Santorum successfully woos the Republicans, they will lose all of my support. 
    Replacing a Kenyan Marxist with a Catholic Communist is not progress.

    • George

      I’m in agreement also on this Cheongyei , and as Liz and  I both stated ——–look at the sad choices we have.  What do we do ?  It’s not like we’re going to go to the voting booths and say—” Wow , here’s a guy who is pro-secular and he’ll be fair to all of us  ! “.    Whether we like it or not we’re stuck with voting for the lesser of the two evils or not voting at all and as I stated before we’re caught between a rock and a hard place. I attended a Tea Party rally in my area and even joined , but I got nauseated when they kept pushing the GOD  GOD GOD GOD ( read- Christian ) agenda. We’re screwed either way .  Sad position to be in isn’t it ?

  • Ralph

    Hopeful, but doubtful we will get a real choice between presidential candidates in 2016. This year is a total waste. They admit to 15 trillion dollars of debt and they are talking about their religion. I’m not wasting my time voting for any of these idiots.

    • George

      It can indeed Ralph be a very discouraging delema. I said the same thing and then I began to think about something very seriously.  So far , we only have a choice of voting for the lesser of the two evils ( but evils just the same ).   If I don’t vote , and the Democrats backed by the liberal-left media may just assuredly put Obama back in office again using the same tactics they used to get him elected in the first place and that would be disasterous and we will  end up with the crescent flag flying over the white house and sharia law replacing our constitution. If I vote for a conservative Republican ( and look at the choices we have ) most assuredly we will end up with a right wing Christian zealot fundamentalist who will attempt to turn our great nation into a Christian theocracy and screw all the atheists as if we don’t have enough problems already. However if I did have to chose between the two , I would rather have a Bible thumper than a Quran thumper if I had to make a definate decisive choice between the two.   Obviously we don’t have any secularists running for office who cares for our interests so we’re screwed anyway  you look at it. So now Ralph we’re stuck with choosing between Biblical law (Republican candidate ) or Quaranic law ( Obama being re-elected ) and  can definately understand why so many people  “throw in the towel” and just don’t bother at all.     What worries me ( and just my opinion ) is that if many voters take that approach , it just may assure Obama getting back in office and our nation and society is certainly doomed .  It’s a screwed up situation either way . I don’t have the answer Ralph but the thought of Obama being re-elected gives me nightmares . It’s crazy man . We are in a bad situation from either angle but we may just have to chose the lesser of the two evils just to save America and then we have yet another uphill battle to tend with.    What a mess to be in.  I think about this constantly and I’m still looking for an answer and I truly don’t know Ralph if I will ever find one, but I’ll keep trying just the same. Keep up the fight  my man !!!!!!!   

    • George

      Hi again Ralph.  I just wanted to add more to my previous post below on a very serious note .    I have also at times thought of just “sitting out ” the next election as my thoughts were simply—” What’s the use ?”  After pondering on this notion for quite some time I came to this conclusion and please follow me on this and let me know what your views are please.   If we sit out from voting and cast no vote whatsoever , then the liberals are going to get their Democrat people  who are supported by the media to come out in full force and cast their votes for Obama and then we have that pro-Marxist, pro-Muslim, anti-American individual back in office for another term and I personally find such a thing as disastrous .  
                            I intend to vote for whatever Republican that has a chance of beating Obama even if such a person is a Christian zealot. Better that than another term of Obama.   Yes, I know I’m chosing the lesser of the two evils and admittingly so , but look at the alternative. The alternative is far worse. Just my opinion and viewpoint here  but we just can’t afford another term of Obama or our great nation is finished. If Obama wins America is doomed.   Having said that , I must admit  that I know I would be supporting a Christian fundamentalist by  casting such a vote but as I stated also—the alternative is far worse .  Ask yourself , which would you rather be living under —- a society that is pro-Christian or a society that is pro-Muslim  or pro-Marxist and then decide. Just something to seriously think about—- I have.     As stated previously , our choices are horrendous but we must certainly indeed make the choice . We as American voters can’t just sit around and “burry our heads in the sand ” and expect things to change magically .  I hate to see us in this position but we must face the cold harsh reality and this is what we’re stuck with—sad to say.
                                    As I said before Ralph , I don’t have the answers but we can’t afford to let Obama win again. He must be voted out of office in order to save America.    This situation is getting more and more serious each day and it truly boggles the mind that we are in such a position. I’m voting for the best Republican candidate that has the best chance of beating Obama even if I don’t actually care for the Republican candidate for the simple fact that anyone so far ( IMHO ) is better than Obama.   Just my .02   What do you think ?    

  • Liz

    Good comparison of Communism and Christianity.  
    In our “melting pot”, so many ideas have melted together that it’s no wonder many are confused.  Christians think they are in agreement with the Founders and the Constitution, when in reality their beliefs are in deep conflict with the individualism and freedom that it was designed to protect.  They celebrate “We the People”, when, if they were mentally honest, they would really be saying, “we the slaves of God and humble subjects of the earthly authority that He in his infinite wisdom has ordained to rule over us, which we promise to unrebelliously submit to.”
    It’s disturbing, to say the least, to hear Santorum talking about Satan, banning contraception, and denigrating human reason.  If he’s elected I don’t doubt the Catholics will have a heyday with “faith-based” federally funded everything. On the other hand, with Obama in there, the Muslims will continue to have their own faith-based heyday, and we’ll all pay for everyone elses free contraception, along with that of every third-world country via the UN.  

    • George

      Hey Liz  —
                       The bottom line is  we’re caught between a rock and a hard place  or a mind-boggling delema . We’re damed if we do and damned if we don’t . If Santorum gets in we’re screwed and if Obama gets in we’re even more screwed .   Sad choices—aren’t there ?  

      • Liz

        Yes, it is sad, especially when you consider that over a hundred years after Darwin, people like Santorum are still against teaching evolution in school, and over a hundred years after Marx, people like Obama are still pushing that agenda as if it hadn’t already failed.  I guess mental evolution is always going to be slow. 

  • George

    Christianity  and communism do indeed share  a commonality for certain.  When I read Biblical passages that tells people they must hate their mother, father and children and to give up all they have in order to be a disciple or follower of Christ and also in order to enter the kingdom of heaven , then I recognize that Christianity is most certainly communistic in it’s truest form and certainly NOT pro-family.
                          When I read Biblical passages that read– ” It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven ” —then I smell a communism “rat” for sure.  The collectivism creed of Christianity smacks of the socialist/communist agenda.  The sad truth is that religion in general doesn’t teach people to think but only to blindly follow and accept  without question . As a result we have a world society of mindless human-puppets and gullible social mental slaves. 

  • Jack

    I agree with this, but it is a liberal sentiment not a Conservative one. If you understand true Conservatism, Conservatism would argue that individual freedom leads to societal decay and collapse. For example these are Conservative arguments:

    * homosexual liberation leads to delegitimizing normal marriage and thus undermines family and ultimately must undermine patriotic loyalty to America.

    * women’s careerism, women’s sexual liberation, the pill, abortion, are all examples of feminism’s war against the values that made American exceptionalism possible. By minimizing men, liberalism has paved the way for a weak and decadent society that wont fight to protect itself. As evidence, track the growth of women’s liberation and political power with the growth of the welfare state and American suicidal foreign power.

    * Open immigration has allowed the racial demographics of America to change. Today, 50% of all new babies are non-white. Will a future non-white America, or an America where whites are a minority, still believe in the principles of the American Revolution? No.

    * Open immigration has also lowered wages for all native American workers. Another example of where freedom for some, ie immigrants, is harmful for others, ie American citizens.

    * individual freedom leads to societal decay. Look at today’s culture with everyone having a smart-phone pasted to their ear. There is no civic virtue, Hollywood is a cesspool of debauchery. Libertarian sexual freedoms has NOT been good for America or the West.  FOR A SOCIETY TO SURVIVE AND PROSPER, SEXUAL AND PERSONAL FREEDOMS MUST BE RESTRAINED. LIBERALISM IN EITHER ITS LEFTIST OR CLASSICAL FORMS IS DESTRUCTIVE TO SOCIETY. SOCIETY NEEDS TRADITIONAL MORALITY AND TRADITIONAL SEXUAL NORMS.

    I don’t agree with these arguments. But these are all true Conservative arguments and premises. These arguments IMO are far more difficult to challenge than the typical Leftist / socialist ones.

    This blog is a liberal blog. It is not a Conservative one. Your blog title is very, very wrong.  Any true Conservative would not recognize you as Conservative because Conservatism is not about individualism or individual liberty. Those are Classical Liberal or Randian premises not Conservative ones.

    • George

      Liberalsim and Conservatism IMO  are two sides of the same coin.   Eighteen of our American Presidents owned blacks as slaves as well as a few of those considered as Founding  Fathers. While they wrote documents claiming they represented ALL people for freedom , their actions indicated otherwise and amounted to pure hypocrisy. Liberals only liberated America to filth , indecency, socialism, decadent behavior and an ‘entitlement” mentality.   Lincoln was a staunch white-supremacist yet is revered by many as having been for freedom for everyone which is patently untrue.    Back in the 1950’s and early 1960’s  as a black man  , I can remember being forced to sit on the back of the bus, to eat at separate lunch counters , unable to go to the same institutions, entertainment centers and theme parks and even beaches as whites.  Now I see the black clergy pushing socialist agendas.   If 50% or more of the nation is becoming non-white by demographics , then there  would have never been a problem of such in the first place if civil rights and true justice had been afforded in the first place. Some of the biggest racists today are black clergymen ( not all , but quite a few ).   The KKK was born out of Christianity .  I have read ststements by black muslims who hate whites venemously.   Our border remains open and yet NO Republican (conservative ) president ever closed our borders , so the problem is not just with Democrats (liberals ).   Liberal Democrats want the votes from illegal aliens  ( overwhelmingly Mexicans sneaking across the border ) and Conservative Republicans want the cheap labor of the illegal aliens to increase their profits in businesses. Neither group has  made any true effort to close our borders. It’s amazing that the ones who created the problems in the first place are now the ones screaming their heads off the loudest when they see things falling apart and then on the other side of the fence we have losers who want something for nothing  and play the race card, gender card and the LBGT card to excuse away their effort to promote their own dubious agendas.  There is corruption all around on both sides of the fence and this is why so many Americans are so disgruntled and fed up with the entire system. The sad truth is that many people in general have their own agendas and interests in mind rather than the true interests of our nation and society equally as a whole. 

    • Jillian Becker

      Jack – 

      Small government, low taxes, strong defense, individual freedom, free market economy = libertarian conservatism. We are libertarian conservatives (and atheists, which we would agree is unusual among American conservatives). 

      The only freedom the left is for is sexual. Not something that would bother us in itself if it did not put a financial burden on others. Which  it does. 

      All “liberation” movements are left-wing, collectivist.  

      “Liberal” should mean laissez-faire economics, but the term was purloined and misapplied by the left to itself, inverting the meaning. The left is not liberal, nor progressive, but leftists like to think they are both.  

      We see that the great divide in politics lies between collectivism and individual freedom. We are on the side of individual freedom. If you are too, we welcome you, label us how you will. If you are not, our website is not for you.  

      • George

        I certainly agree with you Jillian , and I’m going to leave it at that.  My sentiments exactly .  Thanks !

      • Jack

         Small government, low taxes, strong defense, individual freedom, free market economy = libertarian conservatism.

        This statement reveals a complete ignorance of what conservatism is. It is NOT libertarian or what libertarian really is – a upgrade of Classical Liberalism. Original Conservatism was a rearguard Christian intellectual movement AGAINST Classical Liberalism.

        Today’s Conservatives are a hodgepodge mix of libertarian and Conservative; which is why they are so sterile. Also, I would add that libertarianism is itself undercut by its association with anarchism; ie Rothbard’s anarcho-capitalism.

        The best of the “libertarians” are the Randians. This blog sounds like it is influenced by Rand because it uses the language of individualism. NO Conservative would use that language. Conservativism is not about individualism, it is about SOCIETY.

        Please read Russel Kirk or Leo Strauss or Hilaire Belloc or Eric Vogelin.

        Bottom line: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “LIBERTARIAN CONSERVATISM”. You are advocating something that does not exist.

        • Jillian Becker

          No such thing as libertarian conservatism? 

          There is now. 

          If you’re right that there never was before, then we’ve made it. 

          By the way, Margaret Thatcher described herself as a “libertarian conservative”. Maybe you’re taking too narrow a view. Political philosophy embraces  more than American traditions.

    • Ralph

      You don’t understand conservatism. Please try again.

      • Jack

         If your statement was directed at me, you don’t have a leg to stand on. My list of bullet points is EXACTLY what Conservatism stands for. Conservatism is NOT libertarianism. That people don’t this is depressing.