The repulsiveness of the Cult of Warm 3

The Cult of Warm doesn’t accept that there is a debate. As far as they are concerned, the debate never happened because it never needed to happen because they were always right. They can’t intelligently address dissent, because their science is not based on discovering the evidence needed to lead to a consensus, but on insisting that there is a consensus and that accordingly there is no need to debate the evidence. …

So Daniel Greenfield writes at Front Page.

Here are some more quotations that we like:

If you believe that freedom is at the core of what it means to be human, then the Warmists and what they stand for are instinctively repulsive to you. On the other hand, if you believe that human society must be organized into a moral collective for the betterment of all, then the Warmist idea provides a wake up call compelling us to form into ranks and goose step in recycled rubber boots into the green future. …

The Cult of Warm has no use for science except as a totem to wave over the crowd. They don’t want to be the seekers for knowledge, but the exclusive possessors of absolute truths. And that isn’t how science works. …

Global Warming has gotten too big to fail. Too many prominent names have committed to it. Too many serious people have nodded their heads and accepted it as an obvious truth, who would be unacceptably embarrassed if it were proven that the whole thing was nothing more than a giant prank. Too many business leaders and governments have invested serious money into it to just shake it off. And much of American and European policy-making is now routed through Global Warming. …

[But] Global Warming is not just a failure of a sizable chunk of the scientific establishment to put theory before ideology, it represents a failure of the entire process by which the West has been governed … It is a demonstration of how a handful of people in prominent positions can push through otherwise unacceptable measures by manufacturing a crisis and pipelining it through business and government. It’s a hack of our entire system of government.

Fortunately, economic realism compels a continuing reliance on fossil fuels, always argues for freedom, and in the long run must win the debate.

  • Liz

    “The Cult of Warm has no use for science except to wave as a totem over the crowd. They don’t want to be the seekers of knowledge but the exclusive possessors of absolute truths.” 
    This could also be said about the ID deniers of evolution, who must defend their irrational faith in Bible stories with something that they try to pass off as science.
    The Warmers, in seeking to defend their irrational faith in an earthly utopia, have sunk to that level, and are now ‘deniers’ themselves.     

    • George

      Hi Liz —

          You’re absolutely right . These people and their false pride won’t let them admit the fallacy  of their beliefs and also their out of control egos also won’t allow them to admit they are wrong. It would be too embarrassing for them to admit that they were made fools of and hoodwinked , so they have to continue the false pretense by continuing to  support that which they know to be utter BS.
                           As it has been stated many times before—— Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.     When a corrupt few people gain absolute power of the government and media , then the people are in grave peril.   Mind control is the most powerful control and what controls the mind the most is indoctrinated dogma —–and in the great majority of cases it’s RELIGION , and followed by “political correctness” left-wing liberal nonsense.  Having said this , it is also a fact that conservatives are in some cases also corrupt  and are also not without their faults and misgivings . This is why I value FREETHOUGHT in it’s truest form —–the ability to think for oneself  and thinking “outside of the box”  and not subscribing to anyone’s form of  GROUP  THINK. 

  • George

    Hey Harold , we miss you —– I was looking forward to the other input.