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  • Liz

    I couldn’t agree more.  Of all the brilliant “diplomatic skills” he is going to be remembered for, shamelessly kissing ass will definitely top the list.  Yes, he has secured his place in history for this, no doubt about it.

  • George

    Hey President Karzai    —- here’s my apology.

                                I apologize that we haven’t had a head of state for such a long time with balls like former President Truman  to have bombed the living crap out of that cesspool of a country of yours so that you and  your pathetic ilk can really get the chance to “hook up” with your virgins in the afterlife.  My apologies.
                    I apologize that our corrupt  American political officials have been so stupid to waste  American lives defending you people who hate us and have no intent of reforming your  societies.    My apologies.
                       I apologize that we as Americans have been so foolish to have allowed ourselves to be so dependent on your dessert oil in the Middle East when we have a vast multitude of oil reserves right here on American soil.      My apology.
                           I apologize that we have such a low-life scumbag president as Obama for  our President who is an embarrassment and treasonous traitor to our great nation which allows horiffic madmen like yourself to flex your “muscles” of villianous corrupt  power and continue your sharia agenda.  My apology

                     Oh by the way President Karzai , I’m still awaiting you Muslims apology for Sept. 11, 2001 ,  and also to this date   there  are a documented 18477 KNOWN terrorist attacks carried out around the world by Muslims ( and these are only the ones that we know of ).  I’m just holding my breath right now awaiting such an apology  ( yeah right ! ).   Oh , just one more thing there President Karzai , after sharia takes over the world and we are cast back to the 7th century , where are you going to get all the advanced technology , and other high standard of living comforts which the elite Muslims –like that of the Royal Saudi family enjoy ?  Where is your apology for the recent shooting death of our troops by your soilders who are suppose to be working and fighting alongside of our troops  ?  And one more thing President Karzai  ( and I’m not even a Christian ) — where are the apologies for all the Christian Bibles that have been burned , torn, mutilated and burried and refused to be even allowed into your country  as well as all of the secular books and texts regarding other beliefs and creeds ?   Just wondering.  

    • George

      Note—  My above comments are directed strictly at the Muslim terrorists and and their ilk and NOT any innocent Muslim people whatsoever. It is imperative that I clarify that because i’m sure someone will come along on here and take my comments out of context.   If you want peace then exhibit peace to others yourselves. Makes perfect rational and logical sense. to me .

      • Anonymous

         There are no innocent musslimm people.  Those who adhere to irrational tenets and fail to challenge them are not innocent, they are complicit in spreading evil.

        • George

          I agree with your sentiments on that Cheongyei and I knew when I posted that , it would be a response to that effect.  I am referring to the Muslims in these countries who are forced to embrace a creed or at least pretend that they do in order to survive in their society ( and they are indeed in a small minority ) . We also have ex-Muslim apostates , and there are those Muslims who say they are Muslims but do not adhere to the horrific tennants of the Quran or simply– Muslims In Name Only (MINO) .  If a person is truly a Muslim and adheres to the expressesed tennants of Islam , then they would indeed be engaging in murder and mayhem.  However by the same token if Christians truly practiced the expressed tennants of The Old Testament then they also would be killing us atheists as we would be regarded as godless ,  heathens, infidels , blasphemous and sacriligious or anti-Christian which would be punishable by death. I understand your point ( and we’re in agreement here ) , but that was NOT what I was referring to.

        • George

          I posted my response below and here’s another thought just to ponder on.  It could also be said that those atheists under Stalin in the former USSR who carried out murder, mayhem and attrocities were just as horrific. Imagine if someone said—-   “There are no innocent atheists”  — by passing judgement on us as a result of that.   The actions of Stalin and his henchmen were not in the name of atheism but were purely political but they were indeed atheists nevertheless which did NOT make them innocent as a result of their belief ( or rather non-belief ) .  I’m simply open-mindedly looking at both sides of the argument and as I stated in my post below  we are in agreement regarding your sentiments sir.