Woke up and smelt the insanity 5

There’s a good side to left-leaning states going broke. Sheer necessity can wake them up to economic sense. It’s happening in Greece and Ireland.

It’s even happening in California.

This is from Investor’s Business Daily:

Is sanity finally coming to California’s Central Valley? America’s breadbasket has long been victim of capricious water cutoffs to “save” the environment. A bill in Congress puts an end to this man-made drought. It should pass.

Rep. Devin Nunes of Visalia, Calif., has come forward with a legislative remedy for the policies that have turned fertile fields into hollowed-out dust bowls in the name of “being green”. … Water the farmers paid for [will finally get] to the parched Central Valley. It will put an end to the sorry stream of shriveled vineyards, blackened almond groves and unemployed farm workers standing in alms lines for bagged carrots from China.

The insanity of the current policies against some of America’s most productive farmers in one of the world’s richest farm belts is largely the work leftist politicians from the wealthy enclaves of the San Francisco Bay Area. This group has exerted its political muscle on the less politically powerful region that produces more than half the fruits and vegetables consumed in the U.S. …

Even local environmental groups and the scientific community are on board [with the new legislation], as well as the moderate Democratic Congress members whose districts are most directly affected by the policies. That said, it might face a battle in the Democrat-controlled Senate, where both of California’s senators — Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer — legislate as Bay Area Democrats. Their opposition stands in stark contrast to the absurdities the current policies have wrought.

Feinstein and Boxer continue to represent the Delta smelt. And is this tiny creature grateful? Not if proliferating is a sign of gratitude. Seems the world is in imminent danger of losing this valuable sub-species, no matter how many  farm workers sacrifice their livelihood for it.

Here are five [of the absurdities]:

• Fresh water is dumped into the sea. Environmental rules force water-rich Northern Californian farmers to flush 70% of their fresh water into the ocean, supposedly to help the Delta smelt, instead of selling it to San Joaquin Valley farmers. The practice hasn’t done a thing to help the smelt.

• Federal protection of non-native species. Yep, environmental laws as they stand protect non-native species such as the striped bass, at the expense of farmers.

• Expropriation without compensation. California farmers’ water rights date back centuries. They are billed for 100% of the allocations, but their allotments can be as low as 9%, depending on what regulators rule.

• Fake endangered species numbers. While the federal government forces taxpayers to fund fish hatcheries to beef up endangered species, their numbers aren’t counted even as they teem in California’s streams.

• Junk science rewarded. A federal judge denounced the lies of Fish and Wildlife Service employees on the Delta smelt count. After that reprimand, they were last heard from getting “distinguished service” awards from their bureaucracy.

All of these follies and more will end with this bill. With California’s water wars now a threat to America’s food supply, both chambers should pass it.

  • Ralph

    The “greens” try to separate humans from nature. We are just as much a part of the natural world as any other species. The fact that we can think does not separate us from nature. The fact that we are one of the most successful species on the planet does not separate us from nature. Every species does what ever it takes to survive on this Earth. We should not limit ourselves.

    If green insanity prevails Homo sapiens will be an endangered species.

    • George

      Actually Ralph , we already are an endangered species. We have the “greenies” and their enviromania  endangering us , the jihadists endangering us , the socialist liberals endangering us , corrupt politicians on Capital Hill endangering us , the lying mass media endangering us  and a society full of brainwashed PC mental “puppets ” endangering us. Shall  I go on ?    Crazy isn’t it ?

  • George

                                       California , the state that traded one liberal radical governor for a former body-builder/actor  from Austria turned politician.   California where taxes are  off the charts and businesses are moving out faster than Bill Clinton can zip up his zipper. California where millions of Mexican illegal aliens are bleeding the system dry but if anyone calls it the way it is –they will be automatically  accused of racism when such is certainly NOT the case.  California , the home of home-grown drug gangs , porn industry tycoons , and socialist welfare state conglomerates galore.  California , where every type of wierdo, crackpot, degenerate, and deviant  originates and then spreads like wildfire throughout the rest of the country.  
                                     California —-soon to be renamed  Mexifornia  or Californico since in their minds the idea is to have NO borders and open the illegal flood-gates of illegal semi-trucks loaded with drugs and illegals that flood our nation and have no respect for our soverignty rules  with no restraints whatsoever.   California —–the armpit of America.    California becomes the trial “testbed” for the rest of America to see what they can get away with before permeating the rest of American society with their corrupt and sicko cultural behaviors and mindset. If you want to see what America will look like in the near future —just look no further than California for an insight into our soon to be future.
                          I didn’t have to wake up to smell the insanity . I smelled the stench of California while already wide awake and I only wish I had been dreaming and it was only a nightmare . Unfortunately that “nightmare” turned out to be a reality that is getting increasingly worse.   Perhaps when the liberals get pushed into a corner and see no way out , then and only then maybe they will get their act together and turn the mess around that they created before we get to the point of no return and it’s too late. 

  • Liz

    The backlash they should be getting from this insanity should be giving them whiplash.  I can’t believe how long the people of California have put up with them already, except for the fact that most of them have been successfully brainwashed to submit to whatever crap is shoveled out on them in the name of “saving the the environment”. 

    • Keith

      California is a state where 57% have a religious affiliation from the acknowledged religions (low but not the lowest in the US). But the “religion” of liberalism is going strong. A recent article says the most hated state in the country is California and California’s response is the rest of us are jealous.
      This is a state run by liberal democrats socially engineering everything to a point where they are bankrupt and losing producers while increasing their population of moochers.
      It’s a beautiful place but I didn’t leave anything on my visits there I feel I need to go back and retrieve. Stick a fork in them, they’re done.