Is Islam delivering a final blow to religion? 10

If Dennis Prager is right in the article we quote here, Islam is defeating itself. And not only is it curing some Muslims of their own religion, it’s helping to turn people off all religion.

Religion has been withering since the Enlightenment, and it took an all-but-mortal blow from Darwin. Now, over the last few decades, Islam is revealing so hideous a face that it is perhaps administering the coup de grâce.

Dennis Prager deplores the possible development. We applaud it.

Nothing produces atheists like despicable religious people. They do far more harm to religious faith than all the atheist writers and activists in the world put together.

Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood, the ayatollahs, Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan, the Taliban and all the other Islamist organizations actually decrease the number of believers in the world.

Over the course of time, people do not judge religions by their theology. Yes, some people convert to a religion thanks to its convincing theology. And many remain in a religion because of family ties, cultural norms and sheer inertia. But over time, religion – and faith in God itself – is judged by its fruit. Which is how it should be.

And the best known fruit of Islam today – countries calling themselves Muslim, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Taliban Afghanistan, not to mention Islamist groups – is so ugly that many millions of people are increasingly repelled by religion and by God. …

When the best-known actions of some of the most religious people in the world are kidnappings, slaughter, torture, mass murder of innocents, suicide bombings, beheadings and treatment of women unknown in recorded history, religion and faith in God suffer everywhere.

So there is an upside to the extra-nasty religion of Islam pursuing its atrocious jihad after all – a widespread disillusionment at last with religion in general?

Seems too good to be true. But we hope Prager is right.

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  • George

    So that we  ALL  don’t get [ off topic ] regarding the title of this article which reads ——– ” Is Islam delivering a final blow to religion ? “.   With all the massive numbers of terrorist attacks , beheadings, hangings, stonings, sharia law dictates, burnings, hacked to death innocent people , so-called murderous “honor killings” , murder-suicide bombings,  and much much more in the name of Islam , people around the world are watching this and are indeed alarmed and justifiably so.   Of course those of us who see this for what it really is and state such will be accused of having some kind of  PHOBIA  ————-as if such a rational position / mindset isn’t justified. More and more people , especially the youth around college age are beginning to open their minds ( slowly but surely ) and see religion for what it really is and as such are running the other way .   These murderous , exploitative and subjugative actions  by these extremists are the best recruitment “program” for atheism that we could ever dream of. These extremists are actually driving the people over to our side as the people slowly but surely wake up to the reality around them.   This is why the major religions and their forceful proselytizers have to use fear, force and deceit  to impose it on other people because they know they can’t win people over by their beliefs as it stands. All people have to do is open their eyes and look around them to what is happening around the world. So therefore the extremists have to use fear, force and even murder to impose their religious dogma upon everyone else  because they know they will fail otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    Prager recounts meeting a waitress in Sydney who had migrated from Iran, became an apostate from Islam and identified herself to him as an atheist. Although Australia has inflicted creationist Ken Hamm and the Hillsong Church’s bad worship music on the world, I get the impression that it has traveled farther down the path towards becoming a decent atheistic society than we realize. Something like a quarter of Australia’s population identifies itself as nonbelievers in god, and that proportion seems likely to grow. 

    Ironically American religionists readily take their families on vacation to Australia and other developed countries with pluralities, if not majorities, of nonbelievers, because they have good reputations.

  • Liz

    I really hope he’s right.  The problem is, for all the great things the Enlightenment accomplished, much of it was lost in the subsequent religious revivals.  The same thing happened with Darwin – he made one of the greatest scientific discoveries in history, and religion immediately swamped it in waves of resistance which have not receded. 
    I would love to see Islam -and all religion – self-destruct, but I don’t know if anything can kill the religious “instinct” in the human species. 
    (I think someone recommended “Caveman Logic” which is a good one on this subject.) 

    • George

      Hey Liz ,          I’ve been wondering about something and please let me know your take on this.    I’ve been wondering if the reason that religious fundamentalism has skyrocketed is because secularists have not come out of the closet enough on a wide scale basis and have not spoken out in vast numbers to counter the encroaching theological fundamentalism.     Do you think much of it has to do with our own silence ? Do you believe our lack of standing up to the zealots has contributed to them having been emboldened to the point that they feel that they can push us around without any resistance  ? I’ve been pondering this situation for some time now and just wanted to get another point of view— that’s all. I’ve always felt that we as secular freethinkers have spent plenty of time discussing these matters with one another ( even to the point of virulently debating one another ) but I feel that we as a whole have failed to let our voices reach the general populace in the public forum such as public assemblies , letters to the editor, mainstream news media public forums  & gatherings , etc. 
                                I just wanted to get some “feedback” from your perspective on this .  Where do  we go from here ?   What do you think is the primary thing that we can do to actively  get this show on the road ?   We have an uphill battle regarding this predicament.      Having said this  ,  I truly hate it when we as secular freethinkers allow different  political and social issues come between us from either side of the fence.   What do you think we need to do to accelerate the outcome of secular freethought to the world populace  ? Sometimes when I feel enthuisiastic , I later end up feeling dismayed on the situation and then the situation appears to be grim.  Anyway Liz, fire away————   What do you think we need to do more of in order to make more serious changes in our society and the world ?   I’m open for suggestions ?    Thanks Liz.   

      • Liz

        George –
        I’m sure we atheists need to assert our opinions out there more, but as you know, it often doesn’t seem to phase the religious.  No matter how rational an argument you present, they are going to resort to intellectual dishonesty and come up with anything to discredit it because of their emotional bias, and because they are already indoctrinated to perceive an atheist as “the devil”, who is out to undermine all that is good in the world. It’s like trying to convince a little kid to give up their security blanket – their psychological and emotional dependence on it is going to overwhelm them and they are not going to listen to reason, in most cases.
        But I think we still need to get our point of view out there.  The books that have come out in recent years have been great, and this website.  What I’d love to see is a nationally syndicated radio show with a conservative atheist hosting it!

        • George

          Hi Liz  —

                    You share my exact sentiments indeed !

    • Keith

      I am sitting here reading this after I just got finished reading Pat Robertson’s comments regarding the tornadoes here in my neck of the woods. Pat was saying that not enough people prayed to keep the tornadoes away. So here I am with the tornado passing right over me Friday night only to hit my good christian neighbors. Is the all powerful all knowing nearsighted and hit them when he was supposed to kick atheist butt.

      What sort of prayer does he think would work “dear lord please send your tornado to my neighbor because his bogs barking keep me up at night which makes me to grumpy to do your good work. in jesus name I pray”.

      Like islam christians leaders do a good job of opening eyes of people who may be on the fence. Without being militant about I keep pointing out these sorts of incidents to my chritian friends and it is amazing the backtracking and distancing they will do. I know what that feels like because I have had to do similar when atheists make equally stupid comments but those seem to be getting fewer. 

      One little side note: While helping my neighbors clean up I was working side by side with their pastor. My neighbor introduced me as their atheist neighbor and after working with me the pastor said there was hope for me yet and I replied “I was just thinking there was hope for you”. We both laughed shook hands and went our separate ways.

      • Liz

        Proving how religion keeps the mind trapped like a rat in a cage on a circular treadmill !  No matter how many disasters occur, it will never be a clue that God doesn’t exist, or that if he does he’s a psychopath – no, it will always be our fault, for not praying enough!

      • George

        I hear you Keith .   Pat Robertson , the same Christian nut-case who said the earthquake ( ACT OF GOD ) that devastated Haiti and killed a mass multitude of people was supposedly because the Haitian people made a pact with the DEVIL .  Then if a few people survive one of these so-called ACTS OF GOD , the stupid Christian (read-religious ) people THANK the perpetrator ( God )  that sent the natural disaster in the first palce.  Stupid  is what stupid believes !!!!!!!!

  • George

                                          Dennis Prager is right on target with this article and thanks for posting it Jillian. The best recruiting tool for secular freethinkers is the nut-case religious zealot fanatics.   People ( referring to religious people in general ) are increasingly getting fed up with religion dictating to  their personal lives and restricting them from enjoying life to it’s fullest and forcing them to become slaves to an indoctrinated dogma.   The problem in Islamic countries is that people don’t have a choice but are “puppets” of religious dictates.  They are forced by their theocratic nations/societies to be Muslims and embrace Islam or die.   It’s FORCED on the people and becomes in essence nothing but theocratic tyranny.    The citizenry ONLY  know Islam and the Quran and nothing else.    The great majority of people in Islamic countries are illiterate and are only following what they have been taught and/or indoctrinated with.   They don’t know anything else and therefore in their minds , anyone who speaks differently from what they have been indoctrinated in is considered the  enemy.   Fundamentalist Christianity is the same way ( but not as extreme as Islam is in this era of time that is ).  Read the Quran and then read the Old Testament in the Bible and you will find dictates that violate human rights and freedom and the populace live in abject fear , misery and suffering.
                       The problem with religious fanatics is that they adamantly refuse to leave other people alone but are bent on forcing their indoctrinated dogmatic theological beliefs upon everybody else whether the other people want  it or not because they  don’t care . It’s either their way or the highway. The reason that the fundamentalists have covered so much “ground”  thus far is because of the fact that instead of standing up to them and fighting back , many in general have caved in to them so as not to be labeled anti-religious or to be acused of having some kind of religion-phobia . As a result , we are so concerned about or image instead of simply doing the right thing and standing up for our convictions.
                            I say to the religious fanatics and zealots———-KEEP  IT UP  please , because you are the ones driving people to our side faster than we could ever dream of.   People are increasingly getting to the breaking point and want not only freedom in the real sense but also freedom of thought. Religion enslaves both the body and the mind !